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This article is about the monster spell and effect. For the property, see aggravate monster.

Aggravation is an effect that can occur from various items or other actions, including a monster spell by the same name.


When an aggravation effect occurs, all monsters on the level are awakened, including those in the meditating state, and paralyzed monsters have a 15 chance of being un-paralyzed.[1]

One of the primary means of encountering the aggravation effect is the monster spell: Aggravation is a non-directed spell that can be used by any monster that casts mage spells and is at least level 14.[2][3] The effect also occurs under the following circumstances:

A cursed potion of monster detection has a similar effect when quaffed that also awakens and unparalyzes monsters, but does not clear the meditating state.

On levels that include the Wizard's Tower floors, the aggravation effect will only affect monsters on the same side of the tower as you: if you are outside the tower, aggravation will not affect monsters inside the tower, and vice versa.[14]

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

As part of commit f930a12f, which reworks erinyes to better emulate the Furies they are based on, they can aggravate monsters when hostile and in proximity to your character.


Monsters can also be affected by aggravation when drinking a cursed potion of invisibility, or rarely fighting a shrieker (typically via conflict or with a pet shrieker). When this happens, the monster's location is displayed to you, and you are brought back to consciousness if you were unconscious at the time.[15][16]


Deliberate aggravation is quite useful in order to remotely wake up a meditating, covetous monster: you can do so while standing on the up stair (or down ladder in Vlad's or the Wizard's towers) in order to prevent the covetous monster from escaping. Players stock cursed potions of invisibility for this purpose, though in Gehennom (which excludes Vlad's Tower), Knights and Priests may turn undead to aggravate unique demons and the Wizard of Yendor.


You feel that monsters are aware of your presence.
The aggravation monster spell was cast.[3]
For some reason, <monster>'s presence is known to you.
You feel aggravated at <monster>.
A monster triggered an aggravation effect.[15]
Aggravated, you are jolted into full consciousness.
As above, but this replaces the second line if you were unconscious when the effect occurred.[16]



In dNetHack and notdNetHack, the aggravation effect can also occur as part of harassment from the Stranger or Illurien of the Myriad Glimpses.

The aggravation effect informs all monsters on the level of your location, which is not known by default in these variants compared to NetHack.