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In NetHack, some monsters are classified as animals, identified by the is_animal() macro and ultimately defined by the M1_ANIMAL flag in monst.c.


The "animal" classification has the following implications:

List of animals in NetHack

Body parts

Animal also refers to the grouping of body parts for the forms of many animals. It affects the messages referring to the appropriate body parts as follows:

Bodypart[1] Description
arm forelimb
eye eye
face face
finger foreclaw
fingertip claw tip
foot rear limb
hand foreclaw (paw for dfY)
handed clawed (pawed for dfY)
head head
leg rear limb
light headed light headed
neck neck
spine spine
toe rear claw tip
hair fur
blood blood
lung lung
nose nose (trunk for mumakil and mastodons)
stomach stomach