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On NetHackWiki, a spider may refer to any of the following:

  • The s cave spider.
  • The s giant spider
  • The arachnid or centipede monster class, which contains the above spiders along with other arthropods that are generally referred to as bugs but are not insects - the entire class is represented by s, and designated by the macro S_SPIDER.[1]

Encyclopedia entry

Eight legged creature capable of spinning webs to trap prey.


"You mean you eat flies?" gasped Wilbur.
"Certainly. Flies, bugs, grasshoppers, choice beetles,
moths, butterflies, tasty cockroaches, gnats, midges, daddy
longlegs, centipedes, mosquitoes, crickets - anything that is
careless enough to get caught in my web. I have to live,
don't I?"
"Why, yes, of course," said Wilbur.

[ Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White ]


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