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Other New Features

Alignment quests

  • in addition to the role quest, every game now also features alignment quests
  • there is a lawful quest, a neutral quest and a chaotic quest
  • always the same layout and guaranteed loot
  • can be done at will, no matter which alignment you are.
    • you need to do at least parts of these until you have three keys to Gehennom (each quest holds three keys)
    • you can do only one quest in full, the easiest sections of all three, or indeed do all of them fully.
    • some artifacts may not be useable when not of the correct alignment

Shopkeeper services

  • shops may (or may not) offer multiple new services. Find out about them by #chatting to the shopkeeper
  • possible services include charging, identify, remove curse, proofing, enchanting and poison weapons.
  • services may be basic or premium. Premium service provides additional effects; premium identify will add BUC status or enchantment, for example, and is more expensive than basic. Premium charging may be used to "overcharge wands", giving them bonus charges. It *is* possible to use this for a wand of wishing, resulting in a (guaranteed) 1:4 wand.