Droven bolt

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For the weapon in EvilHack, see dark elven crossbow bolt.
) File:Droven crossbow bolt.png
Name droven crossbow bolt
Appearance spider-emblemed crossbow
Damage vs. small 1d9+1
Damage vs. large 1d6+1
To-hit bonus +8
Weapon skill crossbow
Size one-handed
Base price 2 zm
Weight 1
Material obsidian

A droven bolt is a type of weapon that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is a stackable projectile designed for use with droven crossbows, and uses the crossbow skill. It is made of obsidian, and appears as a "crossbow bolt" when unidentified.


Droven bolts are not randomly generated.

Drow matrons, drow matron-mothers, and yochlol generated in unearthly drow form are always generated with a droven crossbow and a stack of 12-36 droven bolts. Y-cultist fighters and other drow monsters have a 13 chance of generating with a droven crossbow and a stack of 12-36 droven bolts. Driders always generate with 10-30 droven bolts for their droven crossbow, as are deminymphs that are generated with a "Black Web" kit.

Droven bolts generated in the inventory of drow monsters are always sleep-poisoned.

Liecleaver and Wrathful Spider can be invoked to generate a small stack of droven bolts.

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