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화염 저항은 대부분의 화염 피해와 뜨거운 물체로부터의 보호를 제공한다. 하지만 물약이 끓는 것이나 두루마리, 마법서가 타는 것을 막을 수는 없으며, 방화 처리가 되지 않은 갑옷이 불타는 것도 막을 수 없다. 게헨놈 입장 전까지는 필수적으로 갖춰야 할 저항인데, 넘쳐나는 화염 함정들로부터의 최대 체력 감소를 막기 위해서이다.

The most popular way to become fire resistant is to eat corpses. Especially foodless players will be interested in other ways, or at least in avoiding traps.

Monks get intrinsic fire resistance at XL 11, and priests at XL 20.[1] Crowning also brings fire resistance with it.

Extrinsic fire resistance is granted by

Monsters that are resistant to fire but not to cold are considered vulnerable to cold and take double damage from frosty explosions[2] and about 57% more damage from rays of cold.[3] This never applies to your character, even while polymorphed.


Intrinsic fire resistance can be obtained from eating the following corpses and globs:

Monster Conduct Difficulty Chance Notes
빨강 곰팡이 vegan 2 3%
회색 푸딩 vegetarian 4 7% acidic
젤라티너스 큐브 vegan 6 10% acidic
red naga hatchling meaty 4 10%
살점 골렘 meaty 10 12%
크로마틱 드래곤 meaty 23 17% poisonous, Caveman quest nemesis
불개미 meaty 6 20% abundant on the Valkyrie quest
파이로리스크 meaty 8 20%
빨강 나가 meaty 8 20%
옌도르의 마법사 meaty 34 25% 인간에게 식인
화염 거인 meaty 11 30% abundant on the Valkyrie quest
hell hound pup meaty 9 47%
Lord Surtur meaty 19 50% Valkyrie quest nemesis
salamander meaty 12 53% poisonous
hell hound meaty 14 80%
빨강 용 meaty 20 100%
Ixoth meaty 22 100% Knight quest nemesis


The following messages are associated with fire resistance:

"You feel a momentary chill."
You gained intrinsic fire resistance by eating a corpse or tin.
"You be chillin'."
You gained intrinsic fire resistance by eating a corpse or tin, while hallucinating.
"You feel cool!"
You gained intrinsic fire resistance by gaining a level.
"You feel warmer!"
You lost intrinsic fire resistance (level drain, gremlin attack).
"You feel mildly warm."
You were burnt, but suffered no damage due to fire resistance.


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