Necromancer (Quest Nemesis)

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For the Wizard rank of the same name in vanilla NetHack, see Wizard#Rank_titles.
For the SLASH'EM-specific role, see Necromancer.

The Necromancer, W, is the Elf quest nemesis. He guards the Palantir of Westernesse at the end of the dNethack Elvish Racial Quest.

The Necromancer is a fairly simple quest nemesis. He is classified as a wraith, and is one of the few "non-standard" monsters to hate silver. Silver arrows work well for elven rangers, but he isn't particularly hard for priests, nobles, or wizards either. You'll want drain resistance (preferably) or a blindfold, as his life-draining gaze can quickly lower your level. Keep in mind he also has the ability to drain you with spells, so a blindfold will not fully replace drain resistance.

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