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This page is an attempt to collect interesting NetHack factoids for possible inclusion on the Main Page, loosely modeled on Wikipedia's "Did you know" setup. The idea is to make the main page more interesting and to attract casual visitors to look deeper. In the process, we might even be able to teach each other some interesting bits of NetHack trivia.

If this page looks a bit unfinished, it's because it is. Right now, we first need to collect enough interesting "hooks" to have something to put on the Main Page.


  • Favor new articles and edits. On Wikipedia, the DYK sections consists solely of these, but I figure we have plenty of interesting things in our existing articles that we can use to bootstrap the process.
  • Each entry should be in the form of a "hook" consisting of a single question (beginning with "Did you know", which is replaced by ellipsis). Include at least one link to a wiki article in each hook. The linked articles don't have to be particularly good; this isn't featured articles.
  • Hooks should be selected and phrased to arouse curiosity in readers. Avoid blatant spoilers in the hook. It's better to be a little bit oblique and invite interested readers to look in the article instead. Try not to be too cryptic, though: readers who already know what the hook is about should be able to recognize it.

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