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  • Special alignment penalties made harsher.
  • Itlachiayaque Patch installed.
    • Itlachiayaque is a shield of reflection (thus, automatically confers 2 AC and reflection).
    • It confers ESP, magic resistance, half spell damage and fire resistance when carried.
    • When invoked, it creates a stinking cloud that the player can place unless Itlachiayaque is cursed or the player is not an Archeologist.


  • Can reach expert in Broadsword and Trident.
  • Barbarians now have iterative attacks when in their natural form:
    • At 11th level, they start making two attacks per turn, one at full to-hit, the next one at -10.
    • At 21st level, they start making three attacks per turn, at full, -10 and -20.
    • At 30th level, they make four attacks per turn, at full, -10, -20 and -30.
    • Should they wish to make fewer attacks, they may do so as n(number)F.


  • Can reach expert in polearms but only basic in two-weapon fighting.
  • Can expend 30 energy to turn undead in 1 turn instead of 5.
  • Special alignment penalties made harsher.
  • Clarent patch implemented, with Clarent as the Knight first gift.
    • Clarent has the following properties:
      • Intelligent lawful short sword
      • Can be used to dig
      • When invoked, reveals the location of your retinue (all tame creatures) on the level, and increases the tameness of any within line of sight
      • Acts as a luckstone
      • Clarent submits to being held second to Excalibur (but not the other way around)
      • Annoys demons
      • If Clarent is stuck in a wall/door/tree/stone, then it can be pulled out by #untrap as long as you are at least devoutly lawful
      • Is not generated at random.
      • +d8+2 to hit and +d2 damage against thick-skinned monsters (all gargoyles, all mimics, all naga, all baby naga, all dragons, all baby dragons, the Chromatic Dragon, Ixoth, {gold, wood, clay, stone, glass, iron} golems, mumakil, titanotheres, baluchitheria, mastodons, earth elementals, xorn, skeletons, horned devils, barbed devils, sharks, crocodiles, salamanders).


  • Receive (level) extra AC when confused, as a reference to drunken boxing
  • Receive extra AC if they aren't wearing body armor. Dependent on wisdom and level. At best (level 30 and 25 wisdom) 13 extra AC
  • Intrinsic energy resistance is more valuable in dnethack, as intrinsic energy resistances gained from eating corpses now time out.
  • Can two-weapon martial arts (two-weaponing with an empty offhand performs a martial arts attack as an additional attack, even if wielding a two-handed weapon). Any roles that is capable of martial arts can do this. Monks can reach Grand Master with two-weaponing.
  • Their crowning gift has been changed from the outright useless spellbook of restore ability to Grandmaster's Robe, a robe that switches martial arts dice from 1d4 to 1d8, uses exploding dice, and gives double the normal robe effect for spellcasting
  • Special alignment penalties made harsher
  • Continue to gain highly valuable intrinsics past level 17.


  • Can attack more effectively with artifacts
    • Always receive the artifact's to-hit bonus
    • Always receive the maximum to-hit bonus (ie, receive +10 to-hit instead of +1d10)
    • Inflict +1dlevel bonus damage when attacking with an artifact
    • 20% reduction in invocation wait period.
  • Can expend 30 energy to turn undead in 1 turn instead of 5.


  • Now highly variable depending on race
    • Each different race has a different quest and artifacts, as well as different crowning gifts.


  • Can reach skilled in polearms, and gain a +1 skill-level bonus when using naginatas (glaives).
  • Female samurai start with a glaive and a knife instead of a katana and a shortsword.
  • Special alignment penalties made harsher.


  • Quest monsters revised to better reflect Ank-Morpork.
  • Gains EXP from seeing new things (new dungeon level, new type of monsters)
  • Allowed to wish for anachronistic items, including lightsabers.


  • Can reach expert in spear but only skilled in longsword.
  • Start with a +1 spear instead of a +1 longsword (as in Slash'EM).
  • Start with leather armor and +1 small shields.
  • Get fractionally more energy per level (1x instead of 3/4x)
  • Can no longer twoweapon


  • Wizards start with a -1 athame
  • Hungerless casting nerfed:
    • 50% hunger reduction for intelligence of 15
    • 25% hunger reduction for intelligence of 16 to 19
    • no hunger reduction for intelligence of 20 to 25

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