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There are 8 cardinal directions in NetHack. You can use either the number keys or the vi-keys:

Set number_pad:1 in your options to use the number keys for directions and movement:

7 8 9
4 6
1 2 3

To use the vi-keys for directions or movement, set number_pad:0 in your options:

y k u
h l
b j n

Whichever you set, you can always use the arrow keys, if using a port that allows for the arrow keys to work properly (most graphical ports do, but many terminal-based ports don't).

Whenever you are prompted for a direction, you can also use the following:

  • upwards, <
  • downward, >
  • towards yourself, s or .

Command aliases

If the number_pad option is turned on, the vi-style movement keys are replaced by the following command aliases:

Key Alias for
h ? (help menu)
j #jump
k ctrl + d (kick)
l #loot
n #name
u #untrap

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