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[   水晶板甲   Crystal plate mail.png
外观 水晶板甲
装备槽位 铠甲
AC 7
基础价 820 zm
重量 450
材料 玻璃

水晶板甲(crystal plate mail)是NetHack中的一种铠甲防具。它由玻璃制成。








根据commit e9c58c2f,现在玻璃材料的防具被冲击破坏时不会立即被摧毁,而是受到一层破裂损伤,其机制和其他侵蚀损伤相同。当玻璃防具的破裂损伤达到3层后,再次遭到冲击就会被完全摧毁。



即使是高力量值的玩家,也更偏好在获得龙鳞甲之前选择矮人秘银胶衣精灵秘银胶衣。秘银胶衣可以省下强壮角色至少13携带容量(300 aum)且提供的基础AC只少1~2点。不使用金属防具的角色,也可考虑嵌皮甲



水晶板甲最初于NetHack 1.3d加入游戏。



In UnNetHack, Knights get a weight reduction for any body armor heavier than studded leather armor, making crystal plate mail a more feasible option for them in particular.


In dNetHack, crystal plate mail grants 3 AC and 3 DR while worn, but does not confer magic cancellation, and its weight is reduced to 170 aum. For Samurai, crystal plate mail is known as "jade o-yoroi".

Crystal plate mail can safely be enchanted to +7 and adds its full enchantment as a bonus to both AC and DR, rather than half of its enchantment to each as with other armor - dNetHack also introduces crystal armor for each part of the body, which has the same traits.

Crystal plate mail can be found in the second-to-last floor of the Windowless Tower.


In xNetHack, while crystal plate mail is not changed directly, armor with glass as its base material can be shatter-proofed through the usual methods of erosion-proofing armor (e.g. reading a scroll of enchant armor while confused). Worn armor is also subject to a 14 weight reduction, making crystal plate mail slightly more viable.

Dragon scale mail is replaced with dragon-scaled armor in xNetHack, significantly changing which armor is viable or even "optimal" for a given character; crystal plate mail is likely to be overlooked in favor of comparable mail with a lighter material, such as bone or mithril, for use with dragon scales.


In notdNetHack, in addition to dNetHack details, Ymir is generated with a +10 artifact set of crystal plate mail known as the Plates of the Near Void when summoned by an Illithanachronounbinder.


In EvilHack, crystal plate mail is changed considerably: Its weight is reduced to 150 aum, and its base material is gemstone instead of glass, making it immune to erosion (which includes shattering). It is also immune to disintegration and the revamped destroy armor monster spell, which can now erode armor even if the target has magic resistance or the armor is made of an inherently erosionproof material.

EvilHack applies a spellcasting penalty to all roles for any worn body armor similar to SLASH'EM, with crystal plate mail as the sole exception. Dragon scale mail is replaced with dragon-scaled armor in EvilHack as well, and crystal plate mail is among the most enticing armor to merge dragon scales into.

High-ranking mercenaries of a race that can wear body armor have a chance of generating with crystal plate mail as usual. The Paladin, the Infidel quest nemesis, will always generate with crystal plate mail.

The Armor of Retribution is an intelligent artifact set of crystal plate mail that can only be created at a forge by combining The Sword of Annihilation and Ashmar.