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A domestic animal is one which can be pacified or tamed by throwing food to it. They are:[1]

A shapeshifter in any of these forms can be tamed with the appropriate food, remaining tame even as it changes forms.

Pacifying and taming

Main article: Diet#Pets

Throwing any kind of food — except an egg or cream pie that hits — at a domestic animal will make it peaceful and remove any fear effects, even if it is not something that the animal would normally eat.[2][3][4][5] For example, a dog could be made peaceful by throwing a carrot or a lichen corpse, and a horse could be made peaceful by throwing a food ration or a gnome corpse. Even an empty tin will do.

If the food is considered a treat, a suitable corpse, or any other acceptable food, the animal will become tame and will eat the food. An untame domestic animal, in evaluating thrown food, is effectively hungry but not starving.[6][7]

Food sufficient for taming a domestic carnivore (any cat or dog):

Food sufficient for taming a domestic herbivore (any horse):

Once the animal is tamed and has become your pet, to promote its continued tameness, health, and good behavior, take care to feed it according to its diet. This is especially important for horses, for whom suitable food can be difficult to obtain.


SLASH'EM adds the following domestic animals:[8]

Also, some animals in SLASH'EM can be tamed or pacified with specific foods; throwing other kinds of comestibles at them has no pacifying effect.[10]

Tameable with cheese:

Tameable with carrots:

Tameable with bananas: all apelike creatures (monsters represented by ​Y)

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