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SLASH'EM adds several new types of gnomes.

Gnome warrior

A gnome warrior is only generated in Gehennom and the Mine King's level. Gnome lords may grow up to become gnome warriors, instead of gnome kings. This change is mostly cosmetic, since apart from not being marked as overlords, gnome warriors are identical to gnome kings in virtually every respect.

Deep gnome

And deep gnomes are identical to gnome warriors, except that gnome lords will not grow up into them, and they will pick up gold. Be careful not to mistake them for the far more dangerous gnolls, with whom they share a glyph.

Encyclopedia Entry

Far beneath the surface of the earth dwell the Svirfneblin, or Deep
Gnomes. Small parties of these demihumans roam the Underdark's mazes
of small passageways searching for gemstones. They are said to dwell
in great cities consisting of a closely connected series of tunnels,
buildings, and caverns in which up to a thousand of these diminutive
creatures live. They keep the location of these hidden cities secret
in order to protect them from their deadly foes, the kuo-toa, Drow,
and mind flayers.
Svirfneblin are slightly smaller than rock gnomes, but their thin,
wiry, gnarled frames are just as strong. Their skin is rock-colored,
usually medium brown to brownish gray, and their eyes are gray. Male
svirfneblin are completely bald; female deep gnomes have stringy gray
hair. The average svirfneblin life span is 250 years.
[ The Underdark, by Mike Drees and Albert Foster ]

Gnome thief

A Gnome thief will only appear in Minetown. It is somewhat like a weak nymph, in that it has a lower base level, and one of its seduce/steal attacks is replaced with a plain weapon attack.[1] They will also teleport away after a successful theft, just like a nymph. They do not teleport randomly, however, nor do their corpses convey teleportitis.

Ruggo the Gnome King

Main article: Ruggo the Gnome King


  1. Seduction and steal item attacks are treated the same way, per SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F2/mhitu.c#line1586; the reason monkeys cannot seduce you is that they are animals.