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The neutral outsider is a monster class that appears in dNetHack, and is represented by a double quotation mark glyph (").

The monster class consists of neutral-aligned spiritual beings that often have golem-like forms, and come in two main types: the metallic Rilmani, and the reflective Kamerel. All of the outsiders are designated internally by the macro S_NEU_OUTSIDER.

List of Kamerel

The Kamerel are a group of neutral outsiders associated with mirrors and their reflections, and are defined by is_kamerel in mondata.h. Befitting their nature, all Kamerel are naturally reflective. Spellcasting Kamerel are always generated with mirrors of varying material, which counteract the increases in spell failure rates induced by the Outlands and Outlands Rings.

Kamerel often spawn as Witnesses of the Great Fracture.

The types of Kamerel are:

  • " Amm Kamerel, which have four subtypes: warrior, fighter driver, wizard driver and wizard leaders. The former pair will always generate cancelled and unable to cast monster spells, so that they instead rely on their mirrorblades, which deal the higher of two damage values as its base damage: the full weapon damage of your current weapon (including its enchantment, material bonuses, and beatitude bonuses), or the normal base damage of the mirrorblade.
  • " Hudor Kamerel
  • " Sharab Kamerel
  • " Ara Kamerel

List of Rilmani

The Rilmani are a group of neutral outsiders associated with the seven alchemical metals, and are defined by is_rilmani in mondata.h. Each of the Rilmani have a form based on a particular element, with starting equipment of the corresponding material.

The types of Rilmani are: