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Over the years, some features have been removed from SLASH and SLASH'EM. These defunct features are listed below.

Many of these features were ported to SlashTHEM.

List of defunct roles

The following roles from NetHack--_3.0.10 were dropped entirely:

The following roles were supplanted by starting races. All the quest-related features in the table are defunct unless marked otherwise.

Role Quest Quest artifact Quest leader Quest guardian Quest nemesis
Doppelganger Doppelganger quest The Medallion of Shifters Master Shifter Shifter Transmuter
Drow Drow quest The Tentacle Staff Lolth drow Earendil
Dwarf Dwarf quest The Arkenstone Thorin dwarf warrior Smaug
Gnome Gnome quest The Pick of Flandal Steelskin Ruggo the Gnome King gnome warrior Lareth
Hobbit Hobbit quest The One Ring Bilbo Baggins proudfoot Gollum
Lycanthrope Lycanthrope quest The Staff of Withering High Lycanthrope Fiend Sir Lorimar

() Not defunct

Other defunct features

Name Notes
Lord Vlad the Impaler quest nemesis for the Undead Slayer quest, not to be confused with Vlad the Impaler
Doughnut starting comestible for the Officer role
Expensive suit starting shirt for the Undertaker role
Fire helmet starting helmet for the Firefighter role
Orb of charging commented out, now a deferred feature
Orb of destruction commented out, now a deferred feature
Orb of enchantment commented out, now a deferred feature
Sharpened pencil starting weapon for Geek role
The Eye of Vecna
The Mantle of Knowledge Monk quest artifact, replaced by the Eyes of the Overworld
Ugly backpack

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