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Author L
Download link
NetHack PatchDB unknown
[   Itlachiayaque   Shield of reflection.png
Base item shield of reflection
When carried
When worn
When invoked
Base price 3000 zm
Weight 50

Itlachiayaque is an artifact introduced in L's Itlachiayaque Patch against NetHack 3.4.3, where it acts as a replacement for the Archeologist quest artifact, the Orb of Detection. As implemented in the original patch, it is an intelligent artifact that is lawful for wishing purposes, and its base item is a shield of reflection.

As several variants implement the Itlachiayaque patch, the appearance and functions of the artifact vary from version to version - the artifact as presented by the patch appears in UnNetHack.


In the original patch, Itlachiayaque is generated along with the Bell of Opening atop the altar to Huhetotl where the Minion of Huhetotl is placed at level creation: the patch also adds four possible locations for the square that the altar, Minion and both items generate on.


While carried, Itlachiayaque confers ESP, fire resistance and half spell damage. While worn, it confers reflection as a normal shield of reflection does. Invoking Itlachiayaque allows the character to create a mass of poison clouds, similar to a read scroll of stinking cloud, with the placement of the cloud depending on your character's role and the artifact's beatitude: an Archeologist invoking the non-cursed Itlachiayaque can center the clouds on a tile within eligible range, while a non-Archeologist invoking the cursed artifact will automatically center the clouds on themselves unless it is cursed.

The intended function of Itlachiayaque's invoke effect is for the cloud's position to be controllable if the artifact is non-cursed and carried by an Archeologist - a typo in the first line of the effect causes it to behave as described above, and implementations of Itlachiayaque in variants of NetHack generally correct this.


Itlachiayaque effectively exchanges the Orb's magic resistance for reflection, but at the cost of blocking the player's off-hand for twoweaponing Archeologists and other roles, as well as making spellcasting cumbersome unless a character doffs the shield constantly to cast. Fire resistance, telepathy and half spell damage are welcome, though the former can easily be acquired intrinsically before the quest in most variants. The invoke ability is an improvement on the Orb's invisibility—the stinking cloud is efficient in clearing masses of enemies that lack poison resistance, and should be useful in barracks and treasure zoos.

The patch enables quest nemeses to wear artifact armor if possible, and the Minion of Huhetotl is almost guaranteed to put on the shield: if it does, avoid using ray attacks that can be reflected back at your character.


Itlachiayaque is the name of an object, either a mirror or a shield, carried by the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca (whose name literally translates to "fiery mirror").

List of variants

Below is a list of variants that implement the patch in a different manner, with a link to the article describing that variant's version of the artifact.


In dNetHack, Itlachiayaque is an obsidian roundshield that serves as the Archeologist quest artifact.


In xNetHack, Itlachiayaque is a gold shield of reflection that serves as the Archeologist quest artifact and can be used as a crystal ball when invoked in addition to creating poison clouds.


In SlashTHEM, Itlachiayaque is a shield of reflection that acts as the first sacrifice gift for Archeologists, and is the only variation of the artifact to not be intelligent or a quest artifact.


In Hack'EM, Itlachiayaque is a gold shield of reflection that serves as the Archeologist quest artifact, and is patterned somewhat after xNetHack's version of the artifact.

Encyclopedia entry

Tezcatlipoca (Fiery Mirror) was undoubtedly the Jupiter of the
Nahua pantheon. He carried a mirror or shield [ Itlachiayaque ],
from which he took his name, and in which he was supposed to see
reflected the actions and deeds of mankind. The evolution of this
god from the status of a spirit of wind or air to that of the
supreme deity of the Aztec people presents many points of deep
interest to students of mythology.

[ The Myths of Mexico and Peru, by Lewis Spence ]