Crystal plate mail

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[   crystal plate mail   Crystal plate mail.png
Appearance crystal plate mail
Slot body armor
AC 7
Base price 820 zm
Weight 450
Material glass

Crystal plate mail is one of the three types of plate mail in the dungeon (the other two being bronze plate mail and normal plate mail). It is the most expensive of the three, with a base cost of 820. Its armor class is 7, and it provides MC2.

Being made of crystal rather than metal, this armor does not inhibit spellcasting and is immune to rust. However, like all other plate mail, it is very heavy and thus cumbersome for low-strength spellcasters such as wizards. Although crystal plate mail is made of the same material as a mirror, it does not provide reflection, just easier spellcasting.

Crystal plate mail is fragile. It will shatter (be destroyed) if thrown against a wall, kicked, dropped down stairs, or dropped while levitating. It will also shatter if struck with force bolt or a wand of striking, but only if it is lying on the floor, or is worn or carried by a monster who you killed with the attack. Crystal plate mail that is in your inventory or in a container is safe from these attacks.

Be careful when using force bolt or striking in any shop where there is or may be crystal plate mail. Early characters are likely not to have enough gold to repay the shopkeeper.


In dNethack, crystal plate mail is much more valuable. In addition to weighing 250 units now (much heavier than other armors), it provides 16 AC, in addition MC2 (as vanilla). It also grants double enchantment bonus, so a +1 crystal plate mail will provide 2 more points of AC than a +0 crystal plate mail.