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Levitation is a property by which you lose contact with the floor. It allows free movement horizontally (i.e. north, south, east, west, and diagonally), but not up or down. (NetHack is different in this respect from the Dungeons and Dragons games, for example, in which levitation only allows controlled movement up and down, but not horizontally.) Levitation (or flying, an improved version) can be useful (in fact, almost necessary to win the game); but it can also be very detrimental if you have no control over when it ends. While riding, levitation causes your steed to levitate as well.

Levitation can be gained extrinsically by wearing a ring of levitation or levitation boots. The Heart of Ahriman can be invoked to toggle levitation, or dropped to turn it off. Levitation can also be gained as a temporary intrinsic property by casting the spell of levitation, by quaffing a potion of levitation, or by eating a ring of levitation. Polymorphing yourself into eyes or spheres will also levitate (or more precisely, float) you.

Because levitation causes you to lose contact with the ground, many actions become impossible:

The major difference between levitation and flying is that flying leaves you with control over your vertical movement, so that most of the actions listed above are still possible.

However, there are benefits from being out of contact with the ground, as well:

  • you cannot fall into a pool or moat, or lava (and travel will move over such terrain);
  • you are unaffected by the normal effects of ice;
  • you float right over ground-based traps (squeaky boards, holes, trap doors, bear traps, pits and spiked pits), except in Sokoban;
  • although you can trigger land mines, it is with only a 1 in 3 chance, and even if you do you are not caught in the resulting explosion;
  • fumbling does not make you slip, trip, or make noise;
  • although there is no ground on the Plane of Air, levitation nevertheless allows you to control your movements there;
  • your encumbrance is calculated as if you had a Strength of 25;
  • level teleporting to a level between -1 and -9 causes you to escape the dungeon safely, rather than fall to your death;
  • you do not erase engravings with movement, or even attacks (although in NetHack 3.6.1 fighting while levitating over Elbereth still removes it and gives an alignment penalty);

However, flying does smudge Elbereth.

A few other actions are affected by levitation:

  • If underwater (perhaps surviving there with an amulet of magical breathing), starting to levitate causes you to instantly surface.
  • Uncontrolled teleportation will only teleport you above lava if you are levitating extrinsically.
  • You have a 3 in 8 chance of avoiding being killed by a drawbridge.
  • Dropping fragile items may break them.
  • When throwing objects, or performing other similar actions like kicking, you are propelled in the opposite direction (known as "hurtling"). (This is not affected by whether you are on the Plane of Air at the time.) The distance you move depends on the weight of the object you throw; all the movement is done instantly, but you are then helpless for 1 turn for every square you move (or would have moved, if you collide with something first). Throwing while levitating gives a Luck penalty in Sokoban.
  • Untrapping containers will always make you try to remove a trap.

Generally speaking, you cannot cancel levitation voluntarily once it starts. A few sources of levitation can be ended voluntarily by pressing > ("levitation at will"): the Heart of Ahriman, a blessed potion, or a spell cast at skilled level or higher. These sources will also grant control over pre-existing intrinsic levitation. Levitation gained extrinsically can be ended by removing the item that grants it, although equipment that grants levitation is often generated cursed. Most forms of levitation are ended by levitating over a sink; it deals up to 25 damage and ends timeouts except for those gained by eating the ring or polyself, and unequips items that grant levitation even if they are cursed or worn under other items. Cursed levitation items are also considered a major trouble, and so it is sometimes possible to pray to uncurse them.


Beware crossing lava or water using a non-blessed potion of levitation or unskilled or basic spell of levitation: the effect wears off after a random and highly variable time (as little as 10 turns), and if it times out at an inopportune moment, you could die instantly. In NetHack 3.6.1, you will be able to feel when your levitation is about to wear off, giving you some time to get back to safe ground, but you should still be careful not to be left stuck there.

It is virtually impossible to complete the Elemental Planes without levitation, unless you have some means of flying. Generally, the ring of levitation is considered the best source, as it does not take up an armor slot, lasts until it is taken off, and can be easily removed and put back on again. However, it is vulnerable to lightning and shock attacks—be careful, especially if you don't have reflection. Other good sources include levitation boots, the Heart of Ahriman (usually only applicable if you are a Barbarian or happen to find it in bones), and the skilled levitation spell (unskilled is very dangerous, as it may give you as little as 10 or as many as 149 turns per cast, and cannot be voluntarily ended). If you do not have any of these available by the time you get to the Planes, a single blessed potion of levitation quaffed right as you reach the Plane of Air will give you at least 250 turns of levitation, which is plenty to get you through all three of the remaining Elemental Planes as long as you don't dawdle.

If you have some means of flying, levitation is usually unnecessary.


Prior to version 3.6, levitation repelled the water on the Plane of Water, allowing you to move outside air bubbles there without drowning (as opposed to water walking).

Prior to NetHack 3.6.1, engravings in the dust would never degrade while levitating. Therefore, writing Elbereth in the dust and then levitating was a powerful way to melee monsters (likely one reason wizards cannot start with a ring of levitation). If you are already levitating, a wand of magic missile can be used to engrave in the dust. This consumes one charge, but since wands of magic missile are virtually useless as attack wands, this is usually a good use of the charge.

Due to a now-fixed bug, attempting to engrave with an empty wand will check to see if you wrest the wand before attempting to engrave. This allows repeated attempts to wrest in zero time; levitation makes it more comfortable because you don't have to abort writing each time. Some players consider doing this cheating.


You start to float in the air!
You begin levitating.
Up, up, and awaaaay! You're walking on air!
You begin levitating while hallucinating.
You float up, out of the pit!
You begin levitating and escape from a pit in the process.
Your body pulls upward, but your <legs> are still stuck.
You begin levitating, but are still stuck in the floor.
You float up, only your <leg> is still stuck.
You begin levitating, but are still trapped in a bear trap or web.
You float away from the maw.
You begin levitating, but are still stuck inside a monster digesting you.
You spiral up into <it>.
You begin levitating, but are still stuck inside a non-digesting engulfing monster.
You gain control over your movements.
You begin levitating on the Plane of Air.
You are no longer able to control your flight.
You were flying when you began levitating.
You cannot stay on <your steed>.
Your levitation caused you to dismount your steed.
<Your steed> magically floats up!
You began levitating using the Heart of Ahriman, which causes your steed to levitate as well.
You float slightly lower.
Your levitation will wear off in 4 turns.
You wobble unsteadily in the air.
Your levitation will wear off in 2 turns.
You wobble unsteadily over the <liquid>.
Your levitation will wear off in 2 turns, and you are hovering over water or lava.
You float gently to the <ground>.
You stop levitating.
Bummer! You've hit the ground.
You stop levitating while hallucinating.
You have stopped levitating and are now flying.
You stop levitating while you can fly.
You float down, but you are still <swallowed/engulfed>.
You stop levitating while engulfed.
You fall over.
You stop levitating while trapped in a Sokoban pit.
Bummer! You've crashed.
You stop levitating while trapped in a Sokoban pit and hallucinating.
You begin to tumble in place.
You stop levitating on the Plane of Air.
You feel heavier.
You stop levitating on the Plane of Water.
Startled, <it> can no longer hold you!
You stop levitating while held by a monster.
You aren't able to maintain your hold on <it>.
You stop levitating while holding a monster.
You feel the spirits holding you back.
You threw an item, but were stopped from hurtling back by the borders of the map.

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