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The Pokemon is a role specific to Slash'EM Extended. They are a spellcaster class, and can be any race or alignment.

A Pokemon gains a lot of techniques and intrinsics by leveling up, and starts the game with their signature poke ball technique.

The Pokemon quest sees you fighting Ho-oh for the Gauntlets of Illusion.

The Pokemon's starting pet is a rothe, and will eventually evolve into a rhyhorn if it's leveled up enough. It can then evolve further into the rhydon and rhyperior forms.

Starting Equipment

  • 5 random food items


Pokemon gain intrinsics at these experience levels:


Pokemon gain techniques at these experience levels:


Pokemon Skills
Max Skills


Main article: Religion
  • Lawful: A'En
  • Neutral: Dr. Oujide
  • Chaotic: Team Missile Bomb

Pokemon rank titles

The status line shows you to be one of the following ranks when you reach the specified experience level:

  • XL 1-2: CROC
  • XL 3-5: ALIGE
  • XL 6-9: BEIL
  • XL 10-13: MADAM
  • XL 14-17: GUAIL
  • XL 18-21: BANQ
  • XL 22-25: PIJIA
  • XL 26-29: CLAU
  • XL 30: MIY


The Pokemon role doesn't have any weapon skills, but by leveling up, lots of techniques will be unlocked. Many intrinsics also mean the Pokemon doesn't have to get lucky at resistance roulette, but poison resistance still has to be obtained in some other way. All the spellcasting skills are available, too, so it may be a good idea to look for spellbooks and maybe dive for the Oracle level in the hope of gaining spells from smashing the statues.

Melee combat will need to be done either bare-handed (a drow Pokemon will have an advantage here) or with a restricted weapon, unless the player gets lucky with sacrificing/praying and has an artifact weapon get created, which will unrestrict that weapon skill. One possible strategy is to use the poke ball technique a lot in order to gain many strong pets that aid in fighting enemies; finding a magic whistle would be very useful too.

If the starting pet survives for long enough, it will eventually evolve into a rhyhorn, which is basically a stronger version of the mumak. It's fairly slow, but with its very strong melee attack it can take out a lot of enemies.

The Pokemon quest is one of the harder quests, thanks to the large amounts of poison breathing monsters, and there are also a lot of fierce melee attackers to fight. For the nemesis fight, fire resistance is important, but the nemesis can steal items from the player's inventory too, and it moves very fast, making it hard to kill with ranged attacks before it closes to melee range. If the player beats the quest, he will be awarded the Gauntlets of Illusion providing hallucination resistance, and the Bell of Opening.


The Pokemon role is based on the Pokemon series, specifically a bootleg game known as "Vietnamese Crystal".