The Pen of the Void

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Base item athame
Damage vs. small 1d4 x2 + (special)
Damage vs. large 1d3 x2 + (special)
To-hit bonus +1d5
Bonus versus pen restored
Weapon skill dagger
Size one-handed
When carried


When wielded


When invoked

see article

Base price 2500 zm
Weight 10
Material iron

The Pen of the Void is both the Binder's first gift and their quest artifact.

Single Blade Form

Before the quest leader is slain, the Pen is a normal athame, though it can be enchanted to only +5 max (attempts to overenchant the Pen simply fail). In this form, the pen can store one spirit (as detailed below) and has no #invoke effect. Reading the Pen will show that it was once a dual-bladed athame, but the second blade has been snapped off.

Dual Blade Form

After the quest leader is slain, a lot of variables concerning the Pen are doubled. It is now a 2x damage artifact, can be enchanted to +10, and can store two spirits. The effects of each spirit also increase. In this form the Pen can be #invoked to activate the Void Chime power. Reading the Pen will show that it now has both blades.

Void Chime

Invoking the restored Pen activates the Void Chime Power. For the next 5 turns, any spirits stored in the blade count as being bound to the character as well, and all spirits bound to the player count as being in the Pen. While the Void Chime is sounding, breaking a spirit's taboo does not unbind it. The Void Chime also resets the cooldowns of all spirit powers.

Pen Binding

If a Binder with no free slots attempts to bind a spirit while wielding the Pen of the Void, the spirit may instead be stored in the Pen. The spirit's binding timeout is set as normal, and it's seal appears on the Pen. Spirits stored in the Pen do not grant their usual abilities, and the character is not subject to their taboos. Instead, each spirit modifies the Pen in some way. If the Pen is still single-bladed, you may only bind one spirit inside it. The dual-bladed pen can store two spirits. Reading the pen will tell you what spirits are inside it.

Spirit Effects

Spirit Damaged Pen Effect Restored Pen Effect Ritual Modifications
Ahazu 20%: Subtract 3 move and +1d4 damage 20%: Subtract 3 move and +4d4 damage
Amon +1d4 fire damage +4d4 fire damage
Andrealphus Can engrave Teleport and TP control wards The Pen burns engravings.
Andromalius Sneak Attack + Resist theft of weapon +Extra Sneak attack damage
Astaroth +1d4 Shock +4d4 Shock The Pen must be rusty or corroded.
Balam +1d4 Cold +4d4 Cold
Berith Can joust, +1d4 Blood Merc damage Can shatter weapons, +4d4 Blood Merc damage
Buer Heal 1d4 HP per hit Heal 4d4 HP per hit
Chupoclops 10%: +1d4 and Create Web 10%: +4d4 and Create Web
Dantalion 10%: +1d4 and Probing 10%: +4d4 and Probing
Echidna +1d4 Acid +4d4 Acid
Eden +Silver +2xSilver
Enki +1d4 Water +4d4 Water
Eurynome 5% Counterattack 10% Counterattack
Eve Pen can launch any projectile Pen has unlimited range with projectiles
Fafnir +2d4 vs golems, +1d4 vs nonliving +8d4 vs golems, +4d4 vs nonliving
Huginn and Muninn vs sighted: +1d4 and Blind 1 turn vs sighted: +4d4 and Blind 1 turn
Iris +1d4 Wilting +4d4 Wilting
Jack Pen is a lightsource Pen gains the Bright Light artifact property
Malphas 5% of killed enemies become pet crows 10% of killed enemies become pet crows
Marionette Pen can be applied like a polearm Pen gets 2x Strength bonus.
Mother 5% Paralyze 20% Paralyze
Naberius +1d4 vs peaceful or frightened +4d4 vs peaceful or frightened
Orthos 10%: +1d4 + knockback 10%: +4d4 + knockback
Ose 20%: +1d15 20%: +4d15
Otiax +1 and 5% theft +1d4 and 5% theft
Paimon Gain 1 energy per hit Gain 4 energy per hit
Shiro Throw rock at melee target Throw boulder at melee target
Simurgh Stun target +2d4 and stun target
Tenebrous 5%: Drain level 25%: Drain level
Ymir Poison Pen Set str to 25