Cloak of invisibility

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[ Tattered cape.png[ Opera cloak.png[ Ornamental cope.png[ Piece of cloth.png
cloak of invisibility
Appearance random
Slot cloak
AC 1
Base price 60 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

The cloak of invisibility is a cloak that appears in NetHack.


When worn, the cloak provides MC1 and invisibility, and will auto-identify if you were not already invisible.


Main article: Invisibility

Although it only provides MC1, it's often the first source of invisibility for many players. It can be replaced with a better cloak when you have a permanent source of invisibility such as a wand of make invisible.

While displacement is more effective for trying to run away from enemies, invisibility also makes most enemies more likely to miss, making it more desirable.

Be wary of putting on an unknown cloak in a shop - if it is a cursed cloak of invisibility, you may not be able to leave the shop.



In SLASH'EM, cloaks of invisibility provide MC2. If it happens to be an "opera cloak", it will often appear in the starting inventory of vampires, making it appear more often; however, this also means most vampires will be invisible, making them difficult to fight unless the player can see invisible.

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