Dwarvish roundshield

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[   dwarvish roundshield   Dwarvish roundshield.png
Appearance large round shield
Slot shield
AC 2
Special (none)
Base price 10 zm
Weight 100
Material iron

A dwarvish roundshield is a type of shield that appears in NetHack. It is made of iron and appears as a large round shield when unidentified.


Player dwarves start the game with knowledge of the dwarvish roundshield - a commented-out line of code would give any dwarven character that started the game with a small shield a dwarvish roundshield instead.[1]

In addition to random generation, armor shops and general stores can stock dwarvish roundshields.

Live dwarves that are generated with a dwarvish short sword and dwarvish iron helm have a 12 chance of generating with a dwarvish roundshield.[2]


When worn, a dwarvish roundshield grants 2 base AC and hinders spellcasting.


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The dwarvish roundshield is likely to be the first 2 AC shield that you find, especially in the Gnomish Mines. It is very heavy compared to most shields and provides no special properties, but can suffice as a means of additional AC until you can swap it for a lighter shield, such as a small shield, shield of reflection, or elven shield.


The dwarvish roundshield first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.


Some variants may give dwarves (including the player) an AC bonus for wearing a dwarvish roundshield.


In SLASH'EM, upgrading a dwarvish roundshield will produce a large shield and vice versa.


In UnNetHack, the dwarvish roundshield grants +1 AC to dwarves that wear them, including player dwarves.


In dNetHack, the dwarvish roundshield grants 3 AC, 0 DR and MC1 when worn and has a default object material of iron; it also weighs 80 aum, making it lighter compared to NetHack. There is also a standard roundshield that shares its appearance with the dwarvish roundshield: both appear as "round shields" when unidentified, since items in dNetHack can now occur in various sizes corresponding to the size of monsters (e.g. a roundshield can be "large", "tiny" or "huge").


In EvilHack, the dwarvish roundshield grants +1 AC to dwarves that wear them, including player dwarves.

A forge can be used to create a dwarvish roundshield by combining a dwarvish helm and a large shield; a dwarvish roundshield can also be combined with chain mail to create dwarvish chain mail.

Ashmar is an unaligned artifact dwarvish roundshield made of mithril that can only be created by forging the artifact weapons Ogresmasher and Trollsbane together. When worn it confers half physical damage, hungerless regeneration, acid resistance, and extrinsic protection; it also sets the player's constitution to 25, and prevents the wearer from being knocked backwards. Additionally, if Ashmar deflects an attack, it has a 14 chance of knocking the attacker back.


In Hack'EM, the dwarvish roundshield grants +1 AC to dwarves that wear them, including player dwarves.

Upgrading a dwarvish roundshield will produce an orcish shield, and vice versa. Forging recipes are the same as in EvilHack.


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