Potion of booze

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! Pink potion.png
Name booze
Appearance random
Base price 50 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A potion of booze is a type of non-magical potion that appears in NetHack; Samurai see them as a potion of sake.[1]


One variant of Mine's End, The Gnome King's Wine Cellar, will have at least 6 potions of booze.

The inventory of delicatessens has a 125 chance of containing a potion of booze on a given square.[2]

Dipping a potion of fruit juice into a potion of speed or potion of enlightenment will alchemize it into a potion of booze.[3][4] Dipping a potion of confusion into a potion of gain energy or potion of gain level will alchemize it into either a potion of booze or a potion of enlightenment.[5]

Applying a horn of plenty with charges has a ~1.4% chance of generating a potion of booze.


Quaffing a potion of booze provides nutrition, abuses wisdom and may confuse you dependent on beatitude. Non-diluted potions also heal 1 hit point. The potion has the following specific effects:[6]

  • blessed: abuses wisdom, provides 30 points of nutrition
  • uncursed: abuses wisdom, provides 20 points of nutrition, makes you confused for 3d8 (more) turns.
  • cursed: abuses wisdom, provides 10 points of nutrition, makes you confused for 3d8 (more) turns, makes you pass out for 1-15 turns.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

The duration of confusion from booze depends on your hunger: confusion from booze lasts for 2d8 (more) turns when you are satiated, plus an additional d8 per hunger level below satiated.

Hitting a monster with the potion will cause it to become confused, subject to monster magic resistance.[7] Breathing the potion's vapors will confuse you for d5 (more) turns;[8] monsters will not normally throw this potion. Mixing a potion of booze with a potion of gain level or a potion of gain energy creates a potion of hallucination.[9] Mixing a potion of booze with a potion of enlightenment creates a potion of confusion.[10]

Dipping an amethyst into a potion of booze will turn the potion into a potion of fruit juice.[11] This is a reference to amethysts' name coming from Greek ἀμέθυστος ("not drunk"). See the article on amethysts for more details.


Uncursed potions of booze are sometimes used as a source of confusion for the alternate effects of reading scrolls, e.g. magic portal detection on the Planes using a scroll of gold detection, or erodeproofing your armor via the scroll of enchant armor. Although cursed potions of booze also give the confusion effect, they also make you pass out, sometimes for longer than the confusion lasts. Blessed potions of booze are typically most preferred by foodless conduct players, who can also alchemize them using the following multi-step recipe:

junk → water → sickness → fruit juice → booze → blessed booze


Potions of booze first appear in Hack 1.0.[12]

It is considered a tradition for some players to take an ice box filled with potions of booze to the Astral Plane in preparation for the demigod bar as a form of bragging rights, though this much less frequent is recent versions.


Ooph! This tastes like liquid fire!
You quaffed a potion of booze.
Ooph! This tastes like watered down liquid fire!
As above, but with a diluted potion.
Ooph! This tastes like dandelion wine!
You quaffed a non-diluted potion while hallucinating.
Ooph! This tastes like watered down dandelion wine!
As above with a diluted potion.


Many variants associate dwarves with drinking, to the point of often generating them with booze when not encountered within the Gnomish Mines (with the likely-shared assumption that dwarves always mine responsibly).


In UnNetHack, dwarves have a 67 chance of be generated with a potion of booze.


In dNethack, booze is far more useful as a source of nutrition - drinking it gives 130 points of nutrition if uncursed, 140 if blessed, and 120 if cursed, along with healing you for HP equal to your level regardless of beatitude. However, drinking a cursed potion will render you nauseous for 15+5d4 turns afterwards, causing you to vomit if not cured.

Bards and Pirates start with potions of booze. Dwarves encountered outside the Mines always have potions of booze, and player monster bards and pirates can generate with them as well.

Quaffing potions of booze also raises sanity by 5 points, as well as a second hidden stat explained below. However, once drunkenness is capped out at 3 potions per character level, drinking booze can no longer raise sanity above 50.


dNetHack also has a "drunkenness" counter that tracks the number of potions of booze you've quaffed, which is capped at 3 times your experience level). If you are stunned, or 15 of the time if you are confused, and you've drunken more than three potions of booze total, you have a 1 / (number of potions drunk/3 + 1) chance of not moving where you want to go. Your chance of moving unsuccessfully while confused is (formula) / 5 and equal to the formula while stunned. In effect, the more drunk you are, the less likely you are to stumble around while confused or stunned for any reason - this has no effect on your chances of becoming confused or stunned.

High levels of drunkenness allow Monks to practice drunken boxing, and serve as the prerequisite for the spirit Naberius (e.g., his 'taboo' requires you drink at least one potion of booze per three levels).


In SpliceHack, potions of booze can remove the afraid status effect. Thus they are worth collecting and carrying around. There are many guaranteed potions of booze generated in the Bar.


In xNetHack, dwarves also frequently generate with booze, and may be carrying up to 3 potions.


In SlashTHEM, various roles start with potions of booze, and some of them :

  • The Bard role starts with 2-10 potions of booze, and gains access to the "booze" technique at level 10.
  • The Chef starts out with some potions of booze.
  • The Drunk starts with 5 potions of booze; they gain an extra 100 points of nutrition and heal up to rnz(20 + experience level) hit points per potion quaffed. Drunks also start with access to a "booze" technique that allows them to simulate the effects of the potion, including the added benefits when used by them, and generates more potions of booze.
  • The Pirate starts with two or three potions of booze.

Incantifiers that would receive booze in their starting inventory have them replaced with scrolls of food detection, and clockwork automatons will instead receive potions of oil.

Player monster bards generate with five or six potions of booze.

Encyclopedia entry

This entry is also used for the potion of sleeping.

On waking, he found himself on the green knoll whence he had first seen the old man of the glen. He rubbed his eyes -- it was a bright sunny morning. The birds were hopping and twittering among the bushes, and the eagle was wheeling aloft, and breasting the pure mountain breeze. "Surely," thought Rip, "I have not slept here all night." He recalled the occurrences before he fell asleep. The strange man with a keg of liquor -- the mountain ravine -- the wild retreat among the rocks -- the woe-begone party at ninepins -- the flagon -- "Oh! that flagon! that wicked flagon!" thought Rip -- "what excuse shall I make to Dame Van Winkle!"

[ Rip Van Winkle, a Posthumous Writing of Diedrich Knickerbocker, by Washington Irving ]