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Silver is a material composing a few items in the Dungeons of Doom. Silver cannot corrode or rust and hinders spellcasting when worn as armor. Striking with a silver object will deal silver damage against certain monster types. Any item made of silver is eligible for dealing damage to shades.

Silver-hating monsters, including pets, will not pick up silver weapons or armor. However, they will pick up other silver items, like silver wands of speed monster.

List of silver items

The following items are made of silver:

Press \ or ` to check which of your wands and rings are made of silver.

Notable non-silver items

Silver dragon scales and silver dragon scale mail are made of dragon hide, not actual silver. All spellbooks, even those with the randomized appearance "silver spellbook", are made of paper.

Silver should not be confused with mithril, a different material.

Silver damage

Creatures vulnerable to silver are called silver-hating creatures. The following creatures are silver-hating:[1]

Note that with the exception of lycanthropes, all of these are also classified as undead or demonic, and will also take an additional 1d4 from blessed weapons.

When one of these creatures is struck by a silver item, it will suffer an extra d20 damage.[2][3] This includes wielded non-weapons, or a silver ring worn while using hand to hand combat or martial arts without gloves.

Silver arrows deal silver damage only if shot from a bow. Wielding them, twoweaponing two stacks, or throwing them without a bow does not deal silver damage.

Silver weapons are one of the few things that can harm shades. In some circumstances a makeshift silver weapon can be very valuable in Orcus Town. Mirrors do one point of damage to shades but are not truly classified as silver. Also, the mirror will break after a single hit, so you're not likely to be able to kill the shade with it.

Unlike other damage bonuses, silver damage is not doubled by Grayswandir or Werebane.


You are vulnerable to silver if you're polymorphed into one of the monsters listed above or affected by lycanthropy.[4] In addition to receiving extra damage from silver weapons, this makes you unable to wear or wield silver items, and interacting with them will deal 1d10 damage, similarly to an artifact blast.[5]


Because of the enormous damage bonus, it's a good idea to fight silver-haters even with a silver non-weapon, though then you cannot twoweapon when doing this. Don't forget to unwield your silver wand before hitting a disenchanter, to avoid having the wand's charges drained. If you plan to fight barehanded with a silver ring, take extra care not to accidentally strike a cockatrice.


Object materials

Several variants, including GruntHack, dNetHack, EvilHack, and xNetHack, implement an object materials system. In these variants, many kinds of weapons and armor have a chance of being generated made of silver.


SLASH'EM introduces several new silver items:


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