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For special rooms in vanilla NetHack, see special room.

SLASH'EM contains several new special rooms not included in vanilla NetHack. In addition, there may now be more than one special room on each level, with up to one each from each of the following categories:

  • Shops
  • Throne rooms (throne room, leprechaun hall, giant court)
  • Hives (anthole)
  • Zoos (treasure zoo, fungus farm, real zoo)
  • "Neat" rooms (temple, morgue, bad food shop, swamp)
  • Dangerous rooms (cockatrice nest, dragon lair, migohive, lemure pit)

If you find an unusual room in SLASH'EM that you don't see here, it might be one of the SLASH'EM special levels.

Barracks and beehives are supposed to generate in SLASH'EM, but due to a bug in SLASH'EM's level generation code, they ordinarily do not.[1]

New shops

SLASH'EM features two new shop types, pet shops and frozen food shops.

Pet shops

Pet shops sell figurines, whistles, leashes, tripe rations, and saddles.

These are a great boon to players who wish to do some credit cloning.

They have a chance of containing a magic whistle, or at least a normal whistle which can then be upgraded; even without a whistle, you can still use the tripe to keep your pet's apport up, maximizing the number of items you can steal – from this shop or another.

The figurines are also a great help, since they are sometimes of monsters large enough to steal things.

The black market does not allow pets through its portal, but figurines allow the player to safely create a pet inside Sam's shop.

Even if all the figurines are of worthless creatures, they are magical and therefore useful for polypiling.

Frozen food shops

Frozen food shops sell ice boxes (which contain corpses) and tins.

Perhaps one of the better shops for early adventurers, these are a great place to get some intrinsics and non-perishable food items.

The large number of corpses generated usually means at least a couple chances at gaining poison, cold, fire and sleep resistances.

Although the tins are unlabelled, and thus usually dangerous to eat, there are often a few lichen corpses to be had. Even if no lichens are to be found, the player may still generate some molds and lichens by taking corpses out of the ice boxes and leaving them on the floor. Each corpse then has a 50% chance of growing into a fungus.

Keep in mind that if lichens and shriekers are generated that the player need not pay for them; violet fungi, shriekers, and lichens are all non-sessile, and will slowly follow a patient player outside the shop. Molds, however, are sessile.

Fungus farm

Fungus farms contain assorted F, P, and j monsters, as well as slime molds.


(1/25, DL 7+)


You enter a room full of fungi!
Upon entering.


Raid for a quick supply of non-perishable lichens and slime molds.

Stay focused, they are still some potential dangers here. Don't confuse a green slime corpse for a slime mold. You wouldn't want to eat the wrong slime. Also be careful with the eventual acid jelly.

Real zoo

Real zoos are similar to regular zoos, but contain a mixture of mastodons, pythons, mumakil, tigers, panthers, jaguars, apes, and monkeys. They also have a chance of containing the unique monster Jumbo the Elephant.


(1/12, DL 9+)


You enter a smelly zoo!
Upon entering.

Bad food shop

Bad food shops contain killer food rations, killer tripe rations, and bad eggs.


(1/15, DL 13+)

Note: Unless there is a suitable "shop-like" room[2] (no stairs, only one door), these will not generate, making them quite rare.


You enter an abandoned store...
Upon entering.

Giant court

Giant courts contain assorted giants, as well as a throne and a chest.


(1/12, DL 14+)


You enter a giant throne room!
Upon entering.

Dragon lair

Dragon lairs contain dragons, as well as a large amount of gold.


(1/20, DL 20+)


You enter a dragon lair...
Upon entering.


Migohives contain a migo queen and many migo drones and migo warriors. They also contain several diamonds, rubies, agate stones, and/or fluorite stones.


(1/20, DL 25+)


You enter a strange hive!
Upon entering.

Lemure pit

Main article: Lemure pit


  1. mklev.c in SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F2, line 769: The logic to check whether soldiers and bees are genocided is reversed; it is correct for other types of genocide-dependent special rooms, such as leprechaun halls. Theoretically, you can force these rooms to be able to generate (with mostly random monsters) by genociding soldiers or killer bees, for barracks or beehives respectively.
  2. mkroom.c in SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F2, line 238