Commands (by key)

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Keyboard commands
~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ = +
Q W E R T Y U I O P { } |
q w e r t y u i o p [ ] \
A S D F G H J K L : "
a s d f g h j k l ; '
Z X C V B N M < > ?
z x c v b n m , . /
q w e r t u i o p Alt
a s d f j l Alt
c v n m ? Alt
A C R T O Alt
a c d o p r t [ Ctrl

Commands in (parentheses) are available only if number_pad is enabled; the directions given assume it is set to 1 or 2 (not the phone-style keypad layout). Commands in italics are available only in wizard mode.

Key Key + Shift Key + Alt Key + Ctrl
a Apply A Take off multiple Adjust SOH Repeat previous command
b Move southwest B Go mode southwest STX Go mode southwest
c Close door C Call Chat ETX Quit
d Drop D Drop multiple Dip EOT Kick
e Eat E Engraving Enhance ENQ Search room
f Fire F Fight Force ACK Map level
g Go mode G Go mode BEL Create monster
h Move west / (Help) H Go mode west BS Go mode west
i Inventory I Inventory specific types Invoke HT Identify
j Move south / (Jump) J Go mode south Jump LF Go mode south
k Move north / (Kick) K Go mode north VT Go mode north
l Move east / (Loot) L Go mode east Loot FF Go mode east / (Redraw screen)
m Move only M Move only Monster CR Go mode south
n Move southeast / (Numeric prefix) N Go mode southeast / (Name) Name SO Go mode southeast / (Annotate)
o Open O Options Offer SI Overview
p Pay bill P Put on Pray DLE Repeat previous messages
q Quaff Q Quiver Quit DC1 Resume pause
r Read R Remove Rub DC2 Redraw screen
s Search S Save Sit DC3 Pause
t Throw T Take off Turn undead DC4 Teleport
u Move northeast / (Untrap) U Go mode northeast Untrap NAK Go mode northeast
v Version V Game history Version SYN Levelport
w Wield W Wear Wipe ETB Wish
x Swap weapons X Twoweapon CAN Base attributes and intrinsics
y Move northwest Y Go mode northwest EM Go mode northwest
z Zap Z Spellcast SUB Shell escape
1 Numeric prefix / (Move southwest) ! Shell escape
2 Numeric prefix / (Move south) @ Toggle Autopickup NUL
3 Numeric prefix / (Move southeast) # Extended command
4 Numeric prefix / (Move west) $ Purse
5 Numeric prefix / (Go mode) %
6 Numeric prefix / (Move east) ^ Trap ID RS
7 Numeric prefix / (Move northwest) & Identify command
8 Numeric prefix / (Move north) * List currently equipped items
9 Numeric prefix / (Move east) ( List currently used tools
0 Numeric prefix / (Inventory) ) List currently wielded weapons
' " List currently worn amulet
- _ Travel US
[ List currently worn armor { ESC
, Pick up < Go up
. Rest > Go down
/ What is ? Help List all extended commands DEL
; Far look : Near look
\ List discoveries | FS
= List currently worn rings + List & reorder spells

See also menu controls.