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leather gloves
Appearance random
Slot gloves
AC 1
Special (none)
Base price 8 zm
Weight 10
Material leather

Leather gloves are a type of gloves that appear in NetHack. They are naturally made of leather, and have a randomized appearance when unidentified; the default one associated with them is a pair of "old gloves".[1]

Leather gloves are known as yugake to Samurai.


Healers start each game with a +1 pair of leather gloves, Knights start the game with a +0 pair of leather gloves, and Monks start each game with a +2 pair of leather gloves.[2][3][4] Barbarians, Samurai and Valkyries start the game with knowledge of the pair of leather gloves' randomized appearance.[5][6][7]

Thugs have a 12 chance of generating with leather gloves, and mercenaries such as watchmen and Yendorian Army soldiers will often generate with leather gloves.[8][9]


While worn, a pair of leather gloves grants 1 base AC.


While lacking in perks compared to the gauntlets of dexterity or gauntlets of power, simple leather gloves are still more than sufficient enough to last you through the game and make up part of a possible ascension kit: any pair of gloves is enough to prevent most footrice-related deaths (e.g. moving over a footrice corpse while blind or attacking a live one bare-handed), and allows you to wield footrice corpses as weapons. If you have settled on them as your long-term gloves, you may consider using enchant armor scrolls on your leather gloves before other armor, since they cannot be destroyed by an unexpected polymorph (e.g, from a polymorph trap).

Soldiers, watchmen and their higher-ups are a common source of leather gloves that you can use as backups for your current pair or as material for polypiling.


Leather gloves are trivial to distinguish via price identification, due to having a lower base cost than other randomized gloves (8zm versus 50).


Leather gloves first appear in Hack 1.0. From this version to NetHack 2.3e, they are the only gloves present, and are known simply as a pair of gloves.


Variants with object materials systems will usually refer to the leather gloves as a "pair of gloves" with the object's material appended (e.g. "a pair of cloth gloves").

In variants that incorporate the Jedi role, all Jedi start the game with a +0 pair of leather gloves.

In variants that incorporate the Pirate role, Mayor Cummerbund will generate with leather gloves, as will githyanki pirates.


In SLASH'EM, leather gloves can be upgraded into either gauntlets of swimming or gauntlets of dexterity; upgrading either of those gloves will produce leather gloves.

The statue trap of an arch-lich in the Lawful Quest contains a cursed -1 pair of leather gloves.

NetHack brass

In NetHack brass, leather gloves do not give any base AC.


In dNetHack and notdNetHack, leather gloves grant 0 base AC and 1 base DR while worn - they are renamed to a "pair of gloves", and their material is always displayed. Gauntlets exist as a 'hard-material' counterpart to gloves.

All Nobles start the game with a pair of gloves, and dwarven Binders start the game with a +0 burnt pair of gloves.

Center of All is generated with a large concordant +0 pair of leather gloves.


In EvilHack, gauntlets are also present as a 'hard-material' counterpart to leather gloves - all Knights start with gauntlets in place of leather gloves save for Elven Knights, who retain their leather gloves due to iron allergies, and drow Knights, who are similarly averse to iron and receive their own racial gloves.

Dragonbane has its base item changed to a pair of dragonhide gloves.

Encyclopedia entry


Japanese leather archery gloves. Gloves made for use while
practicing had thumbs reinforced with horn. Those worn into
battle had thumbs reinforced with a double layer of leather.