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leather gloves
Appearance random
Slot gloves
AC 1
Special (none)
Base price 8 zm
Weight 10
Material leather

Leather gloves, known as yugake to Samurai, are the most basic kind of gloves.


Monks start with a +2 pair of leather gloves, and healers start with a +1 pair.


Leather gloves can be easily price-identified because they cost much less than the other gloves with randomized appearance. Martial roles such as barbarians, knights, monks, samurai, and valkyries start the game with this item already identified.


Acquisition of some kind of gloves or gauntlets is a key middle-game objective, as wearing something on your hands prevents a number of cockatrice-related deaths (walking over a corpse while blind, attacking a live cockatrice without a wielded weapon, etc.).

Leather gloves are a good candidate for early enchant armor scrolls because they are unlikely to be replaced at that point, and cannot be destroyed by a polymorph trap.

Encyclopedia entry (for yugake)

Japanese leather archery gloves. Gloves made for use while
practicing had thumbs reinforced with horn. Those worn into
battle had thumbs reinforced with a double layer of leather.

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