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Fire resistance protects against most fire damage and the majority of hot objects, but it will not prevent potions from boiling or scrolls and spellbooks from burning, nor will it prevent non-fireproof armor from becoming burnt. It is a must-have before hitting Gehennom, as fire traps are prevalent there and capable of reducing your maximum hit points.

The most popular way to become fire resistant is to eat corpses. Especially foodless players will be interested in other ways, or at least in avoiding traps.

Monks get intrinsic fire resistance at XL 11, and priests at XL 20.[1] Crowning also brings fire resistance with it.

Extrinsic fire resistance is granted by


Fire resistance can be obtained from eating the following corpses (along with the odds of getting the resistance), listed in order of their chance of granting resistance:


The following messages are associated with fire resistance:

"You feel a momentary chill."
You gained intrinsic fire resistance by eating a corpse or tin.
"You be chillin'."
You gained intrinsic fire resistance by eating a corpse or tin, while hallucinating.
"You feel cool!"
You gained intrinsic fire resistance by gaining a level.
"You feel warmer!"
You lost intrinsic fire resistance (level drain, gremlin attack).
"You feel mildly warm."
You were burnt, but suffered no damage due to fire resistance.