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Welcome to the Watercooler. This is a place for the community to discuss NetHack or to ask for help. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click Add new topic.

NetHack can be a monstrously complicated game, so it's not unnatural to seek help from time to time. A number of knowledgeable players are active on this wiki, so somebody will answer eventually. Other conventional sources of wisdom are:

Archives of Ask an Expert before it was merged here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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Topic Last Edit Last Author
Yeenoghu escaped the dungeon! Is that normal? A bug?21:52, 16 Jan 2019Kufat
Does NetHack need a terminology cleanup?13:23, 9 Jan 2019Bluescreenofdeath
YAFM followed by YASD19:06, 31 Dec 2018Tomsod
Where did my luckstone go?04:20, 24 Dec 2018Grabiner
Changes to pet Polytrap behavior?00:38, 18 Dec 2018Qazmlpok
Allow Orcish Town to be an Option! Please! Make it a conduct? Something?!04:32, 6 Dec 2018Darth l33t
Macro implementation (Windows 10, nh 3.6)15:20, 2 Dec 2018GetOffThisPlanet
Best ever pet polymorphs.07:17, 29 Nov 2018User
3.6.1 comments15:26, 26 Nov 2018Phol ende wodan
Piously Aligned but god displeased when praying?11:20, 4 Nov 2018Andrio Celos
Statue option?12:12, 1 Nov 2018Luna
Will monsters loot sacks?17:30, 29 Oct 2018Luna
Engrave Test and Elbereth14:20, 25 Oct 2018Andrio Celos
Thosugris of Aithosogul?02:11, 24 Oct 2018Kufat
Cursed two-handed weapon effects03:13, 15 Oct 2018SophiaMakoto
My calculation about the best weapon to choose12:25, 3 Oct 2018NDos
The most kawaii rogue-like :P17:48, 13 Sep 2018Quantum Immortal
Nethack Discord Server14:27, 31 Jul 2018Valkar
Rock moles and chests/boxes06:36, 31 Jul 2018Bluescreenofdeath
Use for invisibility15:09, 30 Jul 2018Skrizzle
Flowers... Candygram... Landshark!15:05, 30 Jul 2018Skrizzle
Best colour choice13:24, 14 Jun 2018NDos
Killing priests08:44, 10 Jun 2018Tandeejay
Too many wishes07:19, 10 Jun 2018Tandeejay
Building Nethack on OS X for Dummy21:32, 28 May 2018TK
Yellow lights fleeing?00:28, 25 May 2018Martyf
A black dragon at Mines? Really?22:48, 24 May 2018Martyf
Lava on level 10?03:05, 21 May 2018Martyf
Sleeptalking Shopkeep :)15:34, 18 May 2018TK
Future NetHack competitions12:19, 13 May 2018Elenmirie3
Place to play 3.4.3 with NAO-style mods?05:36, 13 May 2018User
Blow off the Amulet?04:16, 8 May 2018User
Choosing between Dlvl and XPlvl increases23:22, 29 Apr 2018Fyr
Upper limit to artifacts?15:41, 28 Apr 2018Darth l33t
Be careful with letter choices05:23, 26 Apr 2018User
A bit disappointed with 3.6.0, anyone?20:03, 18 Mar 2018Karl
Grey or silver dragon scale mail?03:16, 18 Mar 2018Tandeejay
Gray ooze?02:31, 11 Mar 2018Whitehathacker
Greased weapons and spashing vs hitting05:07, 10 Mar 2018Martyf
New way to get killed....22:37, 9 Feb 2018Luna
Nethack 3.6.0 tileset nevanda 32x3221:03, 8 Feb 2018Ezshack
Nethack 3.6.0 isn't working with Nevanda 32x32 tiles03:20, 2 Feb 2018Ezshack
Ubuntu terminal displays bold texts instead of actual bright colors??07:54, 27 Jan 2018Andrio Celos
The Yendorian Army's alignment18:08, 15 Jan 2018Fyr
Inventory Management20:58, 10 Jan 2018User
Resolve to ascend 201820:46, 5 Jan 2018Luna
Why does copper corrode?02:18, 4 Jan 2018Luna
Magic whistles via polypile14:52, 12 Dec 2017Luna
Let's talk start scumming16:47, 10 Dec 2017Luna
Length of long worms07:08, 9 Dec 2017User
New player quest22:13, 29 Nov 2017ThatsMyJam
Protection from eating rings16:33, 23 Nov 2017Qazmlpok
Interesting death message20:45, 22 Nov 2017DarklingArcher
Grue is a bad game mechanic11:29, 17 Nov 2017Winny
Blanking spellbooks04:49, 16 Nov 2017TK
Monster attack damage04:46, 16 Nov 2017TK
Stupid, stupid, stupid,,,,,07:49, 11 Nov 2017SophiaMakoto
Best way to play on the go?12:39, 6 Nov 2017Ryan Dorkoski
Getting ctrl+direction to work on, 30 Oct 2017Ryan Dorkoski
Message: "The (monster) looks rather numb"18:45, 25 Oct 2017Mitlcl
What's your unluckiest death?22:24, 23 Oct 2017Netzhack
OrcTown16:14, 23 Oct 2017Phol ende wodan
What is considered 'early game'?18:44, 19 Oct 2017Ryan Dorkoski
My hired warrior is attacking me and my pets16:38, 11 Oct 2017Meathead013
Vector Skin is all messed up05:22, 9 Oct 2017Pjot726
Debug assertion failed!04:31, 1 Oct 2017Martyf
How do I beat Pale Night?04:44, 28 Sep 2017EasterlyIrk
Just a new player passing through17:54, 22 Sep 2017JMarieStanton
Glitch? Mjollnir randomly appearing02:27, 19 Sep 2017JMarieStanton
Attacked in Sanctuary Temple06:58, 8 Sep 2017Wolfwood
Is that possible to use tileset with, 5 Sep 2017Zgyt4033
Wiki download links broken15:39, 5 Jul 2017Dtype
What have you used just once?20:12, 29 Jun 2017Martyf
My consistent obnoxous way to die06:07, 19 Jun 2017Bluescreenofdeath
Slash'em Clockwork automaton questions15:13, 8 Jun 2017Bluescreenofdeath
Guidebook CSS change15:37, 14 May 2017Phol ende wodan
Slash'em Ex. Inventory question08:13, 6 May 2017Bluescreenofdeath
Geoduck Graphic Tile Set V. 6.004:52, 10 Apr 2017Geoduck
New death....22:16, 8 Mar 2017User
Table of Contents overhaul: Roles16:28, 4 Mar 2017Phol ende wodan
Roguelikes08:17, 21 Feb 2017Crawldragon
Destroying Artifacts16:20, 7 Feb 2017Ingo321
Transfering slashem save file from 32 bit linux to 64 bit23:04, 29 Jan 2017Quantum Immortal
Naughty minion (slashem)19:11, 22 Jan 2017Quantum Immortal
XanaHack14:33, 21 Dec 2016Widmo
ToC overhaul20:03, 17 Dec 2016Phol ende wodan
Home and how to use it03:11, 17 Oct 2016Martyf
Weird error with my score list03:14, 30 Sep 2016Qazmlpok
My pet killed Izchak....01:11, 23 Sep 2016MysteryJack
New Feature: WOUNDING13:43, 22 Sep 2016G7nation
Polymorph and unicorns01:09, 17 Sep 2016Martyf
How do you see an items usages/how do you select an item in Inventory?04:40, 14 Sep 2016Kars
Post-mines strategy for intermediate player?16:39, 17 Aug 2016User
NetHack Book19:03, 16 Aug 2016Tartley
Playing for 15 years . . . still no ascension18:47, 16 Aug 2016Tartley
Ineffective grease15:32, 15 Aug 2016Darth l33t
Do you name your weapons? (keep it clean, please)04:02, 3 Aug 2016Elronnd
Nethack 1.3d revived for Windows14:40, 18 Jul 2016Neozeed
Unkillable fog clouds, bats, wolves after V genocide (known bug)17:05, 20 Jun 2016Shieldmaiden
Altar conversion pattern?!00:48, 11 Jun 2016Catullus
Very Difficult Gnomish Mine generation15:46, 9 Jun 2016Chris
Rodney jumping the gun (known bug)20:49, 29 May 2016Wolfechu
Cursed bag of holding howto20:44, 7 May 2016Martyf
Slash'em Lethe, B-76, I'm Stuck!07:19, 5 May 2016Murmur
Blessed genocide "B" in 3.6.002:51, 4 May 2016Ray Chason
Help to configure defaults.nh file to add sounds to the game07:36, 18 Apr 2016LanHash
Randomly Polymorphing Pet: Has this happened to anyone else?21:27, 12 Apr 2016Catullus
Uncursed scroll of enchant armor08:12, 5 Apr 2016Stenno
YASD - Started with a blessed scroll of genocide, ended up surrounded by monsters04:40, 30 Mar 2016Uruwi
Native Graphical Interface for Slash'em Extended (or other mods?)02:21, 9 Mar 2016Elronnd
Drawbridge issue.18:03, 27 Feb 2016Ray Chason
VR Interface05:27, 22 Feb 2016Wikid
HP help07:13, 4 Feb 2016Ais523
Enter moves me south?16:16, 2 Feb 2016Train
YASD from food poisoning *while carrying unihorn*01:15, 16 Jan 2016Sriep
Escape from the Master Assassin's lair in dNethack02:08, 5 Jan 2016Wikid
New Geoduck tileset for NH 3.6.006:54, 28 Dec 2015Geoduck
Inventory sorting18:34, 25 Dec 201589.15.134.196
My opinion on dNethack23:15, 20 Dec 2015Wikid
Please port to older Windows versions17:16, 19 Dec 2015Yetisyny
Distancing from the Wikia site18:46, 18 Dec 2015Wooble
Crowning21:28, 8 Dec 2015Quantum Immortal
Nethack song21:22, 8 Dec 2015Quantum Immortal
Polymorphing a Long Worm22:50, 26 Nov 201594.199.199.224
Edit conflict07:13, 16 Nov 2015Quantum Immortal
Paying off Shopkeepers01:29, 12 Nov 2015Ais523
Collapsing Dungeon?01:15, 12 Nov 2015Ais523
Scroll distribution20:01, 8 Nov 2015Mannc
What counts as an edged weapon for purposes of forcing a lock?20:49, 3 Nov 2015Daxim
Holidays21:43, 31 Oct 2015Catullus
Are there any tournaments or servers where i can use tiles?18:36, 22 Oct 2015198.180.129.13
New topic button on the main page20:08, 10 Oct 2015Paxed
A NetHack Server with a twist: gems are actually valuable!01:27, 21 Sep 2015Davek
Invisible item tactics? (Slash'em)13:45, 18 Sep 201581.149.28.173
DNethack bug?21:39, 17 Sep 2015Chris
Player gets first move when entering a magic portal?21:20, 8 Sep 2015Chris
Help me solve this Rodney mystery!15:28, 8 Sep 201588.217.180.246
Can I hit and run unseen enemies?14:00, 1 Sep 2015Jubilex
Geoduck Tile site offline/moving20:46, 31 Aug 2015Geoduck
Ranking the wuest artefacts10:44, 29 Aug 2015Quantum Immortal
Patching help10:36, 28 Aug 2015Train
Demogorgon summoned in Sanctum23:29, 25 Aug 2015Jubilex
Defered monsters in Monsters template22:36, 25 Aug 2015Quantum Immortal
Tried very hard to accidentally slay myself, finally did22:29, 25 Aug 2015Quantum Immortal
Twitch plays Nethack04:56, 21 Aug 201570.53.29.93
YAFAP! I finaly did it!16:04, 13 Aug 2015Jubilex
Wizard's 1st gift18:09, 11 Aug 2015Quantum Immortal
Bag or this is normal?05:19, 31 Jul 2015Quantum Immortal
What NetHack mod is right for me?18:03, 28 Jul 2015151.225.114.31
Is this cheating?22:35, 22 Jul 2015Jubilex
Char got stoned, can i somehow get the inventory?11:34, 10 Jul 2015195.2.244.193
Fighter patch16:56, 9 Jul 2015Kahran042
Most hillarious deaths21:07, 7 Jul 2015Epicman12390
Identification help...16:10, 26 Jun 2015Quantum Immortal
Jedi patch compilation12:02, 22 Jun 2015Quantum Immortal
Download the NetHackWiki07:37, 19 Jun 2015KeyboardFire
Females superior to males?06:33, 14 Jun 2015Quantum Immortal
Even stupider accencion tricks16:41, 22 Apr 2015Wooble
Help finding .dat file17:30, 17 Apr 2015HarJIT
Level dimentions?04:19, 6 Apr 2015Ais523
Change the way code browsing works16:55, 5 Apr 2015Elronnd
Weight decreases when I attach candles to candelberum06:20, 4 Apr 2015Kufat
Wikihack and fan-fiction16:14, 3 Apr 20152.96.111.96
Do speed intrinsics/extrinsics stack?15:51, 1 Apr 2015Elronnd
Cancellation wand vs. bag of holding01:44, 12 Mar 2015Mannc
Disabling rogue level18:40, 7 Mar 201565.92.132.156
Unrestricted skill slots13:19, 6 Mar 2015195.2.244.193
How to make the featured article?08:34, 9 Feb 2015Bluescreenofdeath
I can't find the Amulet in dnethack03:38, 9 Feb 2015209.151.236.12
Wikia nethack nethack.wikia.com16:44, 8 Feb 2015209.151.236.12
Luckiest near-death experience?16:35, 8 Feb 2015209.151.236.12
SLASH'EM: Scrampers17:09, 7 Feb 2015209.151.236.12
The 3.5.0 source code leak17:11, 5 Feb 2015Ilmari Karonen
Mirroring the wiki12:34, 4 Feb 2015Bcode
How many daggers should I carry?15:09, 30 Jan 2015Ilmari Karonen
Request: Racial/Religion Pros/Cons for Roles02:58, 30 Jan 2015Raindog308
Socially positive ads14:46, 25 Jan 2015109.157.79.50
I propose polearm article for featured22:23, 10 Jan 2015Kufat
Avoiding wishes05:13, 17 Dec 2014Bose
Make invocation items invisible (slash'em)?06:44, 28 Nov 2014Bluescreenofdeath
How do I run the graphical interface for NetHack4 on linux?17:26, 17 Nov 2014Ais523
How to file a bug report for Unnethack?15:37, 5 Nov 2014Ozymandias
I found part 15 of Hack 1.008:14, 28 Oct 2014Bhaak
AceHack Source Code Repository Site Closing05:04, 6 Oct 2014131.247.224.175
Is it murder if your conjured sphere kills someone13:50, 23 Sep 201472.192.131.114
Boomerang as ranged weapon?22:33, 12 Sep 2014NDos
Winning impossible with Wiz-Hum-Mal-Neu21:20, 27 Aug 2014Davek
Pet djinni05:20, 13 Aug 2014Ray Chason
First ascension without genocide20:06, 30 Jul 2014BellisColdwine
NetHack LIVE videos11:51, 28 Jul 2014Tangar
HP keeps dropping05:32, 24 Jul 2014BellisColdwine
UnNethack 5.1.0: unsuccessfull wish04:14, 29 Jun 201489.31.118.162
RZTiles20:15, 24 Jun 2014Raz
Finding Rodney15:17, 12 Jun 201479.225.98.70
Some nasty Bugs happened in the Tourist locate level06:13, 6 Jun 2014Bluescreenofdeath
UnNethack 5.1.0: Medusa in the quest?12:17, 4 Jun 2014Bhaak
Does bashing enemies with a launcher train your skill with it?21:15, 29 May 2014Wikid
"mysterious force" acting up ... or?21:19, 25 Apr 201479.200.85.31
UnNethack5.1.0 hard time in Black market17:03, 19 Apr 201498.172.189.77
Finding playground directory?06:41, 17 Apr 201458.153.170.23
My YASD stories (Slash'EM Extended)09:17, 15 Apr 2014Bluescreenofdeath
Where to get compiled versions of NetHack 3.023:48, 9 Apr 2014Ray Chason
Luckiest luck16:21, 9 Apr 201498.172.189.77
Nethack 4 - pack order13:41, 9 Apr 2014Diesalot
UnNetHack 5.1.0/ Where is black market?12:24, 9 Apr 2014Zgyt4033
Death from above?00:37, 21 Mar 2014Chris
UnNetHack 5.1/Geoduck tileset released23:42, 4 Mar 2014Geoduck
UnNethack5.1.0 unlucky fountain wish16:46, 2 Mar 2014Nooodl
Early survival (re:archived message)01:37, 28 Jan 201484.77.200.69
Packorder option17:37, 26 Jan 2014Aheneve
Cursed towel07:45, 24 Jan 2014Tjr
Lost intrinsic?23:38, 23 Jan 2014Aheneve
Gems post Unicorn?20:08, 16 Jan 2014Tjr
Air elemental damage15:25, 16 Jan 2014Aheneve
What Happened to the Sidebar?03:47, 16 Jan 2014Ais523
Cursed ordinary sack - concern?21:47, 15 Jan 2014Ozymandias
Thrown boulders04:21, 9 Jan 2014Fyr
Page idea: Notekeeping17:32, 8 Jan 2014Ais523
Castle: TWO wands of wishing17:29, 8 Jan 2014Aheneve
What is the one true Nethack wiki?17:25, 8 Jan 2014Aheneve
Is there ever a shop on down level 1?19:55, 5 Jan 2014Raindog308
Arch-lich in wizard quest?05:57, 3 Jan 2014Aitherion
Dope Brownie18:42, 23 Dec 2013Bcode
Share saves, bones and record10:05, 20 Dec 2013Dr. House problem using ASCII for dungeon features07:45, 19 Dec 2013Ray Chason
Lost Gray Dragon Scale Mail During Ascension Run16:03, 18 Dec 2013Wooble switch between watched games20:12, 17 Dec 2013Aheneve
Puddings and spiked pits01:41, 11 Dec 2013Fyr
Help get me on track, please11:36, 1 Dec 2013Tjr
Gremlins "stealing" intrinsics18:42, 20 Nov 2013Kufat
Ceiling collapse?02:37, 31 Oct 2013Ais523
SLASH'EM Mall - maximum number of shops?16:59, 30 Oct 2013Bcode
ID Bag Problem06:53, 29 Oct 2013Tjr
Isidore the Marilith Mega Pet Emeritus03:23, 25 Oct 2013Bose
How to find Vlads Tower ?19:28, 9 Oct 2013Tjr
Blue Moon Firefox persona21:31, 3 Oct 2013Elenmirie
Convert Vulture savegame to Nethack?02:10, 1 Oct 2013Ireng
Yet another YAFP (this onelong-winded and rambling!)04:01, 21 Sep 2013Ceromar
New 'Let's Play NetHack'-style ttyrec series20:05, 20 Sep 201380.234.14.185
Scroll of create monster read by a monster02:05, 16 Sep 2013203.180.112.49
Can I add startingskills to the rolepages17:50, 15 Sep 201379.210.26.69
Ascended all classes!12:12, 13 Sep 2013Elenmirie
Gold, gold galore08:07, 12 Sep 2013Tjr
Boulder on down stairs ... in a corner...20:36, 8 Sep 2013Rancalred
Question about "optional" features00:02, 26 Aug 2013Aitherion
Thank you NethackWiki for my YAFAP09:08, 22 Aug 2013Elenmirie
Amulet of Yendor... disintegrated??19:18, 7 Aug 2013Tjr
Nethack Android Mobile: Change Colors18:21, 26 Jul 2013Aheneve
Really? No candles?19:33, 25 Jul 2013Bcode
SLASH'EM: tiles problem11:53, 23 Jul 2013120.150.246.200
New monster idea - Cherub (detailed)23:18, 19 Jul 2013Ozymandias
Where is his blueness? own stupid fault, no sympathy15:16, 13 Jul 2013Tjr
A stubborn option, and potion use18:17, 4 Jul 2013Bcode
Cannot find downstairs on non-mappable level 1200:28, 1 Jul 2013Tjr
What to wish for?11:41, 30 Jun 2013Bcode
Sigil of Tempest18:14, 27 Jun 2013Hackemslashem
Gremlins and yellow lights18:09, 12 Jun 2013Fyr
Cursed charging with PYEC?14:05, 7 Jun 2013Kufat
Editing blurb of featured article on the main page09:10, 1 Jun 2013Bulwersator
Handling monster color changes in UnNetHack15:36, 29 May 2013Bulwersator
Ttymaps on main page15:09, 25 May 2013Paxed
Stone to flesh on a pile of statues11:58, 24 May 2013Qazmlpok
Follower condition and keepdogs00:14, 24 May 2013Qazmlpok
Is it possible to patch NetHack in binary form?14:03, 9 May 2013Bcode
What monsters have elemental resistances?02:58, 6 May 2013Hurkyl
Slash'em for the first time12:40, 5 May 2013Justini12
So... i get this blind fold next to the start stairs....02:19, 5 May 2013Justini12
Cannot compile Nethack/SlashEm using tiles.00:06, 2 May 2013206.239.33.97
+6 DSM?11:21, 29 Apr 2013Bulwersator
When is digging for victory a good idea?03:58, 28 Apr 2013Hurkyl
Do random dungeon artifacts identify on pickup?13:12, 27 Apr 2013Tjr
Ascend with original (non-poly) pet in tow?14:30, 23 Apr 2013Qazmlpok
Why source is not colored in this file?19:17, 15 Apr 2013Bcode
Magicbane automatic first gift for wizard?22:13, 13 Apr 2013Bose
Technical writing school for wiki authors11:57, 30 Mar 2013Tjr
NetHack story I wrote23:48, 18 Mar 2013Bcode
Chameleon Madness!23:21, 18 Mar 2013User
How to determine the current Branch ?07:14, 9 Mar 201367.168.190.229
A Nethack Variant Adventure19:15, 2 Mar 2013G7nation
I get to YAFAP! Yay!00:34, 27 Feb 2013Bcode
Wikia15:08, 24 Feb 2013Tjr
An Illustrative Example...10:01, 23 Feb 2013Ion frigate
Heart of Ahriman12:00, 17 Feb 2013Bulwersator
ElberethElberethElb or ELBerethELBerethELB?21:23, 13 Feb 2013Bcode
Gaston multiplies05:22, 9 Feb 2013Bose
Add UnNetHack source code in Source namespace22:22, 25 Jan 2013Bcode
Encyclopedia entries in golem articles are broken17:16, 20 Jan 2013Bcode
Amusing monster names21:36, 19 Jan 2013Scorchgeek
Is there any evidence that SLASH'EM existed before 1998?14:04, 13 Jan 2013Bhaak
Demogorgon first-turn kill?21:23, 1 Jan 2013108.233.253.211
(SLASH'EM) What is this level . . .?22:28, 17 Dec 2012Geoduck
Fists damage per monk skill level22:46, 16 Dec 201267.168.228.21
Status of the saddled Nightmare...tame, fast, carrying you.04:32, 11 Dec 201267.168.228.21
Cursed Dart07:57, 10 Dec 2012Tjr
Nethack with Wii Panorama View or Oculus HMD14:08, 9 Dec 2012Jordanrma
Destroying invocation items in vault corridors09:42, 4 Dec 2012Bulwersator
Combining multiple versions00:11, 2 Dec 2012Bcode
Help With Water level??18:11, 29 Nov 2012Bcode
Platinum Yendorian Express Card03:03, 13 Nov 201299.239.147.0
Skill from whacking things with a bow?14:12, 11 Oct 2012Qazmlpok
2x Wands of wishing on Lev 1!15:30, 10 Oct 2012Erima
Geoduck's tileset updated03:22, 20 Sep 2012Geoduck
Wishing advice?15:32, 31 Aug 2012Erinne
Reference guide of sorts?11:50, 24 Aug 2012Tjr
YAFAP :D22:38, 22 Aug 2012Tjr
Inexplicable death of Medusa20:30, 21 Aug 2012Tjr
Home quest castle closed12:09, 10 Jul 2012Tjr
Nethack as a multiplayer mmo10:38, 25 Jun 2012108.196.206.15
Well done everyone22:19, 24 Jun 2012TPGreyKnight
Hero name change after save NetHack QT04:52, 14 Jun 2012Davros
Is this a Bug?17:39, 13 Jun 201299.239.147.0
Ultimate ascension run preparation?11:56, 13 Jun 2012Bcode
Destroying invocation items09:57, 16 Apr 2012Tjr
Unihack magic lamp dijin says I can not grant magic items10:38, 12 Feb 2012Ion frigate
SVG support?23:44, 9 Feb 2012Ray Chason
Weapon 4d1002:00, 2 Feb 2012Derekt75
(Sporkhack) Inexplicable YASD17:21, 29 Jan 2012Ilmari Karonen
After identifying an item, how do I know its randomized appearance?06:49, 14 Dec 2011Erica
Hit point regeneration confusion15:20, 7 Dec 2011Erica
Pets never go wild19:55, 6 Dec 2011Ion frigate
Can all lost stats be recovered with unicorn horn?14:24, 6 Dec 2011Tjr
Wizard: Elf, Gnome or Human?10:04, 6 Dec 201166.93.240.163
Gaining levels while polymorphed and wearing Amulet of Unchanging02:47, 6 Dec 2011Qazmlpok
Vulture save files02:05, 6 Dec 201166.93.240.163
Vulture's???17:40, 2 Dec 2011208.97.245.131
A wand of digging (0:-1)03:20, 28 Nov 2011Ion frigate
Tiles mode on NAO?00:39, 24 Nov 2011107.8.75.252
Fireproof Spellbooks?19:47, 11 Nov 2011Delbow
Interface Layout15:04, 8 Nov 201167.169.120.3
Funny nutrition related error message01:58, 7 Nov 2011Delbow
Pets carring loads21:15, 25 Oct 2011Qazmlpok
New admins10:14, 24 Oct 2011Tjr
Vampire . . . killed by vampire bite ? ? ?22:14, 19 Oct 201184.134.72.112
Autoexplore function?11:40, 10 Oct 2011Ais523
Options14:30, 30 Sep 2011Paxed
Converting ttyrec files into video14:30, 30 Sep 2011Paxed
Monster usable items00:18, 26 Sep 201175.58.120.114
Compiling style Nethack and variants20:03, 26 Aug 2011StevenAus
All sorts of emails not able to be confirmed with nethackwiki.com08:29, 25 Aug 2011StevenAus
8x8 tilesets?18:13, 1 Aug 2011174.106.246.231
Too darned smart21:01, 30 Jul 201186.174.38.22
Speed: turns versus actions10:41, 28 Jul 2011FJH
Help in the end game20:54, 24 Jul 2011Tjr
Mine's end14:58, 22 Jul 2011Scorchgeek
Add special punctuation.21:44, 15 Jul 2011Tjr
Revive the old Monster Quick Access Box15:50, 15 Jul 2011142.55.158.248
QT - How can I get rid of the huge attribute icons?17:01, 13 Jul 2011Paxed
Summon insects23:31, 11 Jul 2011Tjr
Is there any way to protect yourself from the effects of a wand of slow monster?06:41, 2 Jul 2011Ion frigate
Artifact count09:38, 30 Jun 2011217.253.229.153
Slash'Em graphics problem19:25, 5 Jun 2011FCannon
Sokoban problem on Level 2A21:16, 1 Jun 2011Derekt75
Getting responces mailed & mail16:21, 31 May 2011Ilmari Karonen
Redundant/missing "only in Gehennom"07:16, 30 May 2011Swin
Sidebar22:23, 14 May 2011Tjr
Bones bemusement21:08, 29 Apr 201186.176.248.137
Who wants to choose featured articles?11:00, 29 Apr 2011Tjr
Making a pet unicorn stronger20:03, 26 Apr 2011Aarnott
Comandas starting with "^" are not working19:12, 24 Apr 2011Tjr
Something very weird happened on my Archeologist Quest14:52, 21 Apr 2011Qazmlpok
About new site account14:49, 16 Mar 2011Sppmg
The new site problem12:35, 16 Mar 2011Tjr
How about add off-line function07:49, 16 Mar 2011114.43.64.236
Nethack sans Elbereth01:32, 11 Feb 2011Ipslne
YASD: rhaumbusun09:05, 8 Feb 201180.186.4.214
Nethack mobile is, um, sub-optimal12:50, 5 Feb 2011109.157.17.188
Is there a NAO NethackQT version for mac?06:59, 5 Feb 201198.22.135.180
Testing the forum at new site21:22, 3 Feb 2011Paxed
Top ten high score list20:06, 2 Feb 2011Khearn
Price-ID at unwilling shops: manipulating object ID06:26, 24 Jan 2011Tjr
How can I drop the enchantment of a Sceptre of Might?03:46, 24 Jan 2011Ion frigate
Enhancing dart and dagger skills21:08, 18 Jan 2011Ylmson
Wrote a passtune solver21:02, 18 Jan 2011Scorchgeek
Other NetHack forums and forum-like places21:40, 14 Jan 2011Paxed
Configure file problems?19:00, 9 Jan 2011Inari
Getting missing candles16:33, 2 Jan 2011Tjr
Movement: is running the same as going?04:07, 22 Dec 2010Tjr
Killed 120 weretigers but create monster still makes them01:59, 21 Dec 2010Tjr
Directions12:10, 17 Dec 2010Paxed
Taming a unique creature23:00, 16 Dec 2010Qazmlpok
Demon Prince Summoning Slashem19:55, 16 Dec 2010Ion frigate
Pet attack22:29, 15 Dec 2010Tjr
Stupid question13:08, 14 Dec 2010Tjr
Help in a messed up game17:53, 13 Dec 2010The Cheshire Cat
Color of the player21:58, 6 Dec 2010Tjr
Configuration File in OS X21:57, 6 Dec 2010Tjr
Stopped? Not sure what command to access my game21:55, 6 Dec 2010Tjr
PuTTY terminal gone berserk21:55, 6 Dec 2010Tjr question....21:55, 6 Dec 2010Tjr
Quest Leader Polymorphed What do i do?21:55, 6 Dec 2010Tjr
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