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The Uruk-hai, o, is a form of orc found in NetHack. They are stronger and faster than both hill orcs and Mordor orcs.


They are very similar to Mordor orcs, but carry and use some or all of the following: orcish cloaks, orcish short swords, iron shoes, orcish bows (with poisoned orcish arrows), and Uruk-hai shields. They have a 2/3 chance of starting with each, in addition to a 50% chance of an orcish helm[1], instead of the Mordor orc's equipment.

The Orcish Town variant of Minetown features large numbers of named Uruk-Hai, which can also be encountered elsewhere in the Gnomish Mines and the main branch, and they will often have looted items such as keys, candles and depleted wands in their inventory.


See also: Hill orc strategy

Like other orcs, the larger pool of equipment makes hordes of Uruk-hai more difficult to fight, and Uruk-hai are the fastest orcs to be generated in groups. However, they can still be beaten using similar strategies, though the player will want to be decently armored and poison resistant to avoid a nasty instadeath.

Drawing them into corridors is as viable as against any other group of orcs, but puts you at risk from poison arrow attacks; however, Uruk-hai lack poison resistance and are just as likely to hit each other with their arrows, if not more so. Facing an Uruk-Hai in melee will deter them from using their arrows, allowing you to pick them up and possibly use them against the rest once they are killed (possibly by their comrades). As with other orcs, Uruk-hai corpses can be a decent source of nutrition, and orcish characters may want to consider using them for sacrifices in Orcish Town.