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In SlashTHEM, there are a total of 19 playable races:


In terms of possible alignments, the following applies to the new raceS: Clockwork automata are always neutral; illithids, ghouls, ogres, and trolls are always chaotic; nymphs and kobolds can be neutral or chaotic; and giants and incantifiers can be any alignment.

Racial intrinsics

Each race has various intrinsics, unique abilities and weaknesses that are detailed in the table below. The also gain a dNetHack-style boost to certain skills, with their minimum caps in parenthesis - if a monster of a listed race is paired with a role that has a boosted skill, that skill's cap will be one level higher.

Race Intrinsics Skills (standard cap) Notes
Clockwork automata none long sword (Basic) TBA
Doppelganger polymorph control at experience level 25 dagger (Basic)
body spells (Skilled)
Drow none saber (Basic)
musicalize spells (Basic)
bow (Skilled)
Dwarf none pick-axe (Skilled)
axe (Skilled)
hammer (Skilled)
Elves sleep resistance at level 4 bow (Skilled)
musicalize spell (Skilled)
Multishot bonus for elven arrows from elven bows
Ghouls none bare-handed combat (Skilled)
attack spells (Basic)
Giants none two-handed sword (Skilled) TBA
Gnomes none Can use uncursed touchstones as blessed
Multishot bonus for crossbow bolts
gains bonus AC from gnomish armor
Humans none none No infravision
Hobbits none sling (Expert) TBA
Illithids none attack spells (Expert)
divination spells (Skilled)
enchantment spells (Skilled)
matter spells (Expert)
Incantifiers TBA All spell schools (Expert) TBA
Kobolds TBA spear (Basic)
dagger (Basic)
dart (Basic)
Lycanthropes TBA bare-handed combat (Expert)
short sword (Skilled)
Nymphs TBA healing spells (basic)
musicalize spells (Skilled)
Orcs poison resistance at level 1 scimitar (Skilled) Cannibalism is ok. Multishot bonus for orcish arrows from orcish bows
Trolls TBA polearms (Skilled) cannot obtain fire resistance
Vampires TBA bare-handed combat (basic)
dagger (basic)
knife (basic)