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The Undead Slayer is a role that appears in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM and Hack'EM. They are, as the name suggests, melee fighters that specialize in the harm or destruction of the undead. They can be any of the alignments, but they may not be dwarven or vampiric in SLASH'EM; Hack'EM allows these races to be Undead Slayers, as does SlashTHEM (but the latter excludes clockwork automata and ghouls).

According to the guide book:

Undead Slayers are specialists, trained to hunt the undead as well as other incarnations of evil. They are well aware of the weaknesses of their foes and come prepared. Few denizens of darkness ever encounter such warriors of light and live to tell of it.

An Undead Slayer will start with an inordinate amount of intrinsic properties, including drain resistance and undead warning. In addition to that, they gain speed at level 7 and poison resistance at level 9.

They also have a basic ability to use medical kits, and they start the game with all non-magical weapons and armor pre-identified.

They have the technique to practice their weapons and turn undead at level 1.

The Undead Slayer quest sees you fighting Count Dracula for the Stake of Van Helsing.

Starting Equipment

And one of the following:

The wooden stake may also be poisoned. Elven undead slayers will receive an elven leather helm instead of a helmet, and orcish undead slayers will receive an orcish helm and orcish chain mail instead of a helmet and chain mail.


Undead Slayers gain intrinsics at these experience levels:


Undead Slayer Skills
Max Skills
Grand Master

Their special spell is turn undead; the relevant attribute is wisdom.


They start with turn undead and weapon practice, and gain shield block at XL7.


Their pantheon is chosen from ancient Egyptian myth:

  • lawful: Seeker
  • neutral: Osiris
  • chaotic: Seth

Rank titles

The status line shows you to be one of the following ranks when you reach the specified experience level:

  • XL 1–2: Assistant
  • XL 3–9: Eliminator
  • XL 10–17: Exterminator
  • XL 18–21: Destroyer
  • XL 22–29: Vindicator
  • XL 30: Undead Slayer


Despite high starting HP and a decent starting inventory, the Undead Slayer is a less powerful role than it appears. They can reach Skilled in many weapons, but are much more limited in Expert-caliber options - daggers, whips, firearms, spears, and crossbows. With that in mind, their starting wooden stake has the second-strongest base damage among daggers, and their secondary weapon always uses one of the other four skills. They also start with stealth, drain resistance and sickness resistance, and have a high chance of starting with a silver weapon, giving them a way to handle the powerful werecreatures encountered down the line.

Much more detrimental to an early-game Undead Slayer is their base speed of 10 (i.e. 4 moves every 5 turns), a relative lack of spellcasting proficiency compared to other combat roles such as the Knight and Valkyrie, and lack of a guaranteed sacrifice gift unlike most roles. Monsters will get an extra hit in quite often, and a lack of speed can work against them while facing monsters with similar speed such as baby dragons. Undead Slayers do gain intrinsic speed at XP 7 - while mostly negating that disadvantage, they are still much slower than other speedy roles.

The weapon practice technique is an early Undead Slayer's best friend, and can quickly bring you up to skilled in dagger - firearms is also a good target, as it lets you save precious bullets for actual use. Reaching skilled in any weapon also lets you learn the disarm technique, which can supplement or even replace the bullwhip's ability to disarm depending on your dexterity. Drow Undead Slayers can utilize bare-handed combat to put foes to sleep, and Slayers can reach Grand Master skill with them, making them an effective role-race combo for taking out various high-level foes.

Slayers that survive the early game will find their starting intrinsics a powerful boon against the wand of draining and various other level-draining threats - wraiths can be more comfortably disposed of, while vampires can be thwarted with the wooden stake and any silver weapons you have available. The Undead Slayer's quest artifact, the Stake of Van Helsing, is a formidable late-game weapon due to its +5 to-hit and +12 bonus damage, and it provides valuable slotless magic resistance.

In the late game, Undead Slayers will appreciate the ability to take on demon princes such as Juiblex and Demogorgon without fearing their illness-inducing attacks (though Demogorgon is still a threat outside of this). However, they will also want a secondary source of magic resistance, as the Wizard of Yendor can steal their quest artifact from them. Intrinsic drain resistance also frees up valuable armor and amulet slots for an Undead Slayer's ascension kit.


Some of the iconography of the Undead Slayer derives from the Castlevania game series; like the Belmont clan members, you start with a bullwhip, chain mail, daggers, and holy water. Other parts, such as the crossbow[1] and the ability to reach Grand Master in bare-handed combat[2] derive from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.