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A skeleton is a magically animated undead creature that appears in NetHack.

Skeletons have a slowing attack that can remove intrinsic speed. Chatting with a skeleton, even a tame one, will paralyze you for a few turns.[1] They have immunities to cold, sleep, poison, and stoning.


Skeletons normally only appear when you first enter Orcus-town, where five will be generated.[2] They are valid targets for polymorph traps, and polypiling multiple objects made of bone, such as unicorn horns, may also create a skeleton.

A generated skeleton may appear with a leather armor (25%), a knife (8%) and/or a short sword (16%), but will not get a random offensive item.


While skeletons are not a great threat compared to the shades also found in Orcus Town, their ability to nullify speed still makes them dangerous. Their stoning resistance means that they can wield footrice corpses, so be careful not to leave any near one.

Encyclopedia entry

A skeleton is a magically animated undead creature. Unlike
shades, only a humanoid creature can be used to create a
skeleton. No one knows why this is true, but it has become
an accepted fact amongst the practitioners of the black arts.