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0.9 (Feb 2020)

0.9.7 2022-05-31



0.9.3/4, the Great Cleanup

  • removed roles: Transvestite, Topmodel, Activistor, Goff, Death Eater, Courier, Spacewars Fighter, Gangster, Bleeder, Rocker, Scientist, Binder and Zyborg
  • removed some races: Albae, Maia, Navi, Heretic, Fenek, Spiderman, Snakeman, Insectoid, Moulds, Ungenomolds, Aliens and all Elder Scrolls (Breton, Redguard, Khajiit, Argonian, Nord?, ...?)
  • new monster list: basically Slash'EM 0.0.7E7F3's with some modifications made to the dragons, xorn, mind flayers, mugger, rock mole and floating eyes. Various monsters from Nethack--, Nethack: The Next Generation, UnNetHack, the Pirate patch, the Jedi patch, the Biodiversity patch and the role/racial monsters from Slash'EM Extended were added. A few other extras.
  • removed a ton of objects
  • removed multiple (SLEX) special rooms
  • removed monster classes: Grue, Wall Monster, Rub Monster, Nemese and Archfiend
  • removed techniques: Poke Ball, Attire Charm, Summon Team Ant, Egg Bomb, Invoke Deity
  • Reverted all of the extra rnz() calls
  • Player properties and resistances now work 100% (like vanilla)
  • Monster generation mechanics reverted back to Vanilla
  • various mechanics will now no longer randomly fail for no reason (rn2)
  • vanilla SLASH'EM damage reduction
  • riding limitations
  • revert spellcasting chances
  • revert object weights
  • Slash'EM RRAG restrictions...
  • removed UnHeck levels
  • removed undead player monsters
  • removed Sheol branch

other highlights:

Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Lycanthropes, Vampires and Ghouls are the only races that can commit cannibalism with no penalty.

  • music:

More monsters can now sing along with a bard (from dNethack) magical instruments can now be used as their non-magical equivalents for music spells. Creatures can now counter music. Friendship song now also raises the tameness of normal pets. Encouragement song now has a longer duration, causes pets to be more bold about attacking strong targets, and adds to-hit and damage to pets. Rally song raises pet HP to at least the pet's current Level if played while Skilled, and raises apport if lower than 10 if Expert. the 20 roll is adjusted to give the same average as the flat score, rather than added as a bonus. Songs are now sorted by level. Drunks, Monks, Noblemen, Priests and Samurai can reach Basic in Music; Tourists can reach Skilled. Renamed the Song of Drowsiness to the Song of Lethargy (change from dNethack)

0.8 - 0.5


  • removed Elph role, added Chef
  • Bard patch
  • Horrors don't have random attributes or attacks
  • disabled extra special effects for certain types of attacks (SLEX)
  • Reverted object charging to function the way it did in SLASH'EM.
  • Reverted the Mall level back to Slash'EM (no "mall-3" that contains no shops but a ton of nymphs)
  • Sokoban's staircase always appears on the level directly after the Oracle again (Reverted to Slash'EM).
  • The Quest is 5 levels instead of 7 levels (Reverted to Slash'EM).
  • Grues no longer have displacement
  • Removed a few added random elements to sacrificing added by SLEX (reverted to vanilla ).
  • Convicts get reduced prices in the Black Market (Unnethack).
  • Shimmerstaff and the Pen of the Void are now neutral (roles are never offered an unaligned artifact for their first gift)
  • Cleaver now hits adjacent monsters occasionally (Nethack Fourk).
  • Unicorn horns no longer turn into dust (reverted to Slash'EM).
  • Bards no longer receive spellbooks when gaining a level (see Music above).
  • Removed ranged grapple/hug attacks.
  • Keys should no longer have an abnormally high chance of breaking (Reverted to Slash'EM).
      • Monsters will no longer randomly bypass locked doors.
  • Removed a "feature" where players would be diseased and lose max alignment for causing a pudding split.
  • Changed artifact protection to be extrinsic (instead of intrinsic)
  • Reverted a SLEX change that made all wands/tools/scrolls/potions cost the same.
  • Iron balls and chains are no longer randomly generated in the dungeon.


  • patches: showsym, dungeon overview, dungeoncolors, dumplog
  • added instrument shop, removed some types
  • restrict skills by role
  • no racial equipment for convicts
  • trollor lose only one experience level upon reviving


0.5 (April 2015)

before versioning

Differences from SLEX v75:


  • limited inventory again
  • Slash'EM experience curve
  • vanilla attribute caps
  • racial equipment bonuses (+1 to damage or AC): the obvious for dwarves and elves (including drow); orcish also for kobolds and lunatics(?); gnomish armour +2, crossbows and aklys; hobbits use slings
  • L's food appraisal and Wounds patches
  • User:paxed's hilite stairs/item piles


  • Ninja changes: initial inventory expanded (+1 pair of low boots, a +1 leather cloak, and a +1 grappling hook)

Searching (instead of invisibility) at Level 3, Speed at Level 5, Swimming at Level 10, and Warning at Level 15 Now gain the Vanish technique at Level 1. Can also now use Critical Strike technique at level 1. Gains the Cutthroat technique at level 10. Now gain the same backstab bonus Rogues have. Ninja use Japanese object names and get the same greetings as Samurai. Level names and deities changed. Specialized level up message while hallucinating.

  • Scientist: Decreased enchantment value of starting lab coat from +5 to +1. Replaced initial Hacker's Food with Sandwiches. No longer knows about all weapons or armors.
  • Graduate: No longer knows about all weapons or armors. Now start with a +1 Sharpened Pencil instead of a spoon, and an Ugly Backpack instead of a sack.
  • Korsair and Diver: Start with the Swimming intrinsic instead of an Amulet of Magical Breathing
  • Necromancer: Gains an alignment bonus for digging into a grave if chaotic.
  • Chevalier: Deity names are now chosen at random from all other roles (similar to Priests).
  • Locksmith: Init inventory addition: A stack of 5 blessed +0 daggers. Gain the same unlocking bonuses that Rogues get.
  • Lunatic: Initial inventory entirely changed (orcish short sword, a potion of sickness, and 2 random scrolls). Now have 2 squares of vision, similar to Cavepeople. Quest now involves meeting the High Lycanthrope in the Calerin Forest, where you are told to go into the Nightmare Forest and battle Sir Lorimar to recover the Staff of Withering. Level enemies are centaurs and humans (elves). (Quest Dialogue and Levels all come from SLASH 6)
  • Pirate: Now only start with 50 bullets, not 100.
  • Bleeder

No longer start with a Ring of Timely Backup, Amulet of Data Storage, Scroll of Root Password Detection, Ice Box or Faerie Floss Rhing. Now start with a tame little dog or kitten as the starting pet.

  • Bard: Init inventory addition: A +1 silver dagger. Bards use Charisma for Spellcasting.
  • Undertaker: Init inventory additions: A brass lantern, and a blessed +0 Pick-axe.

Init inventory change: Victorian Underwear -> Expensive Suit. Can gain skill in Pick-axe.

  • Gangster: Init inventory addition: A blessed +0 Knife.
  • Courier: No longer start with the intrinsic Conflict. Can now wear Helmets.


  • quest and first gift artifacts, Newhon artis from SLASH 6
  • Implemented several new #invoke effects:

Summon Earth Elemental Summon Air Elemental Summon Water/Fire Elemental have been updated to have a chance of summoning their greater forms Ice Mages will always summon an Ice Elemental. Smoke Cloud Sharpen Blessing Leadership

Added Acid attack and resistance properties for artifacts. ? Drain resistance is now a valid property for artifacts. Added a case for Electric based blade artifacts.

  • Quest Nemeses now wear the quest artifact if possible.
  • Certain artifacts no longer count against getting sacrifice gifts

(Key of Law, Key of Neutrality, Key of Chaos, Nighthorn, The Eye of the Beholder, Hand of Vecna, Thiefbane, Key of Access, Burned Moth Relay, Scales of the Dragon Lord, Warforger)

  • Holy Spear of Light is now the sacrifice gift for Undead Slayers.

Shocker is now the sacrifice gift for Geeks. (Also fixed Shocker where it correctly does electric damage.) Deluder is now the sacrifice gift for Jedi. Deathsword is now the sacrifice gift for Warriors. Doomblade is now the sacrifice gift for Lunatics. Pen of the Void is now unaligned, and is the sacrifice gift for Binders. Reaper is now the sacrifice gift for Chevaliers.

  • added: silver capped staff, sharpened pencil (nh--), expensive suit (nh--), fire helmet (SLASH6), gauntlets of reflection, rubber gloves, gnomish armour (boots/helm/suit), doughnut, ugly backpack
  • removed: steel helm/gauntlets/shield and wand of banishment


monsters: L's watch bribery patch


  • new versioning scheme!
  • server support