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名称 双手剑
外观 双手剑
伤害(小型) 1d12(1~12)
伤害(大型) 3d6(3~18)
命中修正 +0
武器技能类别 双手剑
规格 双手
基础价 50 zm
重量 150

双手剑(two-handed sword)是NetHack中的一种近战武器。它是游戏中杀伤力最强的非神器武器之一,也是杀伤力最强的双手武器之一。






  • 具有武器攻击能力,且能够持握武器的强壮人形怪物在生成时若没有默认起始武器,则有概率获得一把双手剑:普通怪物概率为114领主恶物类怪物概率为112王族类怪物,或者同时是领主和恶物的怪物概率为110,同时是王族和恶物的怪物概率为18,此类生成规则在Rogue关卡不生效[4]
  • 克罗伊斯生成时会获得一把双手剑[5]
  • 所有玩家怪物生成时有约1.9%的概率获得一把双手剑[6]野蛮人职业的玩家怪物生成时获得的武器有14的概率被替换为双手剑[7]


最大等级 角色







双手剑自Jay Fenlason's Hack的变体Hack 1.21和PDP-11版Hack开始就存在于游戏中,也是最初出现在Hack 1.0的武器之一。

Hack 1.0NetHack 3.0.10,双手剑可以通过命名转化为杀兽剑,使得它可以对兽人造成额外的d10伤害。在NetHack 3.0.0前,玩家可以通过该方法获得多把杀兽剑。在Hack 1.0.2前,任何武器都可以通过命名转化为“杀兽”武器。自NetHack 3.1.0开始,杀兽剑的基础物品改为精灵阔剑




SLASH'EM adds Deathsword, an artifact two-handed sword that is the second sacrifice gift for Barbarians.


In SporkHack, successfully untrapping a land mine trap may generate a two-handed sword instead of a land mine item - this is a dual pun on claymore swords and claymore mines.

SporkHack introduces Lifestealer, an artifact two-handed sword that functions similarly to Stormbringer and is generated in the hands of Vlad the Impaler - a comment in the code indicates that the choice of base item was deliberate to try and deter players from using the artifact themselves, as two-handed weapons were still considered unpopular at the time (and still are to an extent).


In UnNetHack, Thiefbane is an artifact two-handed sword carried by One-eyed Sam, the black market proprietor.


dNetHack adds the droven greatsword, white vibrozanbato and gold-bladed vibrozanbato as weapons that use the two-handed sword skill.

Carrying The Black Crystal increases a character's skill cap in two-handed swords by one. Dantalion is a spirit that grants skill in two-handed swords while bound.

Aurumach Rilmani always generate with a gold two-handed sword enchanted to at least +4, and wandering githyanki pirates are generated with a two-handed sword.

There are many artifact two-handed swords:

  • The Atlantean Royal Sword is a neutral artifact that favors Barbarians, and is the first guaranteed sacrifice gift for Barbarians that start with a two-handed sword. It has +1d3 to-hit and deals double damage, and automatically shatters the wielded weapons of targets it hits - Barbarians can also wield it in the offhand.
  • Sol Valtiva is a chaotic obsidian two-handed sword that favors fire giants, and is the signature weapon of Lord Surtur.
  • Genocide is a lawful large intelligent artifact that is wielded by Bael. It has +1d10 to-hit and deals +1d20 fire damage against targets without fire resistance, while dealing +6d6 fire damage to all monsters of the same race (or monster type if race does not apply) on the current level - if a monster is killed by that fire damage, a fiery explosion that deals 6d6 damage occurs centered on the monster. While the fire damage from this secondary attack does not affect the victim's inventory, the subsequent explosion can burn items in its range.
  • Doomscreamer is a chaotic and intelligent artifact wielded by Graz'zt. It has +1 to-hit and deals double damage against targets without acid resistance, and grants acid resistance when wielded.
  • The Sword of Onoel is a lawful and large intelligent artifact that is made of silver and grants +1d7 to-hit and +1d10 damage versus all monsters. While wielded, the Sword of Onoel grants automatic searching and blindness resistance, and acts as a light source; targets that it strikes may be blinded, gremlins are reduced to dust, and trolls are petrified.


In xNetHack, the Valkyrie quest artifact is changed to Sol Valtiva, a chaotic artifact two-handed sword made of mithril that is the signature weapon of Lord Surtur.


In notdNetHack, in addition to dNetHack details, Dantalion is generated with an artifact two-handed sword called The Dread of Dantalion when summoned by an Illithanachronounbinder.


In EvilHack, The Sword of Kas is an artifact two-handed sword that appears in the hands of Kas. EvilHack also adds Lifestealer from SporkHack.