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For the object materials, see either glass or gemstone.

The Crystals are a set of five artifact crystal balls that appear in dNetHack, and are associated with the Temple of Chaos variant of the Chaos Quest.

Four of the Crystals are found early on in the quest, but attempting to pick them up afterward will cause them to evade your grasp and blast you; once a Crystal's guardian is defeated, that Crystal can be safely picked up - this renders them useless if they appear in bones and the Chaos Quest in that game is a different variant.


The first four Crystals are unaligned and found embedded within the walls of the Ruined Temple, while The Black Crystal is generated in the possession of Chaos.

As Chaos Quest artifacts, all five Crystals cannot be wished for since they are guaranteed to appear if you generate the Chaos Temple as your Chaos Quest branch; only the Black Crystal is counted towards the total number of artifacts generated in a game. Any of the Crystals can generate in bones files; if this occurs in a game with the Temple of Chaos as your Chaos Quest, the Crystals in question are replaced with normal crystal balls.


All five Crystals have an #invoke ability and an extrinsic property that roughly matches their element; they also each weigh less than the standard 150 aum of a normal crystal ball.

Name Color Guardian Weight (aum) Propeties Invoke
Initial Purified
The Earth Crystal ( ( Lich, the Fiend of Earth L 100 Half physical damage when carried Earthquake
The Fire Crystal ( ( Kary, the Fiend of Fire & 10 Fire resistance when carried Area-of-effect fire spell
The Water Crystal ( ( Kraken, the Fiend of Water ; 40 Cold resistance when carried Area-of-effect ice spell
The Air Crystal ( ( Tiamat, the Fiend of Wind D 20 Shock resistance when carried Area-of-effect shock spell
The Black Crystal ( ( Chaos & 30 Magic resistance and warning when carried, 2x damage when thrown Area-of-effect 'death' spell (similar to breaking a wand of death, flavored as a "disintegration field")
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