Monsters with hits creatures as a +x weapon (SLASH'EM)

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In SLASH'EM and SlashTHEM, various monsters require a weapon of a certain enchantment level to be hit, also known as "enchantment resistance" - accompanying this property is the ability to hit creatures as a +x weapon. Most monsters with this ability are either those that possess significant strength or are magical in some manner.

This property treats the monster's attacks as coming from a weapon of a certain enchantment, with the enchantment specified in the flag within that monster's entry in monst.c (e.g., MR_HITASONE, MR_HITASTWO and so on). The property is also intrinsic to monsters with "enchantment resistance": these monsters are not given a specific "hits as" flag, but implicitly hit monsters as the same enchantment of weapon that they resist[1] - e.g., the Aleax has the MR_PLUSTWO flag but no MR_HITASFOO, so Aleaxes require a +2 weapon or better to hit and hit as +2 weapons themselves.

Below is a list of monsters that hit as a certain enchantment of weapon - monsters with i next to their names have this property implicitly due to their enchantment resistance.

Hits creatures as a +1 weapon

Hits creatures as a +2 weapon

Hits creatures as a +3 weapon

Hits creatures as a +4 weapon