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This is the original Binder planning document. The finished version can be found [[1]]


Spirit Name

  • Spirit Title: Appears on the list of known spirits, along with the name.
  • Pact Condition: If you violate this condition, the spirit will be expelled from your soul, draining a level but enabling you to bind a different spirit.
  • Binding Condition: You must fulfill this condition in order to bind the spirit
  • Sign: Change in appearance when bound to this spirit
  • Mitigation: How to avoid angering priests and shopkeepers when bound to this spirit.
  • Immunity: Immunity granted when bound to the spirit
  • Pen Power: Power gained by the Pen of the Void if this spirit is bound to it.
  • Spellcasting Score: This spirit votes that you cast spells using this score. The most recently bound spirit breaks a tie.
  • Favored Weapon: Gain +1 skill level in the noted weapon and allows you to train to a base level of skilled. Permanently unrestricts these skills.
  • Active Ability: You must choose to use these ability. Active abilities can typically be used once every 50 turns.
  • Passive Ability: These abilities will happen without your input as long as you are bound to this spirit.

The 31 Spirits of the near Void

Binders gain the ability to bind these spirits in random order as they level up from 1st to 13th level. Other roles may gain the ability to bind these spirits if they find an intact seal on the ground (this is rare, possibly the only way to find one is in a bones file left by a Binder).

Level	_Titles_		Spirits	Dam	(avg)	Spirits
 1-2 	 Exile			   1	5d1	  5	  3, 5
 3-5 	 Heretic		   2	5d2	  7.5	  7,10,12
 6-9 	 Cultist		   2	5d3	 10	 14,17,19,21
10-13	 Binder			   3	5d4	 12.5	 24,26,28,31
14-17 	 Akousmatikoi		   3+	5d5	 15	 33
18-21 	 Mathematikoi		   4+	5d6	 17.5	
22-25 	 Doctor			   4+	5d7	 20		
26-29 	 Unbinder		   5+	5d8	 22.5	
 30 	 Gnostikos		   5++	5d9	 25	 34


  • The Seizer
  • Pact Condition: Must not become Weak with hunger, habit of seizing prey means you may be hungry
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn at the bottom of a pit
  • Sign: The Starry Sky opens within your mouth, wisps of cloud escape periodically
  • Mitigation:Mouth: Do not speak to shopkeepers or priests (#chat, use extended services)
  • Immunity:Resist engulf attacks
  • Pen Power:Shadow Snare (20%: subtract 3 move from target)
  • Favored Weapon: Iron Ball
  • Active Ability: Abduction (Instant Death ability, affects genocidable creatures and lesser demons). Target must have been wounded by you.
  • Passive Ability: Engulf (Passive: Abduct targets at <10% HP)
  • Passive Ability: Shadow Vortex (20%: subtract 12 move from target)
  • Passive Ability: Swallow (eat in 1 round, nutrition value reduced by 10%)


  • Shadow before the Altar
  • Pact Condition: Must not pray or donate to priests, may only use altars who’s priests are missing
  • Binding Condition: Seal must NOT be drawn in a sacred space (also invites divine retribution) or on a level with an Altar. Violation results in immediate level drain and the binding timer is set.
  • Sign: Grow Horns
  • Mitigation:Head: Cover with any helm except the skullcap. The horns will become part of the helm.
  • Immunity:Resist Cold
  • Pen Power:+d4 Fire
  • Favored Weapon: Cleric Spell
  • Spellcasting Score: Wis
  • Active Ability: Fire Breath (1/2leveld6)
  • Passive Ability: Natural Weapon: Horns (1d8 ram)
  • Passive Ability: See in Darkness


  • the sum of all angles
  • Pact Condition: Must not destroy walls (stone doesn't count, just walls)
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in a corner
  • Sign: Hyper-dimensional shadow
  • Mitigation:Shadow: Avoid casting a shadow (interact with people you like in darkness only)
  • Immunity:Teleport control
  • Pen Power:Angle-striker (+3 to hit if standing in a corner formed by worked walls)
  • Favored Weapon: Escape Spell
  • Spellcasting Score: Int
  • Active Ability: Trans-dimensional Ray (force ray that penetrates walls, teleports targets)
  • Active Ability: Teleport
  • Passive Ability: Angle-fighter (+3 AC if standing in a corner formed by worked walls)


  • the Repentant Rogue
  • Pact Condition: Must not use stolen items
  • Binding Condition: Seal be drawn around any two of a bag, a key, a ring, a coin, a dagger, an apple, a scroll, a whistle, a mirror, an egg, a potion, a dead spider, a dead human (skull and arm bone), a spellbook, a bell, a set of lockpicks, or a dead rat. The items are consumed, and a new one is created.
  • Sign: Become mask and suit with no-one inside
  • Mitigation:Face: Do not walk around next to people you like. Spend only 1 square of movement by them or interact in darkness or wear mummy wrappings
  • Immunity:Resist Theft
  • Pen Power:Resist Theft of weapon
  • Favored Weapon: Dagger
  • Active Ability: Jester's Mirth (Laughter/Skip 1d4 turns)
  • Active Ability: Thief's Instincts (Detect Objects and Secret Doors)
  • Passive Ability: Detect Theft
  • Passive Ability: Sneak Attack 1d(1/2lev)
  • Passive Ability: Know stolen


  • Broken Clockmaker
  • Pact Condition: Must not break items (mirrors, potions, wands. If it belongs to others or happens due to enemy attacks it's fine)
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn on a square with a damaged item, or while holding a damaged Pen of the Void. The damage is repaired
  • Sign: Your eyes weep oil. Shards causes shards to shoot out of your body.
  • Mitigation:Eyes: Blindfold eyes or wear mummy wrappings. Do not use Shards within view of people you like.
  • Immunity:Resist Electricity
  • Pen Power:+d4 Electricity
  • Favored Weapon: Crossbow
  • Active Ability: Astaroth's Assembly (lightning melee, double vs aquatic; Blind enemies, armored shell (AC +8) )
  • Active Ability: Astaroth's Shards (Shuriken, deal damage to self as well)
  • Passive Ability: Magical Breathing/water damages (causes passive damage from being immersed).


  • the last Sacrifice
  • Pact Condition: Must not sacrifice intelligent creatures
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn on an ice square
  • Sign: Cuts on wrists, chest, and legs leak freezing black water
  • Mitigation:Body: wear covering armor (torso armor, gloves, boots).
  • Immunity:Talisman (1/2 magical damage)
  • Pen Power:+d4 Cold
  • Favored Weapon: Whip, Psychostasis
  • Active Ability: Icy Glare (1/2leveld6, blind self for one turn)
  • Active Ability: Balam's Anointing (Cold touch, 5% instadeath (icicle through head))
  • Passive Ability: Balam's Martyrdom (reroll ac, take highest)


  • the Red Horseman
  • Pact Condition: Must not kill a pet or former pet
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn around a set of riding gloves, riding boots, a saddle, a saber, a longsword, a bow, or a lance. Binder must wear a blessed silver ring on the left finger
  • Sign: Your skin, as well as the fur of your mount, becomes covered in blood.
  • Mitigation:Body and Mount: wear full armor, dismount before entering shops and temples
  • Immunity:Mount shares your resistances
  • Pen Power:+Joust
  • Favored Weapon: Lance, Sabers, Riding, Horseback archery
  • Active Ability: Mount Attack (Free Action: mount makes full attack against indicated square. Can't move this round)
  • Active Ability: Sow Discord: Enemies in radius (novice: target only, experienced: 1 square, level 14+: 2 squares) attack each other
  • Passive Ability: Red Horse (Pact comes with a saddled horse to ride. Novice players get a pony, level 14+ players get a warhorse)
  • Passive Ability: Blood-price: monsters drop gold instead of corpses


  • who walks all places
  • Pact Condition: Must not use death attacks (wand, finger of death) or drain attacks
  • Binding Condition: Seal may be drawn anywhere
  • Sign: Feet turn to double-goat's hooves
  • Mitigation:Feet: Wear any footwear
  • Immunity:Fast Healing
  • Pen Power:+d4 recovery
  • Favored Weapon: Healing Spell


  • Active Ability: Gift of Healing (heal)
  • Active Ability: Gift of Health (as unicorn horn)
  • Passive Ability: Food checking


  • the Hope Trapper
  • Pact Condition: Must not wear an amulet of life saving or use certain wards (circle of acheron, sign of the queen, hexagram, heptagram, Elbereth)
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn on a grave or a square with a humanoid corpse. Corpse is consumed, grave is exhumed
  • Sign: Grow spider's mandibles inside your cheeks
  • Mitigation:Mouth: Do not speak to shopkeepers or priests (#chat, use extended services)
  • Immunity:Sleep Resistance
  • Pen Power:10% Spin Web
  • Favored Weapon: Knife
  • Active Ability: Throw webbing
  • Active Ability: Spin spider (spider collapses into webbing when killed)
  • Passive Ability: Ethereal Strike (Ignore Equipped Armor)
  • Passive Ability: Aura of Despair (-2 attacks, AC, and damage)
  • Passive Ability: Poisonous Bite attack (1d6+poison)


  • the Star Emperor
  • Pact Condition: You must not destroy thrones
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn on a square with a throne
  • Sign: Grow extra faces (1,2,many,legions) in your chest
  • Mitigation:Torso: torso armor
  • Immunity:Partial/total resistance to blindness if uncovered
  • Pen Power:10% Read Thoughts
  • Favored Weapon: Two-Handed Sword, Broad Sword
  • Active Ability: Dread of Dantalion (repel enemies)
  • Active Ability: Thought Travel (teleport)
  • Passive Ability: Read Thoughts (gain bonus attack, damage, AC vs target (Int bonus))
  • Passive Ability: Telepathy


  • the Unknown Soldier
  • Pact Condition: Using mummy wrapping to become visible expels the spirit and destroys the wrapping
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be surrounded by stones
  • Sign: You become invisible and unnoticeable
  • Mitigation:NA: No mitigation necessary
  • Immunity:Grants Invisibility an Stealth (ie, immunity to being noticed)
  • Pen Power:Stone Choir (Cha% chance of 1 stone)
  • Favored Weapon: Polearms, Slings
  • Active Ability: Earth Swallow (Make a pit, then drop a boulder into the pit.
  • Passive Ability: Stone Choir (1d4 stones throw themselves at the target of your attacks)


  • the Mother of Monsters
  • Pact Condition: Do not break or eat eggs
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in caves (mines or some quest levels)
  • Sign: Your legs become snake tails
  • Mitigation:Legs:Wear Boots and armor or a cloak
  • Immunity:Acid Resistance
  • Pen Power:*Active Ability: d4 Acid
  • Favored Weapon: Unicorn Horn
  • Active Ability: Acid Spit
  • Active Ability: Tame Monster (nutrition cost (suckle))
  • Passive Ability: Added Natural Armor (Con modifier)
  • Passive Ability: Lay random egg when #sitting
  • Passive Ability: Acid Blood


  • the First Garden
  • Pact Condition: Must not destroy trees or fountains
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn on a square with a fountain
  • Sign: A garden under blue glass appears embedded in the top of your head
  • Mitigation:Head: wear any helm, skull cap included
  • Immunity:Sickness Resistance
  • Pen Power:+d4 Disintegration/Fire
  • Favored Weapon: Long Sword
  • Active Ability: Purifying blast (2x fire/disintegration damage), - 1/10HP
  • Active Ability: Recall to Eden (removes target monster and grants bonuses, failure chance = what % of your HP their HP is)
  • Active Ability: Stargate (levelport)
  • Passive Ability: Edenic Grace (AC increases (Wis modifier))


  • God of the first city
  • Pact Condition: Must not refuse foocubi (engagement rings are permitted)
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in a large room (5x5)
  • Sign: Your eyes constantly weep.
  • Mitigation:Eyes: wear blindfold or mummy wrapping
  • Immunity:Fortifications (Hostile creatures have difficulty passing through stone walls)
  • Pen Power:Alley-Ambusher: +1 Attack per adjacent wall
  • Favored Weapon: Short sword, Hammer
  • Active Ability: Walker of Thresholds (teleport between doorways)
  • Active Ability: Raise or remove waters
  • Passive Ability: City-Dweller: +2 speed when at least 4 monsters nearby +4 speed when at least 8 monsters are nearby
  • Passive Ability: Alley-Fighter: +1 AC per adjacent wall


  • Lonely Dancer
  • Pact Condition: Must remain in motion (do not use '.' to skip a turn)
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn beside water
  • Sign: Your Shadow becomes a dancing nymph
  • Mitigation:Shadow: Avoid casting strong shadows (carrying light source, standing next to a light source)
  • Immunity:Free Action
  • Pen Power:10% Counter attack
  • Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike
  • Active Ability: Shape the Wind
  • Passive Ability: Counter attack
  • Passive Ability: Water Dancer (water walk + increased speed)
  • Passive Ability: Form Dancer (Unarmed attacks use random exploding dice)


  • the first Sinner
  • Pact Condition: Must not eat fruit, drink potions of gain ability
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn beside a tree
  • Sign: Curse of Pain: Thorns and stones pierce your feet.
  • Mitigation:Legs: Wear boots
  • Immunity:Share Pain (1/2 physical damage)
  • Pen Power:Creatures more likely to yield corpses, Trees yield more fruit.
  • Favored Weapon: Bow and Farm implements
  • Active Ability: Barrage (max number of arrows shot, additional arrows 1 + 1 per 10 levels)
  • Active Ability: Thorns and Stones (reduce hp, gain enchanted arrows)
  • Passive Ability: Bonus to attacks with ordinary (human) bows and arrows
  • Passive Ability: Creatures more likely to leave corpses, Trees yield more fruit


  • Dwarf-dragon of Avarice
  • Pact Condition: Must not drop gold. Must posses a stolen item.
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in a vault or on a pile of 100xyour level coins
  • Sign: There is a burned in scar of a ring on one hand.
  • Mitigation:Hand: Wear a ring on that hand or gloves.
  • Immunity:Fire Resistance
  • Pen Power:+d8 vs constructs
  • Favored Weapon: Pick-axe
  • Active Ability: Breath Poison (Exhale Stinking Cloud 1-10 cursed 11-20 uncursed 21-30 blessed)
  • Active Ability: Ruinous Strike (Destroy Inorganic Constructs, Dig out and untrap 1 square)
  • Passive Ability: Darkvision
  • Passive Ability: Additional Carry Capacity
  • Passive Ability: Halo of Fire

Huginn and Muninn

  • Thought and Memory
  • Pact Condition: Do not fall asleep, be victim of amnesia
  • Binding Condition: Seal drains int and wis
  • Sign: Ravens nest in each ear
  • Mitigation:Head: wear helm (not skullcap)
  • Immunity:Block one instance of amnesia or sleep (Expels spirit)
  • Pen Power:Raven's Talons (10% blind)
  • Favored Weapon: Spear
  • Active Ability: Raven's Talons (perm blind target, damage)
  • Passive Ability: gain warning vs all
  • Passive Ability: Int and Wis maxed out, exercise prevented


  • Friend from Afar
  • Pact Condition: Spirit doesn't like when you kill them enemies, but enjoys it when enemies die from its own powers.
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn within a stinking cloud.
  • Sign: Oddly colored veins stand out against your skin
  • Mitigation:Body: wear covering clothing, do not attack
  • Immunity:Disease Resistance
  • Pen Power:Horrid Wilting (5%, single target)
  • Favored Weapon: Morning-star, Psycometabolism
  • Active Ability: Horrid Wilting (Damage all adjacent and Heal you (level/6 d4 drain))
  • Active Ability: Turn Animals and Humanoids
  • Passive Ability: Combat Tentacles
  • Passive Ability: Wilting Touch (5% instideath, disease)


  • he of the lantern
  • Pact Condition: May not enter heaven or hell
  • Binding Condition: Seal does not work in heaven or hell
  • Sign: An old, old man clings to your shoulder
  • Mitigation:Body: Wear a cloak
  • Immunity:Barred from Heaven and Hell (as amulet of life saving. Expels spirit)
  • Pen Power:Glow as lantern
  • Favored Weapon: Lanterns
  • Active Ability: Refill Lantern (refill wielded lantern)
  • Active Ability: Hellfire (blast fireball from wielded lantern)


  • Prince of Crows
  • Pact Condition: Must not attack crows (ie, must hold pacifist conduct)
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in a square with a fresh (sacrificiable) corpse
  • Sign: Your mouth is full of the beaks of nesting crows
  • Mitigation:Mouth: Do not speak to shopkeepers or priests (#chat, use extended services)
  • Immunity:Resist punishment, avoid penalties for murder
  • Pen Power:5%: Killed opponents transform into crows.
  • Favored Weapon: Pets
  • Active Ability: Call Murder (create a tame crow)
  • Passive Ability: Murderer (+2 attack and AC for each tame adjacent crow)
  • Passive Ability: Bird's Eye (see from tame crows' perspectives)


  • Puppet of Screams
  • Pact Condition: Must not apply a Unicorn Horn to oneself, quaff holy water, read a remove curse, or have curses removed
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in the Valley of the Dead
  • Sign: Metal wires protrude from you elbows, knees, and back
  • Mitigation:Torso: Wear torso armor
  • Immunity:Stuck or thrown boulders are shattered
  • Pen Power:Apply as a reach weapon
  • Favored Weapon: Axe
  • Active Ability: Root Shout (Dig and damage enemy targets)
  • Active Ability: Long Stride (+24 speed boost)
  • Passive Ability: Marionette shadow (Weapon strikes behind target with extra damage dice of increased size)
  • Passive Ability: Marionette arms (apply any weapon as a reach weapon)


  • who beheld Beauty
  • Pact Condition: Must not kill beautiful creatures (floating eyes, beholders, nymphs, succubi or incubi)
  • Binding Condition: Must be blind to draw seal. Must role under Cha on a d20
  • Sign: You grow eyes on your fingertips
  • Mitigation:Hands: wear gantlets, gloves, or mummy wrapping.
  • Immunity:No Polymorph + Mind Blank
  • Pen Power:Evaluate (Show enemy HP)
  • Favored Weapon: Divination Spell, Divination
  • Spellcasting Score: Wis
  • Active Ability: Confusing Touch
  • Passive Ability: Clairvoyance
  • Passive Ability: Evaluate (Show enemy HP)


  • mysterious councilor
  • Pact Condition: Must use the tongue and fang abilities
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn by one with 14 Int or greater
  • Sign: Your tongue becomes forked
  • Mitigation:Mouth: Do not speak to shopkeepers or priests (#chat, use extended services)
  • Immunity:See Invisible
  • Pen Power:+d8 vs peaceful of frightened
  • Favored Weapon: Attack Spell
  • Spellcasting Score: Int
  • Active Ability: Silver Tongue (Pacify target creature)
  • Active Ability: Bloody Tongue (Frighten target creature)
  • Passive Ability: Tarnished Fangs (When attacking a peaceful target, target's max hp is decreased)
  • Passive Ability: Crimson Fangs(When attacking a frightened target, heal self)


  • Sovereign of the Howling Dark
  • Pact Condition: Hates the dark
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn beside a hole
  • Sign: Buffeted by strange winds
  • Mitigation:Body: Do not wear cloak (mummy wrappings are ok)
  • Immunity:Disintegration Resistance
  • Pen Power:10% knockback
  • Favored Weapon: Telekinesis
  • Active Ability: Whirlwind Breath (Damage and knockback)
  • Passive Ability: Blindsight (xray vision 3)
  • Passive Ability: Displacement


  • Dreamer in a Drowned City
  • Pact Condition: Hates Water
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn underwater. The water square rises.
  • Sign: Waking dream: Periodically casts aggravate monster.
  • Mitigation:Head: Wear a metal helm (not telepathy or brilliance) or a cornuthaum
  • Immunity:Death Resistance
  • Pen Power:5% Mind Blast
  • Favored Weapon: Trident, Telepathy
  • Spellcasting Score: Int
  • Active Ability: Mind Blast
  • Active Ability: Great Leap (level teleport)
  • Passive Ability: Plain Leap (jumping)


  • the Key to the Gate
  • Pact Condition: must never lock doors, must never kick down an unlocked door, must open any doors you find.
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in a doorway
  • Sign: Wisps of Mist
  • Mitigation:NA: Don't attack
  • Immunity:Searching/Trap resistence
  • Pen Power:5% theft (drops to ground)
  • Favored Weapon: Keys
  • Active Ability: Open (works on locked and unlocked doors)
  • Active Ability: Master of Doorways (open doors that didn't exist before. Death Attack)
  • Passive Ability: Concealment (20% miss chance against you)
  • Passive Ability: Air blast natural attack (2x 2d6, 10% theft (drops to ground) )


  • The Fell Archivist
  • Pact Condition: Must not allow books to burn
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn around a spellbook (blanked). Conjurer must look toward the northwest (standing to the southeast). Spirit demands the answer to a question, granting that knowledge will remove it from your own mind. Seduced males don't get a choice. Refusing to answer drains a level but does not exhaust the spirit.
  • Sign: Gender changes to female, crown hovers above your head. Gender changes to male if refused.
  • Mitigation:Head: Wear a hat of some sort to 'support' the crown
  • Immunity:99% MBlock
  • Pen Power:+1 or 2 energy per hit
  • Favored Weapon: Books
  • Spellcasting Score: Int
  • Active Ability: Consume held spellbook charge to cast spell
  • Active Ability: Book Telepathy (Detects books)
  • Passive Ability: Strike enemies with spellbooks for a chance to drain lives into charges
  • Passive Ability: Detect magic users


  • who Roosts on the Tree of Life
  • Pact Condition: Must not fall through holes or down stairs
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn outside (vlad level 1, many Quests)
  • Sign: Halo of rainbow feathers and iron claws
  • Mitigation:Hands, Head: wear gantlets and plumed or crested helm
  • Immunity:Resist pit traps and holes
  • Pen Power:10% Siræng's Radiance
  • Favored Weapon: Enchantment Spell
  • Spellcasting Score: Wis
  • Active Ability: Unite the Earth and Sky (Tree Creation, fill pits with water)
  • Active Ability: Hook in the Sky (rise through the ceiling)
  • Active Ability: Enlightenment
  • Passive Ability: Siræng's Radiance (30 color's Radiance, a prismatic attack)
  • Passive Ability: Lion's Claws (Cold iron claws)


  • Demon Shadow
  • Pact Condition: Eaten wraiths do not increase level (Does not expel spirit)
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in hell
  • Sign: Your shadow is unusually dark, and never extends far from your body
  • Mitigation:Shadow: Avoid casting strong shadows (carrying light source, standing next to a light source)
  • Immunity:Drain Resistance
  • Pen Power:Drain level (10%)
  • Favored Weapon: Mace
  • Active Ability: Damning Darkness (Damage, as Darkness spell)
  • Active Ability: Touch of the Void
  • Active Ability: Echos of the Last Word (death spell vs those immune to death). Permanently reduces Mana
  • Passive Ability: Vital Sense (sense living things)


  • Lord of the Grassless Gap
  • Pact Condition: Must not sacrifice or eat giants
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn around the rotting corpse of a poisonous creature
  • Sign: A body part swells and becomes misshapen, teeming with life (arm, leg, eye).
  • Mitigation:Varies: cover affected bodypart (robe for arms or legs, blindfold for eye)
  • Immunity:Poison Resistance
  • Pen Power:Poison weapon
  • Favored Weapon: Club
  • Active Ability: Poison Gaze
  • Active Ability: Gap Step (Levitate freely, press down to land)
  • Passive Ability: Giant's Step (pick up and move boulders)
  • Passive Ability: Poison-born (quaff potions of sickness to heal)
  • Passive Ability: Fast ability healing (recover ability damage)

The Two Sprites of the Gate

These are the Quest sprites. Binders gain the ability to bind Dahlver-Nar once they embark on the quest (and must have him bound to descend the quest staircase). They gain the ability to bind Acererak after killing him at the end of the quest.


  • the first Binder
  • Pact Condition: Driven out by Acererak
  • Binding Condition: Seal may be drawn anywhere
  • Sign: Bite marks with teeth stuck in them (Arm, hand, or feet).
  • Mitigation:Varies: cover affected bodypart
  • Immunity:Protect against Wis damage + Leg wounds
  • Pen Power:NA: Can't be bound into the Quill
  • Favored Weapon: Bite
  • Spellcasting Score: Wis
  • Active Ability: Moan (repel enemies, cause them to strike at each other)
  • Passive Ability: Extra Unarmed Strike Damage
  • Passive Ability: Extra Natural Armor


  • The Demi-Lich
  • Pact Condition: Driven out by Dahlver-Nar
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn in a square with a gemstone
  • Sign: Gemstone eye
  • Mitigation:Eyes: wear blindfold (only)
  • Immunity:Protect against Int damage and Blindness
  • Pen Power:NA: Can't be bound into the Quill
  • Favored Weapon: Touch
  • Spellcasting Score: Int
  • Active Ability: Paralyzing Touch
  • Active Ability: Swallow Soul (34x per binding period (refresh 33 times,ie, once every 150 turns) disintegration attack, gain level if target higher level than you)
  • Passive Ability: Speak with Dead (pacify undead)
  • Passive Ability: Detect Undead

The Numberless spirits of the Outer Void

A 30th level binder gains the ability to bind the Numina.


  • The Whispering Multitude
  • Pact Condition: Must remain 30th level.
  • Binding Condition: Seal must be drawn by a 30th level binder with the maximum spirits bound, using a ringing Quill of the Void. Unlike other spirits, once the Numina have been bound the pact does not naturally expire
  • Sign: You are surrounded by a host of whispering shadows
  • Mitigation:NA: No mitigation possible
  • Immunity:Protect against stun and confusion
  • Pen Power:NA: Can't be bound into the Quill
  • Favored Weapon: All skills
  • Spellcasting Score: Highest of Int and Wis
  • Active Ability: Identify inventory
  • Active Ability: Clairvoyance
  • Active Ability: Find Path
  • Passive Ability: Detect all (creatures and objects)