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Screenshot of UnNetHack

UnNetHack 5 is a variant of NetHack 3.4.3, maintained by Patric Mueller and others.

The main intent of this fork is to put more randomness, challenges, and fun into NetHack.

It features more levels, several UI improvements designed to reduce tedium, and many gameplay-related changes.[1] Since 3.6.1 it also bundles a graphical tiles UI for Windows. The 5.1.0 version's default Windows tiles are not that good but it is bundled with DawnHack tiles.

For discussion, join the IRC channel #unnethack on irc.libera.chat or post to rec.games.roguelike.nethack.

For those curious what is added in UnNetHack, here is the Change Log that list major changes. If you want to see a complete list of changes, you can take a look at the commit browser.

The latest development source code is available from the Git repository, and there are several public servers where it can be played online.

Changes from NetHack 3.4.3

Patches and general code

UnNetHack incorporates the following patches:

Version 5.0.0 adds the Convict role, with its associated equipment and monsters.

Several features are incorporated from SLASH'EM:

UnNetHack also fixes many vanilla bugs, such as the Astral call bug. Some of the changes made between 3.4.3 and 3.6.0 were taken from, or inspired by UnNetHack changes, and other variants incorporate content that originally appeared in UnNetHack.

UnNetHack features its own autoexplore implementation, adapted from AceHack.

Branch changes

Existing branches

Version 4.0.0 shortens Sokoban to three levels, adds new puzzle designs, and from UnNetHack 4.1.1 onwards, cheating in Sokoban does not incur a Luck penalty.

Main article: Sokoban (UnNetHack)

As of version 5.0.0, Fort Ludios is more likely to be accessible: the portal will now be in the first vault generated below level 10. It still has a chance of being inaccessible if no vaults are generated below level 10.

The adventurer will be accepted by the quest leader to perform the quest from experience level 10 (rather than having to achieve experience level 14.)

New branches

  • The Town (4.0.0): The Town is accessible from an upstairs located on the level below the entrance to Sokoban, and features numerous shops, a town watch, and muggers who will attempt to steal your inventory.
  • The Ruins of Moria (5.0.0): The Ruins of Moria are located in the main dungeon somewhere above the black market.
  • The Black market (4.0.0)
  • Sheol (5.0.0): Sheol is an ice-themed branch of Gehennom, with special monsters, traps, and even terrain types.
  • The Dragon Caves (4.0.0): The Dragon Caves are located deep within Gehennom, and consist of multiple dragon and purple worm-infested caverns, with several chromatic dragons waiting in a lair at the bottom.

For detailed changes in UnNetHack's dungeon branches, see the UnNethack dungeon map.

Level changes

Certain special levels have been modified or given alternate versions, including the Castle, Fort Ludios, the Valley of the Dead, Moloch's Sanctum, and the lairs of the various demon lords. Listed here are examples of some of the different level variations:

Lots of new maps for Big Room are also added.

Random level generation has also been modified. In addition to new special rooms, wallified corridors, and various other changes, the dungeon now contains random vaults that add significant variety to what the dungeon can look like.

The vibrating square is somewhat easier to find. When the player is two squares away from it, he will receive the message "you feel a faint trembling under your feet". One square away the player will receive the message "you feel a weak trembling under your feet". Once on top the vibrating square the message is the typical "you feel a strange vibration under your feet".

Moloch's Sanctum has been changed significantly. It now features a modified map with two sections separated by an expanse of lava and a double drawbridge. Inside the inner Sanctum, the initially peaceful priest of Moloch is accompanied with Cthulhu, who now carries the Amulet of Yendor, and who reappears a few turns after being killed. The Amulet teleports whenever it is dropped, so after killing Cthulhu for the first time the player must locate the amulet within the level. This may require continuing to fend off Cthulhu—unless the player finds a way to get rid of him permanently.

A user has suggested improving this page or section as follows:

"The most recent version of UnNetHack's Amulet of Yendor has several effects different from this page's description; The amulet is not guaranteed to teleport when dropped, monsters regularly generate near/on the upstairs while you're carrying it, and it always blocks normal teleporting instead of only blocking it 33% of the time. What version(s) of UnNetHack made these changes?"


Many new monsters[2] are from other variants.

Name Symbol Origin Notes First Version
Locust[3] a SporkHack Sickness bite 5.0.0
Snow ant aSnow ant.png SLASH'EM Freezing bite attack 4.0.0
Evil eye e Drains luck 5.0.0
Cthulhu hCthulhu.png SLASH'EM/Lethe patch Casts spells, sucks brains, and confuses 4.0.0
Uranium imp i Homestuck Teleports along with player when attacked 5.0.0
Aphrodite nAphrodite.png SLASH'EM Steals, as a nymph 4.0.0
Deep orc[4][5] o The Lord of the Rings Generated only in Moria 5.0.0
Enormous rat r Higher level than giant rat 5.0.0
Rodent of unusual size r The Princess Bride Higher level than enormous rat 5.0.0
Anti-matter vortex vAnti-matter vortex.png NetHack brass Engulf and disintegrate 4.0.0, removed 5.0.0
Chillbug[6][7] x Adeon Generated only in Sheol 5.0.0
Dark Angel[8] A Generated in Sheol 5.0.0
Weeping angel[9] A Doctor Who Drains life and magic, level teleports 5.0.0
Weeping archangel A Drains life and magic, level teleports 5.0.0
Chromatic dragon[10] D Tiamat 4.0.0
Glowing dragon D Nephi Armor is a light source 4.0.0
Baby glowing dragon D Nephi 4.0.0
Vorpal jabberwock JVorpal jabberwock.png L Beheads 4.0.0
White naga[11] N Generated only in Sheol 5.0.0
White naga hatchling N Generated only in Sheol 5.0.0
Blue slime[12] P Adeon Generated in Sheol 5.0.0
Disintegrator RDisintegrator.png Biodiversity patch Disintegrates 4.0.0
Devil's Snare X Harry Potter Stationary, uses holding attack 5.0.0
Ice golem[13] ' Adeon Generated only in Sheol 5.0.0
Crystal ice golem[14][15] ' SLASH'EM Generated only in Sheol 5.0.0
Wax golem[16] 'Wax golem.png SLASH'EM Burning touch, drops candles 4.0.0
Giant turtle : SporkHack Blocks line-of-sight like a boulder 4.0.0
Punisher[17] ` Adeon Generated only in Sheol 5.0.0
Watcher in the Water[18] ; The Lord of the Rings Unique, found in Moria 5.0.0
Durin's Bane[19] & The Lord of the Rings Unique, found in Moria 5.0.0
Lava demon & Convict patch 5.0.0
Black marketeer @Black marketeer.png SLASH'EM One-eyed Sam 4.0.0
Executioner[20] @ Unique, found in Sheol 5.0.0
Mugger @Mugger.png SLASH'EM Steals 4.0.0
Robert the Lifer @ Convict patch Unique, quest leader for the Convict role 5.0.0
Warden Arianna @ Convict patch Unique, quest nemesis for the Convict role 5.0.0
Inmate @ Convict patch Quest guardian for the Convict role 5.0.0
Prison guard @ Convict patch 5.0.0
Miner @ Convict patch 5.0.0
Convict @ Convict patch Player monster 5.0.0

Dragons have been substantially modified in UnNetHack (more info on Dragon#UnNetHack).

The antimatter vortex was added in version 4.0.0 but removed in 5.0.0.



New objects


UnNetHack has the following "new" (vs vanilla) artifacts:

Changes to The Banes:

Changes to other artifacts:

Other object changes

Wands will now turn to dust after the first time they are wrested, however, the odds of wresting have been greatly increased, and is dependent on BUC.

The scroll of genocide wipes out a single species throughout the dungeon when blessed, and a single species on the dungeon level when uncursed. Cursed genocide is unchanged

When a cursed object is fired or thrown, there is a chance that it will hit the ceiling instead of its target.

Wearing correct racial armor grants an extra 1 AC per piece worn.


Main article: Wish#UnNetHack

Wishing is less accessible—wands of wishing are generated already recharged once, and are the only source of wishes for magical items. Non-magical wishes are still available from magic lamps.

Thrones no longer grant wishes in any form.

See also

List of UnNetHack tiles

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A user has suggested improving this page or section as follows:

"This is out of date. UnNethack's latest release is 5.2.0, which makes some important changes, for example to Chromatic dragons and their mail. Also, source references will have to point to the git repo now, since the subversion has been archived."