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Printable ASCII characters
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In NetHack, the letter I serves the following purposes:

  • Press i to bring up your inventory.
  • Press shift + i to bring up a specific part of your inventory, based on object type or beatitude.

Historical uses

In Hack 1.21, a variant of Jay Fenlason's Hack, ice balls used the i glyph - the I glyph was not yet assigned to a monster. In the variant Hack for PDP-11, the i glyph is given to the imp, while the I glyph is given to the invisible stalker - both monsters retain their glyph for their appearance in Hack 1.0, with the invisible stalker being given its current name to avoid redundancy when reporting actions related to invisible monsters.

The imp retains the i glyph to the current day, while the invisible stalker used the I glyph as late as NetHack 3.2.3; in NetHack 3.3.0, the glyph is given its current use, and the stalker is moved to the elemental monster class, E.



SLASH'EM introduces some new monsters that use the i glyph:


UnNetHack introduces one new monster that uses the i glyph:


dNetHack introduces some new monsters that use the i glyph: