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名称 铁头木棒
外观 棒子
伤害(小型) 1d6
伤害(大型) 1d6
命中修正 +0
武器技能类别 铁头木棒
规格 双手
基础价 5 zm
重量 40
材料 木头











最大等级 角色





根据commit 780d30ec,持握诅咒的铁头木棒不再阻止施法。根据commit 780d30ec,持握铁头木棒还能小幅提升施法成功率。


铁头木棒最初于NetHack 3.0.0加入。

巫师的初始武器在NetHack 3.3.0中替换为铁头木棒,这发生于将巫师补丁合入3.2.X版本游戏的主分支的过程中——在NetHack 3.2.3及更早版本,巫师的起始武器是+1仪式刀。这是为了在施法系统更新后平衡巫师过强的实力,因为更新后法术几乎能够无限制地施放。这也弱化了巫师在游戏早期刻写半永久Elbereth的能力(这仍然可以做到,但需要开局时获得特定的魔杖,并且会受魔杖充能数的限制)。




In SLASH'EM, Flame Mages, Ice Mages and Necromancers also start with a blessed +1 quarterstaff.

The double lightsaber is a new weapon that uses the quarterstaff skill. SLASH'EM's version of the Lethe patch, SLethe, also adds a silver-capped staff that deals additional damage against silver-hating monsters.


In SporkHack, there are spell staves for every school of magic except enchantment spells. These staves are all made of wood, and boost the cast rates of spells for their respective spell schools - this is done to make certain types of magic more viable for various casting playstyles that would have difficulty using them otherwise. The bonus given is a flat +50% spell success chance, applied after all other checks besides the check for body armor.


In UnNetHack, cutting down a tree will leave behind 1-3 quarterstaves and/or clubs.

A very burnt quarterstaff can be found along with the corpse of a wizard and a burnt robe on the second level of the Ruins of Moria; this is a clear homage to the wizard Gandalf from J.R.R. Tolkien's works set in Middle-Earth.


dNetHack adds additional weapons that use the quarterstaff skill:

  • The khakkhara does less base damage against large monsters, but is made of silver; khakkharas additionally deal more damage to holy- and unholy-haters (depending on beatitude): the bonus damage is rolled 1d3 times.
  • The iron bar does more base damage to small monsters, but is not randomly generated and only appears upon destroying a set of iron bars.
  • The double lightsaber is somewhat similar to its appearance in SLASH'EM, and is also known as a double force-blade.

The spirit Naberius grants skill in quarterstaff while bound.

The adventuring wizard of the enemy party that collectively acts as the default Noble quest nemesis will always generates with a quarterstaff.

NetHack Fourk

In NetHack Fourk, a wielded quarterstaff increases the success rate of spellcasting, similar to a robe.


In FIQHack, a wielded quarterstaff improves spellcasting, and a cursed quarterstaff that is welded to a character's hands does not block spellcasting.


In xNetHack, the quarterstaff provides the same benefits as in FIQHack, improving spellcasting success rates and not blocking casting if wielded while cursed. This effect does not stack with other items that provide the same benefit (i.e., the robe and the wand of nothing).


In pre-Rewrite SpliceHack, The Power Pole is an artifact quarterstaff that acts as the Dancer quest artifact.


In addition to dNetHack details, notdNetHack adds the Poplar Punisher, an artifact quarterstaff that has +1d4 to-hit and +2d6 damage.


EvilHack incorporates the spell staves from SporkHack, with some changes made to a few of the staves:

  • Staves of holiness are made of bone.
  • Staves of matter are made of adamantine, making them lighter compared to the other staves.
  • The staff of battle is renamed to the staff of war, and is now made of iron - this makes it heavier than its counterparts, but also grants it an extra +d2 to-hit.

In addition, the base item of Magicbane is changed to a quarterstaff.

EvilHack also introduces The Staff of the Archmagi, an artifact ashwood staff that uses the skill and is created by combining Magicbane and Secespita at a forge. The ashwood staff as a base item deals more damage than a standard quarterstaff.


In SlashTHEM, in addition to SLASH'EM details, the Acid Mage and Electric Mage also start with a blessed +1 quarterstaff. SlashTHEM introduces artifact weapon quarterstaves as well:

SlashTHEM also incorporates the Noble role, with the adventuring wizard and his party serving the same roles.


Hack'EM incorporates spell staves as implemented in EvilHack, with some additional changes made:

  • Staves of matter are made of mithril, as in earlier versions of EvilHack.
  • The staff of holiness is replaced with the staff of necromancy, due to using SLASH'EM spell school categories. Staves of necromancy are made of bone.

Some artifact weapons additionally use the quarterstaff skill, and have their base item changed from other variants:


So they stood, each in his place, neither moving a finger's
breadth back, for one good hour, and many blows were given
and received by each in that time, till here and there were
sore bones and bumps, yet neither thought of crying "Enough,"
or seemed likely to fall from off the bridge. Now and then
they stopped to rest, and each thought that he never had seen
in all his life before such a hand at quarterstaff. At last
Robin gave the stranger a blow upon the ribs that made his
jacket smoke like a damp straw thatch in the sun. So shrewd
was the stroke that the stranger came within a hair's breadth
of falling off the bridge; but he regained himself right
quickly, and, by a dexterous blow, gave Robin a crack on the
crown that caused the blood to flow. Then Robin grew mad
with anger, and smote with all his might at the other; but
the stranger warded the blow, and once again thwacked Robin,
and this time so fairly that he fell heels over head into the
water, as the queen pin falls in a game of bowls.

[ The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, by Howard Pyle ]