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Printable ASCII characters
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In NetHack, the letter B serves the following purposes:

  • It is also used as a direction key if numpad movement is off:
    • Press b to move south-west.
    • Press shift + b to move far south-west.

Historical uses

In hack121, a port of Jay Fenlason's Hack, bats and vampire bats used the b glyph, while giant bears used the B glyph. In PDP-11 Hack and Hack 1.0, the B glyph is given to bats, and the b glyph is given to the giant beetle. Both monsters retain their glyph for their appearance in Hack 1.0.

The bat still uses B as its current glyph, while the giant beetle retains its b glyph up to NetHack 2.3e. In NetHack 3.0.0, giant beetles are moved to a with other insects, and the blob monster class is created and given the b glyph; the acid blob, quivering blob and gelatinous cube are moved to the blob monster class.



SLASH'EM introduces several new monsters that use the b and B glyphs:


dNetHack introduces several new monsters that use the b and B glyphs: