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For the notable community member, see L (person).
Printable ASCII characters
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In NetHack, the letter L serves the following purposes:

  • It is also used as a direction key if numpad movement is off:
    • Press l to move east.
    • Press shift + L to move far east.
  • If numpad movement is on:
    • Press l to loot a container.
    • Press ctrl + l to redraw the screen.

Historical uses

In Hack 1.21, a port of Jay Fenlason's Hack, lizards use the l glyph, while rock lobsters use the L glyph. In Hack for PDP-11, the l glyph is given to the leocrotta, while the L glyph is given to the leprechaun - both monsters retain their glyphs for their appearance in Hack 1.0, and continue to use those glyphs up to NetHack 2.3e.

In NetHack 3.0.0, the quadruped monster class is introduced and uses the q glyph; the leocrotta is made part of the quarduped monster class, while the lich monster class is introduced and given the l glyph in its place. In NetHack 3.0.6, the glyphs of the leprechaun and lich monster classes were exchanged, resulting in their current glyphs.



SLASH'EM introduces a couple of new monsters that each use the l and L glyphs:


dNetHack introduces some new monsters that use the L glyph:


SpliceHack-Rewrite adds two new monsters that use the L glyph:


EvilHack adds one new monster that uses the L glyph:


SlashTHEM retains the monsters added in SLASH'EM and adds other new monsters that use the l and L glyphs:


Hack'EM adds several monsters that use the l and L glyphs from other variants: