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NetHack 4.0.0 is the 27th public release of NetHack and the 1st by the private development firm, PrankAlott. It was briefly announced and released on the unofficial NetHack website on 1 April, 2008.


NetHack 4.0.0 was momentarily available from a number of unofficial NetHack websites before being withdrawn.

Significant changes

NetHack 4.0.0 was a major release. All the pent up desire of the previous 6 years without a major release was... released.

Notable changes in NetHack 4.0.0 include:

  • Daggers were toned down to make them only as useful as kitchen cutlery
  • Extedned command #tip implemented, with additional functionality to allow helmets, caps and cornuthaums to be tipped as greeting to pacify shopkeepers
  • New levels for the Dungeons of Doom, Gnomish Mines, and the Plane of Ultra Hard-Core in the Endgame.
  • Sokoban randomly electrifies the floor causing 6d6 shock damage (3d6 if shock resistant)
  • New T-shirt messages are included, including "I noticed the date and restrained myself from throttling Kalon".
  • Two thousand and fourty eight bug fixes, in an attempt to justify six years of "development"

The adventurer

The player may choose from these roles and races:

Role Races Alignments
Archeologist human, dwarf, gnome Lawful, Neutral
Barbarian human, orc Neutral, Chaotic
Bureaucrat human Chaotic
Cave(wo)man human, dwarf, gnome Lawful, Neutral
Healer human, gnome Neutral
Knight human Lawful
Monk human Any
Priest(ess) human, elf Any
Ranger human, elf, gnome, orc Neutral, Chaotic
Rogue human, orc Chaotic
Samurai human Lawful
Tourist human Neutral
Valkyrie human, dwarf Lawful, Neutral
Wizard human, elf, gnome, orc Neutral, Chaotic

All classes permit male and female adventurers, except the Valkyrie which must be female and the Bureaucrat which must be male.

The adventurer has experience, hit points, magical energy, armor class, alignment, and the six major attributes. For the first time in years, there is an increase in maximum level - a male may advance to experience level 50, whereas female characters, reflecting greater real world knowledge, may advance to experience level 70.

The initial pet is a little dog for Cavemen, Rangers, and Samurai, a kitten for Wizards, a saddled pony for Knights, and a random choice of a kitten or little dog for all others (or the user's choice in his options). Bureaucrats must start with a slimy newt.

Dungeon features

The main trunk of the dungeon is redesigned and surprisingly begins at level 2, and proceeds down stairs to Medusa's Lair and the Castle. From there, it is necessary to enter a trap door to the Valley of the Dead. Further stairs down eventually lead to the invocation level. Performing the invocation ritual at the vibrating square opens the stairs to the Sanctum.

With the Amulet of Yendor in hand, the adventurer may ascend from level 1 into the Plane of Earth; thence s/he may proceed through magic portals to the planes of Air, Fire, and Water, and then the new Plane of Ultra Hard-Core and thence to the Astral Plane. Offering the Amulet of Yendor on the correct high altar wins the game.

Along the way, one will encounter these branches and special levels:

To win the game, it is necessary to complete these tasks:

  • Escape from the dungeon.

Special rooms are:

Special dungeon features are:

Traps are:

A wand of wishing is guaranteed in the Castle, in its modern position, protected by Elbereth and a chest.


New monsters are indicated in boldface.

The (trimmed) following monsters may be encountered:

Name Symbol Notes
giant ant a Giant ant.png
killer bee a Killer bee.png
soldier ant a Soldier ant.png
fire ant a Fire ant.png
giant beetle a Giant beetle.png
queen bee a Queen bee.png
white ant a
acid blob b Acid blob.png
quivering blob b Quivering blob.png
gelatinous cube b Gelatinous cube.png
chickatrice c Chickatrice.png
cockatrice c Cockatrice.png
pyrolisk c Pyrolisk.png
jackal d Jackal.png
fox d Fox.png
coyote d Coyote.png
werejackal @ Werejackal.png/d Werejackal were.png
little dog d Little dog.png
dog d Dog.png
large dog d Large dog.png
wolf d Wolf.png
dingo d Dingo.png
werewolf @ Werewolf.png/d Werewolf were.png
warg d Warg.png
winter wolf cub d Winter wolf cub.png
winter wolf d Winter wolf.png
hell hound pup d Hell hound pup.png
hell hound d Hell hound.png
Lassie d
gas spore e Gas spore.png
floating eye e Floating eye.png
freezing sphere e Freezing sphere.png
flaming sphere e Flaming sphere.png
shocking sphere e Shocking sphere.png


New objects are indicated in boldface.


Artifacts in NetHack 4.0.0 are:

Name Object Alignment Role Notes
Excalibur long sword Lawful Knight
Stormbringer runesword Chaotic  
Mjollnir war hammer Neutral Valkyrie
Cleaver battle-axe Neutral Barbarian
Grimtooth orcish dagger Chaotic  
Orcrist elven broadsword Chaotic   User-nameable
Sting elven dagger Chaotic   User-nameable
Magicbane athame Neutral Wizard
Frost Brand long sword Unaligned  
Fire Brand long sword Unaligned  
Dragonbane broadsword Neutral  
Demonbane long sword Lawful  
Werebane silver saber Unaligned  
Grayswandir silver saber Lawful  
Giantslayer long sword Neutral  
Ogresmasher war hammer Unaligned  
Trollsbane morning star Chaotic  
Vorpal Blade long sword Neutral  
Snickersnee katana Lawful Samurai
Sunsword long sword Lawful  

The following are Quest artifacts:

Name Object Alignment Role Notes
The Orb of Detection crystal ball Lawful Archeologist
The Heart of Ahriman luckstone Neutral Barbarian
The Sceptre of Might mace Lawful Caveman
The Staff of Aesculapius quarterstaff Neutral Healer
The Magic Mirror of Merlin mirror Lawful Knight
The Eyes of the Overworld pair of lenses Neutral Monk
The Mitre of Holiness helm of brilliance Lawful Priest
The Longbow of Diana bow Chaotic Ranger
The Master Key of Thievery skeleton key Chaotic Rogue
The Tsurugi of Muramasa tsurugi Lawful Samurai
The Platinum Yendorian Express Card credit card Neutral Tourist If TOURIST defined at compile time
The Orb of Fate crystal ball Neutral Valkyrie
The Eye of the Aethiopica amulet of ESP Neutral Wizard
The Gavel of Injustice hammer Chaotic Bureaucrat


All amulets in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.


Food items in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.


Weapons in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.


Tools in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.


Armor items in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.


Potions in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.


All scrolls in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3 and appear as ? Scroll.png.


Wands in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.


Spellbooks in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.


Rings in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3 and have randomized appearances.


Stones in NetHack 4.0.0 are the same as in 3.4.3.

Other items

Other items not appearing in the above categories are:

Name Symbol Notes
gold piece $ Gold piece.png
boulder ` Boulder.png
statue ` Statue.png
heavy iron ball 0 Heavy iron ball.png
iron chain _ Iron chain.png

Blinding venom (. Blinding venom.png) and acid venom (. Acid venom.png) are also listed as objects, but they only exist while in flight, or when a wizard mode wish requests them.