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dNetHack adds multiple types of special rooms.



The marked Z is a Dread Seraph. For most of the game, Dread Seraphs will lie dormant in their sepulchers, though their presence on a level causes corpses to rise from the dead as zombies or skeletons. When the character visits a level containing a sepulcher and has the Amulet or has killed The Wizard, the Seraph will wake up.

Sepulchers are undiggable and un-phaseable. They are also only generated below level 13.

Magic item vault

dNetHack adds a separate type of vault, similar to gold-containing vanilla vaults. They contain monsters to guard the treasure inside 4 chests. Each chest contains 2d4 magic items (25% of which will be a random piece of magic armor, the other 75% of which will be any magical item). It's possible, albeit with the same chance as any other item, for the chests to contain artifacts. Any artifact that cannot be put into a container will not be generated, however. Additionally, extra chests with normal chest items may be generated in each square.

Vaults will contain a random monster chosen from the below list (each has equal probability):


Gardens are rooms with nymphs, plants, trees or fountains, and possibly a weeping angel. Up to 4 nymphs are generated, 3-5 plants of any kind, 3 trees or fountains, and a 50% chance of a weeping angel.


Libraries, also known as waterlogged libraries, are generally small rooms with living lecterns, pools or fountains, and walls containing spellbook. Up to 3 fountains or pools are placed, and up to 4 living lecterns. Every wall square contains either a spellbook of blank paper (16 chance) or a random other spellbook.

Dilapidated armory

Dilapidated armories contain 1-2 sleeping rust monsters and 1-3 brown puddings, and random armor and weapons with various levels of erosion.


dNetHack swamps contain all the things vanilla swamps do, but they can also contain swamp ferns. Be wary! Left unchecked, a swamp fern can quickly take over a whole level.


Main article: Underground rivers

Rivers aren't special "rooms" per se, but they are generated the same way. Rivers can be generated anywhere. With a 14 chance, the river will run horizontally, otherwise vertically. Rivers are guaranteed never to block your path to any room (a trail of floor will be left where the river would be blocking). They can spawn sea monsters and kelp fronds just like other water.


Islands are similar to gardens, but contain a moat of water along the inside wall. If below level 12, lava may be present instead. They also contain a square marked "X" with a chest of treasure (gold) buried underneath it. One lone tree is always next to the X.

Various properties of islands are as follows:

  • Stairs will never be generated inside the island, to prevent characters from leaving the level or room.
  • A one-door room ensures this room isn't a necessary juncture between staircases.
  • Deeper in the dungeon (past the mines, certainly) it becomes less likely that the player will be held back by a single room, so beyond level five the restrictions are relaxed a bit. (the room can have two doors)
  • In case the player teleports into the room or falls into it from above, a trap door is always generated inside it so the player can escape.
  • If we're on or before level four, island rooms can only be made in the same kinds of places as shops. (they are thus much rarer)
  • Starting with level six, if the room is big enough there may be some more water.
  • Below level nine, a sea monster may be generated in the moat.

Throne room (throne occupied)

Unlike in vanilla, dNetHack throne room monsters are often (75%) themed after a specific ruler. Ruler types and corresponding monsters are, roughly sorted by level of monster difficulty:

Rulers are chosen according to their monster difficulty - the chosen ruler will not have a difficulty greater than the average of your level and the dungeon level difficulty + 5, and will not be lower than 23 of the dungeon level difficulty. If no prospective ruler fits these criteria, dNetHack will fall back on the standard set of throne room monsters.

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