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Screenshot of UnNetHack

UnNetHack is a variant of NetHack 3.4.3, maintained by Patric Mueller and others.

The main intent of this fork is to put more randomness, challenges and fun into NetHack. It features more levels, several UI improvements designed to reduce tedium, and many gameplay-related changes.[1] Since 3.6.1, it also bundles a graphical tiles UI for Windows. The 5.1.0 version's default Windows tiles are not that good, but it is bundled with DawnHack tiles.

For discussion, join the IRC channel #unnethack on irc.libera.chat or post to rec.games.roguelike.nethack.

The latest development source code is available from the Git repository, and there are several public servers where it can be played online - the current stable version is UnNetHack 6.0.8. A change log that list major changes. If you want to see a complete list of changes, you can take a look at the commit browser.

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Changes from NetHack 3.4.3

For the following changes, numbers in brackets before a change indicate the version the change was implemented, and game versions in brackets at the end of a change indicate if the change was inspired by or came from another fork of NetHack. Changes in each category are also listed in order of general relevance to gameplay instead of version number implemented.

In addition to all the listed patches and changes below, UnNetHack also fixes many vanilla bugs, such as the Astral call bug. Some of the changes made between 3.4.3 and 3.6.0 were taken from, or inspired by UnNetHack changes, and other variants incorporate content that originally appeared in UnNetHack.

Patches and general code

UnNetHack incorporates the following patches:

  • (3.5.2) Color alchemy: The products of dipping potions into each other is determined by the colors of potions used instead of the types of potions used
    • (6.0.0) All colors of potions involved in color alchemy are guaranteed to appear in any given game
  • (6.0.0) Gem alchemy: Dipping certain gems in potions of acid changes them to other potions based on the gem used and what color potions are in the game (from dNetHack)
  • (3.6.0) Grudge: Certain monster types will attack each other, regardless of if conflict is being generated (Nephi)
  • (3.5.3) dump patch: Adds dumplogs
  • (3.5.1) Dungeon Growths: Trees rarely drop fruits or spawn more trees nearby over time
    • (6.0.0) Levels that have trees on them have an independent chance to generate with an axe to chop down the growing trees
  • (3.5.1) Menucolors
  • (3.5.1) Statuscolors
  • (3.5.1) Heck² patch: Adds uncommon special levels to the dungeon


  • (6.0.0) Some dungeon branches and special rooms have their own colored walls: the Gnomish Mines are brown, Sokoban is Teal, Gehennom is Red, etc. (EvilHack)

New Branches

  • (???) The Town: A collection of shops accompanied by a town watch and several muggers who will attempt to steal your items
    • (5.1.0) The Town only has one filler level, which is an open level with rivers separating the downstairs and upstairs
  • (5.1.0) The Ruins of Moria: A special set of 6 upward-extending levels, each with their own unique loot and challenges, modeled after the Mines of Moria from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • (3.5.1) The Black market: A unique, level-spanning shop with high price markups
    • (5.1.0) Added a second variant of the black market that has numerous different shops and One-eyed Sam is a peaceful monster instead of a shopkeeper
  • (5.1.0) Sheol: An ice-themed branch in Gehennom with unique ice-themed levels and monsters, as well as a magic marker and two crystal picks at the end of the branch
  • (4.0.0) The Dragon Caves: Dragon-filled caverns in Gehennom that contain the chromatic dragons, whose scales can give the resistances of all dragon scale types
    • The Caveman Quest nemesis is renamed to Tiamat to distinguish her from these dragons, and she always drops chromatic dragon scales on death

Changed Branches

  • Dungeons of Doom
    • (6.0.0) Filler levels between Medusa's Island and the Castle are cavern levels with moats surrounding the level and muddy swamps scattered throughout (DynaHack)
  • Sokoban
    • (3.5.1) The player can choose from 3 different prizes at the end of Sokoban: A bag of holding, a cloak of magic resistance/displacement, or an amulet of reflection/life saving/ESP. Picking up one destroys the others (NetHack Brass)
      • (5.1.0) Sokoban’s amulet of ESP replaced with the Amulet of flying
      • (5.1.0) Sokoban prizes can never be cursed or have negative enchantments
      • (3.6.0) Sokoban prizes are always exempt from autopickup
    • (4.0.0) Added many new Sokoban levels (GruntHack)
    • (3.5.3) Sokoban consists of 3 levels instead of 4
    • (6.0.0) Cheating in Sokoban gives feedback on the luck penalty the first time the rules are broken (by having the player see a three-leaf clover at their feet)
    • (6.0.0) Clearing Sokoban without cheating gives +1 luck
    • (6.0.0) Sokoban’s restrictions are removed once all levels are solved
    • (5.1.0) Sokoban has a 50% chance to generate only one scroll of earth instead of two
    • (6.0.0) Sokoban’s difficulty level is fixed to Sokoban’s entry level, and does not change on higher levels
    • (5.1.0) Solving Sokoban without cheating is a conduct that is tracked in-game
  • Fort Ludios
    • (5.0.0) The portal to Fort Ludios always generates in the first vault generated below level 10
      • (6.0.0) If the portal to Fort Ludios doesn’t get a vault to generate in, it will generate at Medusa's Island instead
    • (3.5.1) Added two variants to Fort Ludios
  • The Quest
    • (3.5.3) Lowered the experience level needed to enter the quest from 14 to 10
    • (4.0.0) Killing your quest leader gives you access to the lower quest levels (SporkHack)
    • (3.6.1) Quest leaders can destroy boulders while angry
  • The Castle
  • Gehennom
    • (???) Added an extra variant for the Valley of the Dead and Baalzebub, Asmodeus, and Orcus’ Lairs
    • (???) Many Gehennom filler levels are cavern levels with lava surrounding and regularly spreading into the level
    • (???) Portals to Sheol, Vlad’s Tower, and the Dragon Caves are guaranteed to be generated in the Valley of the Dead
    • (3.6.0) A light shop is guaranteed to generate in Orcus Town
  • Vlad’s Tower
    • (5.1.0) The top level of Vlad’s Tower and some graves across the game contain coffins instead of large boxes, which also create vampire (lord)s when opened
  • Wizard’s Tower
    • (???) The Wizard’s Tower is its own dungeon branch instead of being a structure that stretches across three levels of Gehennom: The stairs up to the tower will always be on the same level as the Vibrating Square
  • Endgame
    • (5.1.0) The elemental planes generate with extra traps and a scroll related to their element somewhere on the level (Fire, Flood, Earth, Stinking Cloud)
    • (3.5.1) The Elemental Planes are generated in a random order

For detailed changes in UnNetHack's dungeon branches, see the UnNethack dungeon map.

Level changes

Dungeon Feature changes

  • (4.0.0) Added muddy swamps, which wet items like moats and pools, but players and monsters can walk through them without flying, levitation, or water walking
  • (3.5.2) The vibrating square creates additional messages when the player is near it: they will feel faint trembling if 2 tiles away and weak trembling if 1 tile away
  • (6.0.0) The vibrating square appears as a trap and is permanently revealed when found (Nethack 3.6)
  • (3.6.0) Stairs that lead to different dungeon branches are colored yellow
  • (6.0.0) Removed random secret doors
  • (5.1.0) Magical traps (except for magic portals and anti-magic fields) can be disarmed with a wand of cancellation
  • (5.1.0) Random potion effects from quaffing from a sink have a 1/13 chance of being a potion of vampire blood. Additionally, potion effects from quaffing from a sink can be of any BUC status, depending on luck


Many new monsters[2] are from other variants.

Name Symbol Origin Notes First Version
Locust[3] a SporkHack Sickness bite 5.1.0
Snow ant aSnow ant.png SLASH'EM Freezing bite attack 3.5.1
Evil eye e Luck-draining gaze 5.1.0
Cthulhu hCthulhu.png SLASH'EM/Lethe patch Carries the Amulet of Yendor, casts spells, sucks brains, confusing gaze 3.5.1
Uranium imp i Homestuck Teleports itself and the target when taking or dealing damage 5.1.0
Aphrodite nAphrodite.png SLASH'EM Steals items, similarly to a nymph 3.5.1
Deep orc[4][5] o The Lord of the Rings Generated only in the Ruins of Moria 5.1.0
Enormous rat r Higher level than giant rat 5.1.0
Rodent of unusual size r The Princess Bride Not randomly generated, higher level than enormous rat 5.1.0
Anti-matter vortex vAnti-matter vortex.png NetHack brass Engulf and disintegrate 3.5.1, removed in 5.1.0
Chillbug[6][7] x Adeon Regenerates health quickly, generated only in Sheol 5.1.0
Dark Angel[8] A Generates in Gehennom and Sheol 5.1.0
Weeping angel[9] A Doctor Who Can’t move while visible, drains life and magic, level teleports 5.1.0
Weeping archangel A Can’t move while visible, drains life and magic, level teleports 5.1.0
Chromatic dragon[10] D Tiamat Has the breaths and resistances of all dragons 4.0.0
Glowing dragon D Nephi Armor is a light source 3.5.1
Baby glowing dragon D Nephi 3.5.1
Vorpal jabberwock JVorpal jabberwock.png L Beheading claws 3.5.1
White naga[11] N Ice breath, generated only in Sheol 5.1.0
White naga hatchling N 5.1.0
Blue slime[12] P Adeon Freezes enemies, generated in Sheol 5.0.0
Disintegrator RDisintegrator.png Biodiversity patch Not randomly generated, passively and actively disintegrates 3.5.1
Devil's Snare X Harry Potter Stationary, uses holding attack 5.0.0
Ice golem[13] ' Adeon Ice breath, generated only in Sheol 5.0.0
Crystal ice golem[14][15] ' SLASH'EM Random breath attack, generated only in Sheol 5.1.0
Wax golem[16] 'Wax golem.png SLASH'EM Burning touch, drops candles 4.0.0
Giant turtle : SporkHack Blocks line-of-sight like a boulder 3.5.3
Punisher[17] ` Adeon Not randomly generated, can’t move, unique spellcasting, generated only in Sheol 5.0.0
Watcher in the Water[18] ; The Lord of the Rings Unique, found in Moria 5.0.0
Durin's Bane[19] & The Lord of the Rings Unique, found in Moria 5.0.0
Lava demon & Convict patch 5.0.0
Black marketeer @Black marketeer.png SLASH'EM One-eyed Sam 4.0.0
Executioner[20] @ Unique, found in Sheol 5.0.0
Mugger @Mugger.png SLASH'EM Steals items 4.0.0
Robert the Lifer @ Convict patch Unique, quest leader for the Convict role 5.0.0
Warden Arianna @ Convict patch Unique, quest nemesis for the Convict role 5.0.0
Inmate @ Convict patch Quest guardian for the Convict role 5.0.0
Prison guard @ Convict patch 5.0.0
Miner @ Convict patch 5.0.0
Convict @ Convict patch Player monster 5.0.0

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Monster Changes


  • (5.1.0) Monster spawn rates increase as the turn count increases (SporkHack)
  • (5.1.0) Poison gas blasts leave a trail of poison clouds (UnHetHackPlus)
  • (5.1.0) Intelligent monsters can pick up and use keys

Specific Monsters

  • (6.0.0) The Wizard of Yendor and all Quest Nemeses can steal ANY artifacts the player is carrying
    • The Wizard of Yendor has a specific exception to never steal quest artifacts whose roles match the player’s current role (for example, the wizard will never steal the Sceptre of Might if you’re a Caveman, but can steal it if you’re any other role)
  • (5.1.0) Amnesia from (master) mind flayers only decreases intelligence; it does not cause the player to forget level layouts or object identities
  • (5.1.0) Normal dragons have randomized appearances, and are only formally identified when the player sees them use their breath attack or when probed (See Dragon#UnNetHack).
    • Dragons with the randomized appearance of Glowing Dragons will emit light, and their scales, whatever type they are, will also emit light while worn
  • (???) The Wizard of Yendor’s harassment also includes an earthquake similar to the drum of earthquake if not on the elemental planes
  • (???) Once the Wizard of Yendor’s harassment begins, monsters will frequently spawn on the upstairs of each level
  • (???) The Riders have 3x as much health and are only ambiguously defined as “Riders” until they enter the player’s line of sight, at which point they are formally named
  • (5.1.0) Nazgul have a limited-range scream that travels through walls and stuns the player (SporkHack)
  • (5.1.0) Aleaxes generate with +0, uncursed, erodeproof versions of all the armor and weapons the player is wielding/wearing; artifacts given to Aleaxes will be converted to their base forms
  • (3.5.1) Puddings have their health halved when they split
  • (6.0.0) Demon lord/prince lairs do not block teleporting; instead, demon lords/princes block teleporting while present on the level (Nethack 3.7)
  • (3.5.1) Bribable demons demand significantly larger bribes, usually in thousands of gold (SporkHack)
  • (6.0.0) Revived Unicorns and Dragons never drop unicorn horns or scales
  • (3.6.0) Gnomes have a chance to generate with a candle, with the probability increasing in the gnomish mines (AceHack). Candles given to Gnomes in dark Mines levels also have high chance of generating lit
  • (5.1.0) Vampires occasionally spawn with an opera cloak (SLASH’EM)
  • (5.2.0) Reviving corpses can fail and destroy the corpse if they were drained by a player vampire; the more they were drained, the higher the chance they fail to revive
  • (6.0.0) Foocubi switch genders after a successful seduction attack
  • (6.0.0) Dragons and Xorns eat hard gems
  • (5.1.0) Eating a disenchanter corpse cures hallucination and only has a chance of removing a random intrinsic; 20% chance if hallucinating, 50% otherwise
  • (5.1.0) Whenever your god sends a hostile minion at you, it will always be an Aleax
  • (5.2.0) Vault guards get angry if you eat gold in front of them
  • (6.0.0) The Wizard Quest Nemesis is renamed from the Dark One to Anaraxis the Black
  • (6.0.0) Monsters killed by zombies have a chance to rise as zombies
  • (5.2.0) Players killed by Nazgul arise as Barrow Wights in bones files


UnNetHack makes several changes to how Elbereth is used and tracked in-game. Note that because UnNetHack is a fork of NetHack 3.4.3, the limitations of Elbereth in NetHack 3.6.0 do not apply; It protects tiles you’re not standing on, there can be other text on the tile, it works in Gehennom and the Endgame, and attacking while standing on it does not erase the engraving or incur an alignment penalty (although attacking does have a chance to smudge the engraving if it’s not permanent)

  • (3.5.1) Quest Nemeses and unique demons do not respect Elbereth
  • (4.0.0) Minotaurs respect Elbereth
  • (3.5.3) Added a command to engrave Elbereth, bound to Ctrl + E
  • (5.1.0) The player gets a status message if they’re standing on an Elbereth square
  • (3.5.3) The number of times the player engraves Elbereth is a tracked conduct

Race changes

  • (3.5.3) Added the vampire player race (SLASH’EM)
  • (5.1.0) Elven/Vampire players do not regenerate health while touching iron/silver with bare skin (respectively) unless the object is their quest artifact
  • (5.1.0) Player vampires get a +1 charisma bonus while wearing an opera cloak

Role changes

  • (5.1.0) Added the Convict role, along with its associated items and monsters
  • (5.1.0) Healers can see how damaged monsters are and get notifications on how hurt monsters are when they take damage
  • (5.1.0) When a Tourist enters a shop, all of its items are automatically identified
  • (5.1.0) Tourists start with additional darts to compensate for the increased training required to enhance skills
  • (5.1.0) Archaeologists get a luck bonus while wearing a fedora (UnNetHackPlus)
  • (5.1.0) Archaeologists can enchant fedoras up to +7
  • (5.1.0) Knights get a weight bonus for body armor heavier than studded leather armor
  • (5.1.0) Confused monks get a -1 AC bonus while confused (as a reference to drunken boxing)

New Objects


Replaced Objects

Changed Objects

  • Amulets
    • (3.5.1) The Amulet of Yendor has a chance to teleport when dropped by the player or monsters, depending on its BUC status (1/2 if cursed, 1/4 if uncursed, 1/16 if blessed)
  • Armor
  • Weapons
    • (5.1.0) All “bane” artifact weapons (ones that target specific monster types) warn of their target monsters while wielded and have a 20% chance to instakill them on hit (Sporkhack)
      • This includes the player if they’re polymorphed into the bane’s target monster and a monster hits them with the bane weapon
    • (3.5.2) Vorpal Blade deals +1d8 bonus damage instead of +1, and its guaranteed decapition of jabberwocks carries over to vorpal jabberwocks
      • (6.0.0) Vorpal Blade also protects from decapitation while wielded (EvilHack)
    • (5.1.0) Grimtooth is now the first sacrifice gift for Rogues; it is also considered permanently poisoned, dealing +1d6 damage to non-poison resistant monsters with a 10% chance to instakill them, and gives poison resistance while wielded
    • (6.0.0) All demon princes are hostile if the player is wielding Demonbane, similar to Excalibur (Nethack 3.6)
    • (5.1.0) Werebane gives polymorph control while wielded
    • (5.1.0) Ogresmasher deals an extra +1d4 damage to all monsters and sets constitution to 25 while wielded
    • (3.5.2) Trollsbane grants hungerless regeneration while wielded
      • (5.1.0) Trollsbane also prevents trolls from leaving corpses while wielded
    • (6.0.0) The Tsurugi of Muramasa grants half physical damage while carried (EvilHack)
    • (5.1.0) The Longbow of Diana gives a +1 multishot and +1 damage bonus to all arrows fired from it
    • (3.6.1) The strength damage bonus is doubled for two-handed weapons
    • (5.1.0) The range of projectiles is increased if fired from the correct launcher, and crossbow range is no longer dependent on strength (SporkHack)
    • (???) Cursed missiles have a chance to be launched toward the ceiling and land on your head
    • (5.1.0) Crossbows require 18 strength to multishot, or 16 for gnomes, and gnomes get an inherent +1 multishot bonus with crossbows (GruntHack)
    • (5.1.0) Heavy iron balls use the flail skill when wielded as a weapon, but only Convicts can train the flail skill using the iron ball
  • Scrolls
    • (5.2.0) Changed how scrolls of scare monster change BUC and are destroyed: Picking up a scroll of scare monster changes its BUC status from blessed to uncursed to cursed, disintegrating if picked up while cursed
    • (3.5.1) Uncursed scrolls of genocide only kill all monsters of the selected type on the current level, and blessed scrolls of genocide only let you globally genocide all monsters of one specific type, similar to a vanilla uncursed scroll. Cursed genocide remains unchanged
    • (3.5.1) Reading a non-cursed scroll of gold detection while confused reveals a random object class on the current floor instead of traps
    • (4.0.0) Both uncursed and blessed scrolls of magic mapping reveal secret doors
    • (4.0.0) Blessed scroll of magic mapping reveal objects, similar to an uncursed potion of object detection
    • (6.0.0) Scrolls of remove curse autoidentify if they change an item’s known BUC status
    • (5.1.0) Reading a non-cursed scroll of light while confused summons tame, canceled yellow/black lights
    • (5.1.0) Reading a non-blessed scroll of punishment while confused summons a punisher (a very bad idea)
  • Potions
  • Wands
    • (5.2.0) Wands are always wrested when the player uses them with 0 charges left; the chance for the wrest to succeed is based on the wand’s BUC status
    • (6.0.0) Wand of secret door detection renamed to wand of detection
    • (5.1.0) Applying wands to break them has a (charges – 3)/(charges – 2) chance to create a trap related to said wand if they have at least 4 charges left (see Wand#UnNetHack)
    • (5.1.0) The wand of cancellation is automatically identified if it destroys a bag of holding
  • Rings
    • (5.1.0) Rings of regeneration only cause hunger if the player is damaged
      • (3.5.3) Rings of regeneration also autoidentify if the player is damaged
    • (4.0.0) Rings are automatically identified when dropped in sinks
  • Tools
    • (4.0.0) When a bag of holding explodes, it destroys 1/13th of its items instead of all of its items, and the rest are scattered in random directions (SporkHack)
      • (6.0.0) The contents of containers inside exploding bags of holding are also scattered
    • (5.2.0) The chest in the Castle that contains the wand of wishing can never be trapped (Nethack 3.6.0)
    • (6.0.0) Players who have both their hands welded to cursed items can open containers if they have a head (by using their mouth to open the container)
    • (5.2.0) Bags of tricks can be used as containers when they have no charges. However, charging a bag of tricks will destroy all its contents, and putting a non-cursed scroll of charging into an uncharged bag of tricks will charge it (and thus destroy its contents, including the scroll)
    • (3.6.0) Dropping a container on an altar also reveals the BUC status of all items inside it if not blind (AceHack)
    • (6.0.0) Lamps and lanterns appear in the charging menu, give feedback when full after charging, and are identified as empty if empty
    • (6.0.0) Normal and magic lamps auto-identify when rubbed
    • (6.0.0) Burning stacks of candles increases their light radius equal to the square root of the number of candles burnt (Nethack 3.7)
    • (5.1.0) The horn of plenty has a small chance to create potions of vampire blood
    • (4.0.0) Applying a stethoscope to an egg identifies the species it belongs to (SporkHack)
  • Gems
    • (5.1.0) Luckstones drastically slow down luck timeout instead of preventing it; the closer luck is to 0, the slower it times out (see Luck#UnNetHack)
    • (3.5.1) The Heart of Ahriman grants displacement and fast energy regeneration while carried instead of stealth


  • (???) Wishes from all sources except the wand of wishing can only give non-magical items
    • The shield of reflection was changed to a non-magical item to compensate
  • (???) Wands of wishing are generated already recharged once
  • (6.0.0) Wishing for artifacts has a 100% success rate, regardless of how many artifacts were generated in that game
  • (3.5.1) Thrones cannot grant wishes
  • (5.1.0) Players can wish for stacks of up to 100 projectiles (UnNetHackPlus)
  • (???) Wishes cannot give anything related to chromatic dragons (scale/scale mail, eggs, figurines, statues, etc.)

For a thorough explanation of how wishes work and can be used in UnNetHack, see Wish#UnNetHack


  • (3.5.2) Skills take significantly longer to train: ~2.5-5x longer for weapon skills and ~1.25x longer for all others (see Skill#UnNetHack for exact numbers)
  • (6.0.0) Skills’ maximum levels are shown in the enhance menu
  • (6.0.0) When you begin using a weapon you’re unskilled in but can enhance with training, you’ll “begin awkwardly bashing” monsters with it
  • (6.0.0) Convicts can reach skilled in broadsword (all other forks make convicts unskilled in broadsword)
  • (5.1.0) Galloping duration is dependent on the player’s riding skill level


Added conducts for the following

  • (6.0.0) Marathon (Start with 999 HP, but you can’t heal)
  • (5.1.0) Permanent hallucination
  • (5.1.0) No death drops
  • (5.1.0) Elberethless (ever engrave or use Elbereth)
  • (4.0.0) Racial (Only wear armor and wield weapons that match your race)
  • (???) Heaven or Hell (the player and all monsters have 1HP, and the player has 3 intrinsic extra lives)

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Config options

  • (5.1.0) Added the invweight config option to show the weight of the player’s inventory and max carrying capacity, and showweight config option to show the weight of individual items in the player’s inventory (SLASH’EM 0.7)
    • (6.0.0) invweight also shows inventory weight in the UI and showweight also shows the weight of items on the ground
  • (3.6.0) Added the MONSTERCOLOR config option, allowing the player to change the color of specific monster glyphs
    • For example, the player can change the color of water nymphs to cyan by putting MONSTERCOLOR=water nymph:cyan in their config file
  • (3.6.0) Added the MSGTYPE config option to change how certain messages are displayed (NetHack 3.6.0)
  • (3.5.3) Added the paranoid_trap config option, which asks for confirmation before the player walks on a known trap


  • (3.5.3) The #adjust command can be used to separate a stack of items into multiple stacks by typing a number before an inventory letter
  • (3.6.0) Added the autoexplore command (bound to v by default), which makes the player automatically explore the dungeon until they find something interesting or are interrupted (AceHack)


  • (3.5.3) Replaced the chance of player insteadeath by poison with “very toxic poison” that does more health and strength damage than normal (SporkHack)
  • (6.0.0) Monsters cannot pick up gold in shops
  • (5.1.0) Added the #tip command to empty a container of its contents without trying to open it
  • (5.1.0) Erodeproof items are identified as such by default (DynaHack)
  • (5.1.0) Wands and spells of digging are not restricted to one square on maze levels
  • (5.1.0) Removed the special spellcasting bonuses for roles
  • (5.1.0) Blessed charging identifies how many charges an item has (AceHack)
  • (3.6.0) Added an “unidentified” menu option for player/container inventories to look for only items of unknown BUC status
  • (3.5.3) Added instrument shops (NetHack Brass), pet stores, and tin shops (SLASH’EM)
  • (3.5.3) Added a tutorial the player can access when starting a new run
  • (5.2.0) Added many more hallucinatory monster names
  • (3.6.0) Added more hallucinatory currencies

See also

List of UnNetHack tiles

External links


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