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New items in Hack'EM

There are many new items in Hack'EM, some are imported from other variants as is and some are brand new.


Item Class Appearance Base Cost Notes Origin
footbow BOW warped bow 60 SpliceHack
light arrow BOW 12
  • d12 vs small, d12 vs lg, +2 to-hit
  • Found only in archery shops
great dagger DAGGER 30
  • d6 vs small, d7 vs lg, +2 to-hit
parazonium DAGGER 12
  • d6 vs small, d4 vs lg, +1 to-hit
chakram BOOMERANG 10
  • A metal based boomerang that weights 25.
  • Base material is iron, but can generate as any shiny material.
  • d10 vs small, d10 vs lg, +1 to-hit
  • Chakrams only deal 1-2 damage if used as a melee weapon.
  • Chakrams can be poisoned and sharpened like shurikens.
throwing axe AXE 10
  • 1d5 vs small and 1d4 vs large monsters.
  • +2 to-hit.
  • Counts as a throwing weapon so can be stacked.
  • Barbarians get a +1 multishot and +3 to-hit bonus for throwing throwing-axes.
gladius SHORT SWORD 10
  • 1d10 vs small and 1d6 vs large monsters.
  • +2 to-hit.
orcish long sword LONG SWORD crude long sword 12
  • 1d8 vs small, 1d10 vs large
elven long sword LONG SWORD runed long sword 40
  • 1d10 vs small, 1d12 vs large
falchion SABER heavy sword 55
  • 1d12 vs small and 1d16 vs large monsters.
  • Barbarians sometimes start with a falcion/scimitar combo instead of battle axe/short sword.
orcish scimitar SABER crude curved sword 15
  • 1d6 vs small, 1d8 vs large
spiked chain WHIP 80 * 1d6+1 vs small and 1d4+2d4 vs large monsters.
  • +1 to-hit.
flaming lash WHIP 4
  • 1d12 vs small and 1d12 vs large monsters.
  • Deals fire damage
rapier SABER 15
  • 1d6 vs small and 1d8 vs large monsters.
  • Rapiers can be generated randomly.
  • Rapiers have had their weight reduced from SLASH'EM.
baseball bat CLUB 20
  • 1d8 vs small and 1d6 vs large monsters.
  • Baseball bats are only generated in junk shops.
  • Can be generated in different materials.
fly swatter WHIP - 3
  • 1d10 vs small and 1d2 vs large monsters.
  • +2 to-hit
  • Previously used PADDLE skill in SLASH'EM.
scythe POLEARMS curved polearm 5
  • 1d8+1d4 vs small and 1d10+1d4 vs large monsters.
  • Death gets a scythe
executioner's mace MACE - 40
  • 1d12 vs small and 1d12 vs large monsters.
  • Powerful but doesn't generate randomly.
  • The worm that walks can generate with one.
stake DAGGER - 20
  • 1d6 vs small and 1d6 vs large monsters.
  • +1 to-hit.
  • Can merge into stacks.
  • Added better bonuses for stakes vs vampires depending on your dagger skill, if you are an undead slayer, and it the stake is the Stake of Van Helsing. These bonuses stack)
  • Gives monsters a 5% insta-kill rate vs player vampires
  • Vampires are not vulnerable to stakes while in different forms (like Vampire Bats).
  • Instead of only being wooden, stakes can be generate in different materials.
atgeir SPEAR bladed spear 15
  • Base item for Gungnir
  • 2d4 vs small and 1d12 vs large monsters.
silver capped staff QUARTERSTAFF - 100
  • 1d6 vs small and 1d6 vs large monsters.
  • Deals silver damage
Staff of Divination QUARTERSTAFF wormwood staff 400
  • Confers a 50% boost to spellcasting any divination-based spells when wielded.
  • This staff and others like it can help non-casters attempt to cast certain spells that normally would have been either extremely difficult or impossible to cast otherwise.
Staff of Healing QUARTERSTAFF twisted staff 400
  • Confers a 50% boost to spellcasting any healing-based spells when wielded.
Staff of Necromancy QUARTERSTAFF bone-carved staff 400
  • Confers a 50% boost to spellcasting any necromancy-based spells when wielded.
  • (Replaces the staff of holiness)
Staff of Matter QUARTERSTAFF etched staff 400
  • Confers a 50% boost to spellcasting any matter-based spells when wielded.
Staff of Escape QUARTERSTAFF darkwood staff 400
  • Confers a 50% boost to spellcasting any escape-based spells when wielded.
Staff of War QUARTERSTAFF ironshod staff 400
  • +2 to-hit
  • Confers a 50% boost to spellcasting any attack-based spells when wielded.
flintlock FIREARM 50
  • Because of its negative rate of fire, it will not normally fire more than one bullet even at expert skill.
  • Bullets fired from a flintlock have a 17 chance of misfiring as if they were cursed.
  • Pirates start with a flintlock and some bullets.
pistol FIREARM 100
  • Rate-of-fire: 0
  • Range: 15
submachine gun FIREARM - 250
  • Has a -1 penalty to hit.
  • Rate-of-fire: 3
  • Range: 10
  • Apply for different firing modes.
heavy machine gun FIREARM - 2000
  • Has a -4 penalty to hit.
  • Rate-of-fire: 8
  • Range: 20
  • Decreased weight of from 500 to 200.
rifle FIREARM - 150
  • Has a +1 bonus to hit.
  • Rate-of-fire: -1
  • Range: 22
sniper rifle FIREARM - 4000
  • Has a +4 bonus to hit.
  • Rate-of-fire: -3
  • Range: 25
assault rifle FIREARM - 1000
  • Has a -2 penalty to hit.
  • Rate-of-fire: 5
  • Range: 20
shotgun FIREARM - 200
  • Has a +3 bonus to hit.
  • Rate-of-fire: -1
  • Range: 5
auto shotgun FIREARM - 1500
  • Has a +1 bonus to hit.
  • Rate-of-fire: 2
  • Range: 4
  • Apply for different firing modes.
bullet FIREARM - 5
  • 1d20 vs small and 1d30 vs large monsters.
shotgun shell FIREARM - 7
  • 1d30 vs small and 1d45 vs large monsters.
  • Now weighs only 7.
* bombs (previously known as grenades) FIREARM - 10
  • All bombs can be ignited by sources of fire (fire rays, explosions, etc). This will start their normal timer.
  • (In SlashEM, grenade explosions would be calculated and happen instantaneously)
  • Bombs now explode on hitting a monster (when thrown) - mirroring the SlashEM behavior for monsters throwing.
  • Bombs weigh only 10, but cost 50.
  • Mercenaries and watch guards can spawn with bombs.
  • Smarter bomb throwing for monsters - they mimic the behavior of throwing exploding potions of oil, so they will wait until at least 2 squares away to target you.
fire bombs FIREARM - 50 SpliceHack
gas bomb FIREARM - 50 SpliceHack
sonic bomb FIREARM - 50 Hack'EM


Item Class Appearance Notes Origin
light armor ARMOR
  • Replaces leather armor as part of the object materials system.
plasteel armor ARMOR
  • 6AC
* shimmering dragon scales ARMOR SLASH'EM
* violet dragon scales ARMOR SpliceHack
robes ARMOR
  • Robes occupy the body armor slot instead of the robe slot (SlashEM)
  • This means that dragon scaled robes are possible.
robe of protection ARMOR
  • Provides MC1
robe of power ARMOR Randomized SLASH'EM
robe of weakness ARMOR Randomized SLASH'EM
large robe ARMOR Randomized
  • Tailored just for giants. Non-giants cannot wear them.
plain cloak CLOAK -
  • Grants MC1
  • Replaces the leather cloak as part of the object materials system.
poisonous cloak CLOAK dirty rag
  • When worn, if the player doesn't have poison resistance, they suffer poison damage with a chance of insta-death.
  • Grants MC3
  • Usually generated cursed.
  • If worn, these also prevent regeneration (regardless of poison resistance)
mana cloak CLOAK funeral shroud(*)
  • Grants energy regeneration
  • Grants AC1 and MC3
cloak of flight CLOAK feathery cloak(*)
  • Grants flight.
green coat CLOAK -
  • Grants MC2
striped shirt SHIRT - Convict patch
ruffled shirt SHIRT -
  • Grants a +1 charisma bonus.
toque HELM -
  • Grants sonic resistance
tinfoil hat HELM fearsome helmet
  • Grants Psychic Resistance against mind flayer mental attacks and psi-bolts, as well as protection from brain eating.
  • Weighs 0, made out of METAL.
  • Tinfoil hats block telepathy and clairvoyance while worn.
helm of speed HELM winged helmet
  • Grants very fast speed.
helm of madness HELM top hat
  • Causes hallucination, grants +3 charisma while worn.
  • Auto-curses on wear. Usually generated cursed.
plasteel helm HELM -
  • 3AC
  • Can disguise convicts from town guards.
  • Vampires (and other biting monsters) can't use their bite attack with a plasteel helm on.
  • Eating and drinking is allowed with plasteel helms as long as they aren't cursed.
  • Plasteel helms now protect from mind flayer attacks, zombie brain eating, and blinding attacks.
gauntlets GLOVES falconry gloves
  • Regular iron-based gloves.
gauntlets of protection GLOVES gardening gloves
  • Provides MC3.
gauntlets of swimming GLOVES black gloves
  • Confers swimming.
rogues gloves GLOVES fine gloves
  • Grants searching
gauntlets of force GLOVES boxing gloves
  • Previously known as the boxing gloves
  • On each hit you have a 1 in 25 chance of stunning the defender
  • Monks wearing gauntlets of force reliably smash boulders.
  • Forcing locks and doors takes just 1 turn.
  • Jedi get a +1 damage bonus while wearing these.
plasteel gloves GLOVES white gloves
  • 2AC
shield of light SHIELD shiny shield
  • gives off light when worn (radius based on its BUC status)
  • base material is gold
shield of mobility SHIELD slippery shield
  • confers free action when worn.
  • base material is steel
tower shield SHIELD -
  • +4 AC
  • heavy (200 aum)
hide shield SHIELD -
  • Base AC2, weighs only 25
resonant shield SHIELD humming shield
  • Grants sonic resistance
stomping boots BOOTS Randomized
  • While wearing these (and not levitating), you will insta-kill any tiny monsters you attack.
  • Great examples of tiny monsters to stomp: soldier ants, killer bees, locusts, etc.
  • Has a 1 in 10 chance of insta-killing small monsters.
  • Giant players wearing stomping boots have a 1 in 40 chance of insta-killing medium sized monsters.
plasteel boots BOOTS Randomized
  • 2AC
orcish boots BOOTS crude shoes
  • much like dwarvish boots, but of lesser quality.
dwarvish boots BOOTS hard shoes
  • iron shoes were renamed to 'dwarvish boots'
barding TOOL -
  • armor for steeds; applied to your steed just as you apply a saddle
  • it's 'one size fits all'
  • The material determines how much extra AC it gives your steed
spiked barding TOOL -
  • Protects you and your steed from engulfing attacks
barding of reflection TOOL polished barding
  • fully reflective just like a shield of reflection.


Food Type Notes Origin
asian pear
  • Added asian pear to possible tree fruits
  • Mushrooms can now propogate if left on the dungeon floor.
sandwich SLASH'EM
  • Made vegetarian, not vegan.
  • Can tame rabbits
  • Make case 4 ("tastes like vitamins") only give 80 nutrition, but also grants gain ability (like fountains, blessed if high luck)
  • Pills always cure larval infection.
  • If the 1 in 7 chance for a wish is hit, there is a further roll of 1 in (25 - luck) required to attain the wish.
holy wafer SLASH'EM
  • Gains bonuses when used as a thrown weapon.
  • Provides a LOT of nutrition (1000))
  • 18 extra damage when thrown.
  • Eating a cursed fruit does 1d6 damage
apple pie SpliceHack
pumpkin pie SpliceHack
slice of cake SpliceHack
sprig of catnip
  • (was "pinch of catnip" in SpliceHack)
  • Can tame any cat monster (f)


Item Appearance Notes Origin
amulet of flying Randomized
  • Provides flying.
amulet of drain resistance Randomized
  • Provides drain resistance
amulet vs stone Randomized
  • The amulet provides permanent and durable petrification resistance.
  • In SLASH'EM it would change BUC status when it saved you and disintegrate when cursed.
amulet of nausea Randomized
  • Causes the wearer to become sick and vomit occasionally.
  • Usually cursed.
amulet of danger Randomized
  • Provides infravision.
  • Greatly increases dungeon difficulty. Usually cursed.
amulet of magic resistance Randomized
  • provides magic resistance when worn.

An amulet's appearance can be circular, concave, convex, cubical, elliptic, hexagonal, lunate, oblong, octagonal, oval, pentagonal, perforated, pyramidal, rectangular, skull-shaped, spherical, spiked, square, triangular, or warped.


Item Appearance Base price Notes Origin
ring of sonic resistance Randomized 150
  • Provides sonic resistance.
  • Immune to breaking from sonic damage.
ring of displacement Randomized 200
  • Provides displacement
mood ring Randomized 100
  • No effect when worn or eaten, gives a clue about alignment when read.
  • Now this also glows bright green if your alignment is pious
  • It glows red only if your alignment is negative.
ring of sleeping Randomized 100
  • Confers the restful sleep intrinsic.
ring of carrying Randomized 100
  • Increases or decreases your carrying capacity by 10% for each level of enchantment.


Item Symbol Base type Base price Notes Origin
Potion of amnesia ! sparkling potion


  • When quaffed or you smell the vapors causes amnesia. Affects anything dipped into it (see its page for details), including magical tools and gray stones.
  • Potions of amnesia always have the "sparkling" appearance.
  • Amnesia can't dilute other potions of amnesia.
  • Create more amnesia potions by dipping water into amnesia.
  • Create more water potions by dippng amnesia into water.
  • Scrolls of amnesia can't get cancelled by potions of amnesia.
  • Quaffing amnesia cures afraid status (you forget what you were afraid of!)
  • Quaffing a blessed potion of amnesia allows you to forget the last spell in your spellbook.
  • Dipping eggs into amnesia sterilizes them.
  • Lightsabers get charges drained when dipped.
  • Masks are cancelled into plain masks, when dipped.
  • Potions of amnesia can remove properties. When dipping there is a 1 in 13 chance of removing all properties.
  • When hit by a thrown potion of amnesia, any piece of worn gear can be subject to amnesia cancellation. In SLASH'EM this only could affect your helmet but it has been expanded to anything you are wearing or wielding.

Potion of blood ! blood-red potion 50 SLASH'EM
Potion of vampire blood ! blood-red potion 300
  • If you're not a vampire, polymorphs you into one and angers your god if you're lawful or a Monk.
  • If you are, increases nutrition.
  • More potions of vampire blood can be alchemized by mixing blood with other vampire blood.
Potion of clairvoyance ! Randomized 100 Maps the area around you if uncursed, grants clairvoyance if blessed, no effect if cursed. SLASH'EM
Potion of ESP ! Randomized 150
  • Blessed potions of ESP do not grant permanent telepathy anymore.
  • Grants 500-1000 turns of telepathy if you don't have it; adds 250-500 turns if you do.
Potion of invulnerability Template:Bright blue Randomized 300
  • Grants temporary invulnerability. Very rare.
  • Does not work against sickness, stoning, sliming, lost stats, brainlessness, lycanthropy, divine wrath, or eating a Rider's corpse.
  • In SLASH'EM this did not protect against life-drain, but in Hack'EM it will.
  • Potions of invulnerability are mostly invulnerable. The glass is still subject to shattering if forcefully thrown or smashed against a monster. But the potion's contents protect itself from most other sources of damage: fire, cold, sonic, etc.
  • Items can be dipped into potions of invulnerability to gain the toughness property.
potion of reflection ! Randomized 300
  • Grants temporary reflection.
  • Monsters are occasionally generated with these and will drink them.
potion of regeneration ! Randomized 150
  • Grants temporary regeneration.
  • If cursed, it inflicts withering.


Item Base price Notes
wand of healing 150
  • If zapped at zombies, instead inflicts damage equal to what they would normally heal.
  • Breaking heals you and surrounding monsters.
  • Can be zapped at pets to heal their illness.
wand of extra healing 300
  • If zapped at zombies, instead inflicts damage equal to what they would normally heal.
  • Breaking heals you and surrounding monsters.
  • Can be zapped at pets to heal their illness.
wand of draining 175 SLASH'EM
wand of fear 200
  • Changed to an omni wand that behaves as the cause fear spell.
  • Removed engrave message.
  • Breaking causes you to panic in fear.
  • Cursed wands of fear zaps you with fear 80% of the time in addition to other negative effects. If monsters are fleeing, they stop. If monsters are paralyzed or sleeping, they wake up and are able to move.
  • Monsters are able to zap this as a defensive action.
wand of create horde 300
  • Generates with less charges (1-3) and very rare.
  • Players zapping this create 7-11 instead of 7-13 monsters.
  • Monsters zapping this create 6-10 instead of 10-14 monsters.
wand of wind 175
  • Was known as the "wand of windstorm" in SpliceHack.
  • Hurtles you in a random direction when zapped at self.
wand of deluge 175
  • In SpliceHack this wand was an immediate beam type wand. Converted it to a ray based wand instead (similar to the sea dragon breath).
  • Deals 6d8 damage to susceptible monsters. Amphibious/breathless monsters are immune to water blasts. Fiery monsters take extra damage
  • The water ray can destroy forges.
  • Previously known as "wand of water"
wand of corrosion 175
  • Acid rays can destroy webs, trees, and grass.
  • Acid rays that hit fountains or toilets will cause an alchemical explosion.
  • Previously known as "wand of acid"
wand of poison gas 175
  • Poison rays destroy and wither trees
wand of wonder 100
  • This uses the SpliceHack implementation. On each zap or engraving, this wand uses a random effect drawn from any wand in the game.
  • The Wand of Wishing effect requires an additional 1 in 100 roll to successful receive.
  • Wands of wonder sometimes give partial magic mapping.
wand of noise 175
  • Immune to sonic damage
  • Can be used to destroy iron bars or drawbridges.
  • If you destroy iron bars, they send 1-3 iron chains flying.
  • Previously known as "wand of sonics" in SpliceHack


Item Base price Notes Origin
scroll of time 300
  • Grants you a large number of movement points. Cursed scrolls paralyze you for a few turns.
  • Time is added to existing movement points (instead of replacing it); Reading a scroll of time also extends the player's turn instead of letting monsters once immediately after reading.
  • Cannot be written, cloned, or created from polypiling.
  • Bending the laws of time also inflicts hunger, successfully reading a scroll of time costs (5 * movement points) + 30. So a blessed scroll could cost 375-404 nutrition.
scroll of acquirement 300
  • The player may acquire an item, which is like wishing except the player can only specify the item class (weapon, armor, scroll etc.) to get.
  • Cannot be written, cloned, or created from polypiling.
  • Uncursed scrolls of acquirement always give item;
  • blessed scrolls have a chance at bonus item depending on luck.
  • cursed scrolls do nothing.
  • Reading scroll of acquirement while cursed or confused makes you lose luck and gold.
  • It's now possible to get a wand of polymorph from acquirement.
  • Blessed scroll of acquirement requires more luck to get bonus item.
scroll of knowledge 50
  • When read, this scroll allows for identification of any named item. You will learn the appearance of that item. For example, if you want to know what a scroll of charging is on first sight, specify that and you will learn its randomized appearance. You could then write that scroll.
  • uncursed/cursed: You can specify one non-artifact item to learn the identity of.
  • blessed: You can specify two non-artifact items to learn the identity of.
  • confused: You only identify the scroll of knowledge itself.
  • This scroll cannot be written. "You cannot write something you do not know!"
  • In SpliceHack, this scroll had the same cost as the scroll of identify ($20). Since the scroll of identify is auto-known at the start of the game, this price was changed to avoid another price-id by process of elimination.
scroll of transmogrify 200
  • When read, this scroll changes the material of your wielded weapon or worn armor.
  • blessed: Blesses and transforms the object to a random material.
  • uncursed: Transforms the object to a random material
  • cursed: Curses the object chosen and removes any erode-proofing. It also attempts to convert the object material to plastic (if valid), and if not possible just chooses a random material.
  • When known, the scroll of transmogrify prompts you for an item to change.
  • Previously known as "scroll of change material" in SpliceHack.

Confused readings can be used to altar the properties of objects:

  • Confused readings can be used to altar the properties of objects.
  • A confused cursed scroll will remove any properties on an item.
  • An confused uncursed scroll will change an existing property on an item.
  • Reading a confused blessed scroll will add a random property to the item. If it's a magical item (ie: speet boots or cloak of magic resistance), a successful property addition also depends on luck, similar to the above odds.
   LUCK:     <0      0     +2     +5     +8    +11
   SUCCESS: 0.5%  20.0%  39.5%  59.0%  78.5%  98.0%
  • Gaining a property through confused transmogrification also reveals the resulting property.
scroll of elementalism 300
  • Summons a random quantity of elementals. Any elemental in the game is eligible
  • blessed: Quantity 1, with a 1/3 chance of being hostile, otherwise tame
  • uncursed: Quantity 1, with a 1/2 chance of being hostile, otherwise peaceful
  • cursed: Quantity 2-4, always hostile
  • If you read the scroll while confused, the scroll will create random spheres. The number and hostility depend on the beatitude of the scroll.
scroll of air 200
  • Creates a tornado around you.
  • blessed: All monsters within a 4 square radius are hurtled, angered and stunned.
  • uncursed: All monsters within a 2 square radius are hurtled, angered, and stunned.
  • cursed: You take 3d4 damage (unless you are a form that is breathless)
  • confused: Creates 1-3 air elemental(s) if cursed, or 1-3 whirling spheres if non-cursed.
scroll of ice 200
  • Upgraded: Now in addition to freezing floor tiles, these can freeze pools, puddles, and sewage. They also destroy lava and fire traps.
  • Most magical traps will be converted to ice traps.
  • Inflicts cold damage to monsters within a 5 square radius if blessed, otherwise 3.
  • Blessed does 6d6 cold (doesn't target you), uncursed deals 2d3 to everything in the radius, and cursed deals 1d3.
  • Confused: Instead of removing lava, this now creates 1-3 freezing spheres or ice elementals.
  • If you read a scroll of ice underwater, you take 8d8 damage. If you survive, you are ejected from the ice.
  • Waterproof like the scroll of flood.
scroll of cloning 300
  • Clones an item in your inventory or the reader of the scroll.
  • When read, this scroll always prompts for an item to clone. The cloned item will usually copy all the aspects of the selected item (some exceptions apply)
  • If a stack of items is selected, only a single item will be cloned.


  • Cloning a magic lamp just creates an oil lamp.
  • Cloned magic markers become pencils.
  • Cloning objects like wands or spellbooks also clones the times recharged

Confused readings:

  • Confused cloning will clone yourself. If polymorphed, you clone your monster type into a tame clone.
  • Confused cursed = hostile clone
  • Confused uncursed = peaceful clone
  • Confused blessed = tame clone

Monsters can read scrolls of cloning, but it always clones them - not their objects.

scroll of magic detection 300
  • Detects magical objects and monsters.
  • An uncursed scroll will label such items as 'magical' in your inventory.
  • A blessed scroll will identify properties on all items in the level.
scroll of flood 200
  • Creates pools of water around the player.
  • non-blessed scrolls have a chance of putting a water tile on the player's position.
  • Confused: Instead removes water from vicinity of player.
  • Scrolls of flood resist blanking.
  • Can be easily identified if you find a grave that has the engraving "Apres moi, le deluge." grave with a guaranteed scroll of flood on top.

Tools and weapon-tools

Item Symbol Appearance Notes Origin
lute ( -
  • When played, has a small chance of ending confusion effects.
bagpipe ( -
  • When played, will aggravate monsters unless you have high dexterity and experience level.
horn of blasting ( horn
  • Deals sonic damage when applied, similar to the Fire and frost horn.
  • Immune to sonic damage
fishing pole ( -
  • Can be used on water sources to fish for stuff.
  • Can also grab small objects out of water.
medical kit ( -
  • May contain pills, phials, and/or bandages.
  • If you are playing as a vampire, the edible pills will not generate (reducing the weight of the kit).
  • If you are not a vampire, the vampiric-specific phials also will not generate in medical kits.
  • Healers and all vampiric players start with one.
  • Used in surgery technique and draw blood technique.
  • Changed appearance of from leather bag to white bag (previous appearance conflicts with object materials)
  • Phials have had their weight reduced
magic candle ( candle
  • Similar to a magic lamp, this candle will grant permanent light with a radius of 3 squares but is not capable to granting wishes.
keg ( wooden barrel
  • Contains a very large number of potions of booze.
  • Quaffing from the keg will consume a single potion;
  • applying the keg will consume all the potions, potentially killing the player via alcohol poisoning.
mask ( -
  • Can be worn on the face like a blindfold.
  • When worn, you turn into the type of creature the mask is fashioned after.
  • A mask's BUC status degrades when taken off.
  • Cursed masks will break and damage you when used.
  • When cancelled, the mask no longer extends the timeout on the polymorph.
  • Masks can be cancelled by cancellation beams or walking into anti-magic fields.
  • This means a player can be polymorphed into a monster from the mask, zapped by the cancel beam, unpolyed, and have the mask cancelled. Use your discretion with these tools.
eight ball ( plastic Orb
  • Ordinary eight balls can be shaken (when applied) and read for fortunes.
  • Not generated randomly.
torch ( -
  • (The SLASH'EM implementation of torches was a bit cumbersome for the player, you could only have a lit torch by wielding it and applying a torch would auto-wield it)
  • Removed requirement for torches to be wielded.
  • Applying does not auto-wield the torch
  • Un-wielding does not snuff the torch.
  • Putting lit torches into containers auto-snuffs.
  • Clubs can be dipped into oil and turned into torches (from dnh)
  • Torches do an extra 1d6 vs non-fire resistant, and double damage vs cold resistant.
spoon ( -
  • Raised damage to 1d2 vs small and large.
  • Convict's starting weapon (uses knife skill)
  • Base item for Iron Spoon Of Liberation.
  • Spoons don't generate randomly.
pencil ( -
  • Very low damage but can engrave without dulling
lightsabers: ( -
  • Lightsabers count as weapon-tools. To activate them, (a)pply them.
  • A lightsaber only lasts as long as it has charges.
  • Lit lightsabers act as a light source.
  • Use #force to: force open locks and break down doors, cut through iron bars/webs, and open iron safes.
  • Putting a lit lightsaber into a bag/container snuffs it.
  • Can also burn engravings into the ground (like a wand of fire)
  • Moved lightsabers to WEAPON class so they appear with the other weapons (instead of in the tool inventory)
green lightsaber ( lightsaber
  • 1d3+9 vs small and 1d5+13 vs large monsters.
  • Has a -3 penalty to hit.
blue lightsaber ( lightsaber
  • 1d5+8 vs small and 1d7+12 vs large monsters.
  • Has a -3 penalty to hit.
red lightsaber ( lightsaber
  • 1d9+6 vs small and 1d11+10 vs large monsters.
  • Has a -3 penalty to hit.
red double lightsaber ( double lightsaber
  • 1d15+6 vs small and 1d20+10 vs large monsters.
  • Has a -4 penalty to hit.
bag of rats ( bag
  • Similar to a bag of tricks, but only produces rats.
  • Can be looted (and auto-identified) if on the ground with a similar effect to bag of tricks. A rat might bite you from the bag for 2d4 damage, the bag is identified regardless.
  • This bag is magical. Like a bag of tricks, it will cause a magical explosion when inserted into a bag of holding if its identity is unknown. If you know it, however, you will be prevented from inserting it and causing the explosion.
  • If a bag of rats has contents but is recharged - it will explode, scattering the contents.
iron safe ( -
  • A secure container that can only be 'cracked' using a stethoscope.
  • Cannot be physically locked again once it's been unlocked.
  • Can appear randomly.
crystal chest ( -
  • cannot be locked, unlocked or forced open by any physical means.
  • Can only open or lock by magical means.
  • immune to all other forms of magic
  • cannot be probed, canceled, or polymorphed.
coffin ( -
  • Coffins can be found in Vlad's tower (or graves) that contain vampires
  • Not actual objects - used the UnNetHack hack that turns large boxes into coffins using +4 enchantment.

Gems and stones


  • Ported from SLASH'EM.


  • Refined the functionality of whetstones and made much more user friendly. We can now apply a stack of whetstones to a stack of weapons (Before this was limited to applying one whetstone to a single object). We can use (a)pply or #rub with whetstones.
  • Removed the extra penalty for artifacts (how can artifacts resist sharpening?)
  • Whetstones can now remove corrosion (in addition to rust)
  • A blessed whetstone can uncurse a weapon
  • Blessed whetstones have a chance of enchanting uncursed and non-corroded +0 weapons up to +1. This might be one of the only non-magical ways to "enchant" an item with the sustainability property.
  • Cursed whetstones can erode or negatively enchant weapons.
  • You can use whetstones in shallow water, pools, moats, rust traps, sinks, and toilets.
  • If you don't have a water source available, you can use potions of water. There is a 1d7 chance of using it up on each application.
  • Previously, whetstones took too long to use (very discouraging for players), the required time has been lowered considerably. If sharpening a stack of weapons, the turns will scale with the size of the stack. Cavemen are skilled with rocks so they can sharpen much faster than other roles.
  • In SLASH'EM, using a whetstone on one of these would also activate the quaffing effects of those features. In Hack'EM these effects have been removed.

sling bullet:

  • Similar to flint stones, but deal 1d6 vs small and 1d8 vs large monsters.
  • Like flint stones, their weight has been reduced to 1.

Item changes (from vanilla)


Wand Changes
wand of wishing
  • Are more rare.
  • Are always generated charged once already.
  • The Castle wand is still created as having never been charged (0:x).
wand of nothing
  • New base price of 500zm (from EvilHack).
  • Shopkeepers will only pay base price of 50zm.
wand of speed monster
  • Now only grants temporary speed(xnh)
  • Same for potions, they don't grant permanent "fast" intrinsic either.
  • Zapping a wand of speed monster or quaffing potion of speed cures intrinsic slowness.
wand of striking/spellbook of force bolt
  • knocks its target back one space with 16+ damage.
wand of light
  • If cursed, this wand casts darkness instead of light.
wand of make invisible
  • Invisibility from wands of invisibility is now temporary (Evil/xnh)
  • cursed wands will make its target visible if already invisible,
  • has a 50% chance of aggravating monsters if zapped at yourself while invisible.
  • If the target is visible, nothing happens.
wand of digging
  • are no longer restricted to digging a single square on maze levels. (includes spells of digging)
  • zapping a boulder with a wand of digging will vaporize it; doing this in Sokoban will incur a -1 Luck penalty.
  • Rays from a wand of digging will also halve the current HP of "stony" monsters, including xorns, earth elementals, statue gargoyles and stone golems; strangely, this does not include regular gargoyles.

|wand of probing |

  • In addition to it's standard effects, it has some new features:
  • Wands of probing can reveal object properties on zapped objects.
  • Wands of probing reveals map locations in ray path (3.7)
  • Wands of probing can probe the contents of tins.


|wand of detection |

  • Renamed wand of secret door detection to wand of detection (From UnNetHack)


Wand behavior

Went back slightly to vanilla wand wresting behavior

  • blessed = 1 in 7 chance of wresting
  • uncursed = 1 in 23
  • cursed = 1 in 121

Plastic wands cannot be broken

  • Includes these appearances: green, plastic, pliable.

Wand backfire patch: When zapping a cursed directional wand, there is chance of the wand instead firing its ray at you. In Hack'EM, the chance is weighted by luck. 0 luck is same as EvilHack, but positive or negative luck highly impacts the chances of backfire.

Luck −11 −8 −5 −2 0 +2 +5 +8 +11
% chance of backfire 61.3% 49.1% 36.9% 24.7% 12.5% 0.3% 0.3% 0.3% 0.3%


scroll of genocide

  • Changed to UnNetHack behavior:
    • An uncursed scroll wipes out a single monster species on the current level
    • An blessed scroll wipes out a single monster species globally (throughout the entire dungeon)
  • Genocides from thrones are always dungeon-wide.

scroll of teleportation

  • A blessed scroll lets you control your destination as if you had teleport control.

scroll of identify

  • Reading identify scrolls while confused gives enlightenment

scroll of light

  • Uncursed now lights up a radius of 11 squares (xnh)
  • blessed light now illuminates the entire level (xnh)

scroll of destroy armor

  • blessed scrolls ask which armor to destroy (xnh)

scroll of enchant armor

  • Once this scroll is identified, you will be asked which piece of worn armor you want to enchant.
  • Reduces the tedium of taking off armor to avoid random enchantment targets.

scroll of amnesia

  • Reading a blessed scroll of amnesia allows option to reset accumulated skills. (from EvilHack)
  • Scrolls of amnesia are uncancelable.

scroll of food detection

  • Blessed food detection can also detect killer food

scroll of gold detection

  • Blessed scroll of gold detection also detect gems (From xNetHack)

scroll of punishment

  • Blessed/confused scrolls of punishment grant an iron chain.

Other magic items

Item Changes
diluted potions
  • Evil added diluted effects for many existing potions, so we have tried to fill out this behavior among new potions and some of the older ones.
potion of booze
  • Quaffing these now grants 130 points of nutrition if uncursed, 140 if blessed, and 120 if cursed (dnh)
  • Also grants intrinsic fearlessness for 8d4 turns.
potion of acid
  • Immune to being destroyed by freezing (xnh)
potion of oil
  • Oil can not be diluted in water anymore (xnh), however, it can be cancelled by dipping into a potion of amnesia.
potion of hallucination
  • Can now grant enlightenment (xnh)
potion of gain ability
  • Cursed potions can decrease one's attributes.
potion of restore ability
  • Dipping an eroded item in restore ability repairs the erosion (From xNetHack)
  • Monsters can drink restore ability to cure cancellation, or you can hit a monster with a potion of restore ability to forcibly uncancel them.
ring of free action
  • 50% chance (with a luck bonus) of slipping free with free action
magic marker
  • Never generates randomly
  • Cannot be the result of polypile.
  • Will never appear in a player's starting inventory (except the tourist who gets a 0:0 one)

Ways to acquire magic markers:

  • wish for one
  • find one in a bones pile
  • loot the High Priest's crystal chest in the Sanctum
  • Choose the 'tool' as the Sokoban prize (50% chance).
  • Grund's Stronghold has a 20% chance of a cursed magic marker in the iron safe.
  • The Mines' end variation "Boulder Bonanza" has a hidden magic marker.
magic lamp
  • Changed price to 1000
  • Blessed magic lamps are always guaranteed to grant wishes now (keep in mind the implications for wishing in Hack'EM!)
  • Cursed magic lamps give off darkness instead of light (same radius); the aura of darkness overrides any light source.
  • Magic lamps are more rare.
  • In Hack'EM, there is always a guaranteed magic lamp on the Sunless Sea level.
bag of holding
  • If they explode, they scatter their contents in a roughly 10 by 10 area instead of deleting everything.
  • Breakable items are subject to breakage from the force of the explosion.
bag of tricks patch
  • Ported from UnNethack
  • The bag of tricks has a bunch of new random effects on apply:
  • When the BoT is empty however, we can use it like a normal bag!
  • When the BoT has 0 charges, it is safe to put in a Bag of Holding.
  • If a BoT has contents but is recharged - it will explode, scattering the contents.
  • Adjusted BoT #tip behavior - it stops when it reaches a non-monster effect. (This is a compromise between BoT behavior between UnNethack and Evil.)
  • If a bag of tricks is lootable or has no effects, then its charges are identified (Un)
unicorn horn
  • no longer cure attribute loss.
  • unicorn horns have the behavior of SLASH'EM, the chance of successful application depends on enchantment.
  • Unicorn horns now come in different random materials when dropped from a dead unicorn: bone, glass, gold, wood, silver, gemstone, and plastic.
crystal ball
  • Having free action reduces the paralysis from using a crystal ball from 1-10 turns down to 1-2. (DynaHack)
fire horn/frost horn
  • fire and frost horns deal (experience level * d6) damage. This generally makes these horns less dangerous in the early game (fiq) but more powerful as you gain experience.
  • Slows down (but doesn't stop) your luck timeout based on its beatitude;
  • a blessed luckstone no longer halts the timeout entirely.
  • Most magical tools have had their prices increased (xnh)

Non-magic items

Item Changes
  • Changed sm/lg damage to d20/d30 damage (From SLASH'EM)
  • To compensate, long worms only drop a worm tooth 1 in 20 times now.
  • Grants +1 charisma
  • Archeologists get a luck bonus from wearing fedoras.
  • Lenses now grant automatic searching when worn (fiq)
conical hat
  • Now readable
  • For a Tourist, 1⁄3 of conical hats can be read;
  • A dunce cap will be labeled "DUNCE". Reading a dunce cap auto-identifies it.
  • A cornuthaum will be labeled "WIZZARD". (3.7)
fortune cookie
  • Free Fortune Cookie Patch; there is a 50% chance for a szechuan tin to contain a free fortune cookie (UnNetHack)
eucalyptus leaf
  • Eucalyptus leaves can not be rotten unless cursed.
  • Strength bonus now applies, potential to instakill H (giants)
short sword
  • All short swords get +1 to-hit (from DynaHack)
  • In an effort to make the boomerang class of weapons more fun and powerful, these throwing weapons now have a chance of slicing through enemies in their path instead of just stopping at the first monster hit. Boomerangs and chakrams will still always stop when they hit a solid wall or closed door.
  • At unskilled proficiency, it will always stop on the first monster hit.
  • At basic: there is a 101 in 150 chance on each collision of stopping.
  • At skilled: there is a 52 in 150 chance on each collision of stopping.
  • At expert: there is a 3 in 150 chance on each collision of stopping.
  • Chakrams use the same skill as boomerang and also benefit from this mechanic.

General item changes

  • Many types of potions will have their effects diminished if diluted.

Item weight loss

  • Many body armor types have had their weights reduced.
  • Reduce land mine weight (3.7)
  • flint stone: Adjusted weight from 4 to 1

|towel |

  • Adjusted to weigh more than blindfolds

|- |bullwhip |

  • Changed weight to 7 aum

|- |pick-axe |

  • Changed weight to 75 aum (From SLASH'EM)


Breakable items

  • Locking tools are subject to breaking if cursed, with a 15 chance on each application. (Evil)

New spellbooks

Spell Class Level Notes
spellbook of acid blast ATTACK 6
  • Inherited from EvilHack, originally from GruntHack.
  • A serious damage-causing spell, will transition from a ray to an area of effect spell much like the spells fireball and cone of cold, damage output is on the same scale to creatures that do not resist acid. Can corrode objects in the target's inventory.
spellbook of command undead NECROMANCY 3
  • Was an ATTACK spell in SLASH'EM, now a NECROMANCY spell.
  • This spell is equivalent to charm monster, except that it only affects undead.
  • Was a level 5 spell in SLASH'EM, now level 3.
spellbook of enlighten DIVINATION 4
  • Using this is equivalent to the wand of enlightenment.
  • Was a BODY spell in SLASH'EM, now DIVINATION.
spellbook of fire bolt MATTER 1
  • The Flame Mage role starts with Fire Bolt.
  • The spellbook itself is immune to fire.
  • A fire attack (similar to force bolt) that doesn't reflect and can hit multiple targets. Destroys doors, trees, grass, webs, fountains and can insta-kill straw and paper golems.
  • In comparison to force bolt, fire bolt also gets a to-hit bonus that is roughly 40% more than force bolt.
  • Damage scales with level:
    • Level 1 = 1d10 fire damage
    • Only the flame mage benefits from the bonuses below.
    • Level 4 = 1d10 + 1d8 fire damage
    • Level 8 = 1d10 + 2d8 fire damage
    • Level 12 = 1d10 + 3d8 fire damage
    • Matter at Skilled adds +1d4 fire damage
    • Matter at Expert adds +1d4 fire damage
spellbook of flame sphere MATTER 1
  • Inherited from EvilHack, originally from SLASH'EM.
  • This spell creates a number of tame flaming spheres dependent on the skill of the caster.
  • The spellbook itself is immune to fire.
  • Was a level 2 spell in EvilHack.
spellbook of freeze sphere MATTER 1
  • Inherited from EvilHack, originally from SLASH'EM.
  • This spell creates a number of tame freezing spheres dependent on the skill of the caster.
  • Was a level 2 spell in EvilHack.
spellbook of lightning ATTACK 4
  • Inherited from EvilHack, originally from SLASH'EM.
  • This spell shoots a powerful lightning bolt as a ray from the caster. Effects are basically the same as a wand of lightning, damage output uses the same scale as the spells fireball and cone of cold.
spellbook of passwall ESCAPE 5
  • Grants temporary intrinsic phasing, allowing you to pass through solid walls and other objects for anywhere between 50 and 149 turns before they become solid again.
  • Was a level 6 BODY spell in SLASH'EM, now level 5 ESCAPE spell.
spellbook of poison blast ATTACK 4
  • Inherited from EvilHack (where it's a level 5 spell), but this spell originally came from SLASH'EM (level 4).
  • Produces a cloud of noxious gas in a ray pattern, same effects much like a green dragons breath attack.
  • Reduced to level 4.
spellbook of psionic wave ATTACK 1
  • Not generated randomly.
  • This "spell" acts as the illithid race's psychic attack. When playing as the illithid race you will automatically start with this spell, but you will NOT start with the spellbook.
  • This psionic attack can confuse and kill, and is tied to spell power use (but is not considered a spell for the purposes of Amulet of Yendor interactions). If your race is changed (e.g. by getting crowned as an infidel), this ability is lost.
  • This spell will not time out as a normal spell would.
  • Does 2d6 psychic damage.
  • At XL 26, this increases to 4d6 psychic damage.
spellbook of reflection MATTER 5
  • Creates a temporary reflective bubble around the caster.
  • While active this acts exactly the same as an amulet of reflection (or the like)
spellbook of repair armor MATTER 3
  • Repairs one level of damage to any worn piece of armor.
  • Will not make armor items fixed.
  • Works as a foil to the new monster spell 'destroy armor'
spellbook of sonicboom MATTER 4
  • From SpliceHack.
  • Similar to a cone of cold, but inflicts sonic damage.
spellbook of summon undead NECROMANCY 5
  • Was an ATTACK spell in SLASH'EM, now a NECROMANCY spell.
  • 72 in 73 chance of creating one undead monster and a 1 in 73 chance of creating five undead.
  • Necromancers will automatically attempt to dominate the resulting monster(s). Monster(s) may resist, based on their MR.

Existing spell changes

Spell Notes
spellbook of cause fear
spellbook of charm monster
  • Decreased from level 5 (in old Vanilla) to level 4.
  • The SLASH'EM mechanics of traitorous and untamable monsters have been added. This means that many monsters that a player would typically tame with charm monster will now be able to turn hostile on a whim (or not be tamable at all).
spellbook of confuse monster
  • Decreased from level 2 (in old Vanilla) to level 1.
spellbook of cure sickness
  • Now directional and can be cast at other monsters/pets as well as yourself.
  • When cast at zombies, does damage to them instead of healing.
spellbook of cone of cold
  • Was an ATTACK spell, now a MATTER spell.
spellbook of create monster
  • Was an CLERIC spell, now a ENCHANTMENT spell.
spellbook of create familiar
  • Was an CLERIC spell, now a ENCHANTMENT spell.
  • Traitorous and untameable pets cannot be made from the spell of create familiar.
spellbook of detect food
  • Decreased from level 2 (in Vanilla) to level 1.
spellbook of detect monsters
  • Raised from level 1 (in Vanilla) to level 2.
spellbook of detect unseen
  • Decreased from level 3 (in Vanilla) to level 2.
spellbook of dig
  • Decreased from level 5 (in Vanilla) to level 3.
spellbook of fireball
  • Was an ATTACK spell, now a MATTER spell.
spellbook of invisibility
  • Decreased from level 4 (in Vanilla) to level 2.

spellbook of jumping

  • Raised from level 1 (in Vanilla) to level 2.
spellbook of protection
  • Was an CLERIC spell, now a ENCHANTMENT spell.
spellbook of remove curse
  • Was an CLERIC spell, now a ENCHANTMENT spell.
spellbook of restore ability
  • Decreased from level 4 (in Vanilla) to level 2.
  • Restore ability spell is now directional. (EvilHack)
spellbook of sleep
  • Decreased from level 3 (in Vanilla) to level 1.
spellbook of slow monster
  • Decreased from level 2 (in Vanilla) to level 1.
spellbook of teleport away
  • Decreased from level 6 (in Vanilla) to level 5.
spellbook of turn undead
  • Was a CLERIC spell, now a NECROMANCY spell.