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This article is about the creatures that appear in NetHack. For the #monster extended command, see Monster (command).

In NetHack, a monster is any creature that you may encounter while exploring the Mazes of Menace. They may be randomly generated, produced by magic, or placed by the game to fulfill some role.

You may attack any monster you come across, but beware—they may retaliate. Monsters may be tame, peaceful, or hostile. They may be in possession of items, either by being generated with them or by picking them up, which you may claim upon their death. Other items, such as their corpses, will only be generated when they die. The many species of monsters are grouped into monster classes, corresponding to their ASCII symbols.

Some monsters will wear armor, wield weapons, or use other items.

In addition to this list, several online bestiaries also exist.[1]

Monsters, by monster class



Monsters in FIQHack behave much more like players than in vanilla.

  • They will try to crawl (or teleport) out of water to save themselves.
  • They can use almost all the same potions, spellbooks, scrolls, rings, amulets, and wands as the player.
  • They notice when they see someone (including you) wield a cursed weapon.
  • They will not try to swap weapons if they know their current one is cursed.
  • They cast player spells instead of monster spells, and can learn new spells from spellbooks.
  • They use containers (including carrying things in bags and looting containers on the floor).
  • Intrinsics and extrinsics work the same for monsters as they do for players.
    • Monsters experience delayed instadeath (for example, stoning) instead of immediate effects.
  • Female monsters have 'true' female names (example: Elvenqueen).
  • Monsters can jump.


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